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Drive Yourself to the End-Tianjin to Zhejiang 4 Days Speed ​​Tour (Putuo, West Lake, Qiantang River Tide)
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Traveling by car every holiday has almost become my inevitable choice, especially this year's National Day (closed with the Mid-Autumn Festival) can not be missed! Because it is the first time that the country has issued a free highway festival policy, it is natural to make good use of it.

After soliciting everyone's opinions, the Zhejiang trip plan was formulated (because the team members generally have the task of overtime and duty on holidays, they can only make a 4-day speed tour). The following is a summary of the actual itinerary:

This tour actually visited the following attractions:

1. Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Haitian Yizhou)

2. Putuo Mountain Scenic Area

3. Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area

4. Qiantang Tide Watching (August 17th, Lunar Calendar, Xiaoshan Beauty Dam)

5. Slender West Lake Scenic Area in Yangzhou

The whole trip took 4 days. From Tianjin, including the tour route, the round-trip mileage is 2900KM.

Specific itinerary:

D1 Tianjin—Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Destination: Zhoushan Renwu Leisure Hotel

Road distance: 1320KM

Departure time: September 30, 2012 04:40 Tianjin

Arrival time: September 30, 2012 at 21:00 Zhoushan

Driving and Touring Routes:

Tianjin (G25) >>>> Huangpi >>>> Binzhou >>>> Zibo >>>> Laiwu (G2) >>>> Linyi >>>> Huai'an >>>> Wuxi >>>> Suzhou (G15) >>>> Jiaxing >>>> Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge (arrived at Haitian Yizhou at 17:30, parking for 1 hour) >>>> Ningbo (G1501) >>>> Bozhou Expressway (G9211) >>> Zhoushan Renwu Leisure Hotel

Fortunately, all the way through the day. Did not meet the legendary freeway later, serious traffic congestion ... character outbreak!

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a bridge across the sea in Hangzhou Bay, China. It is 36 kilometers in length from Zhengjiabang, Jiaxing, Haiyan, Zhejiang, and Cixi Waterway Bay, Ningbo, to the south. It is the world's No. Three long sea-crossing bridges. The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is designed as a two-way, six-lane expressway with a design speed of 100 km / h and a design life of 100 years. The total investment is about 11.8 billion yuan. The main project of the bridge started smoothly in 2003, and was completed and opened to traffic in 2008.

As an important part of the G15 national highway, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the sea is forbidden to take photos. It seems that this kind of photographing method is still feasible ... hehe

It's already 17:00, the father-in-law of the sun is going to rest, and he must get to the Haitian Yizhou Scenic Area as soon as possible.

The cross-sea bridge has a wide deck and smooth driving. There was almost no feeling of driving in the sea.

There is 3.5KM away from Haitian Yizhou Scenic Area. Victory is in sight!

The target appeared, close at hand.

Haitian Yizhou, here I come!

Park your car and enter the sea sightseeing platform. This is a free area.

Import and export of Haitian Yizhou Scenic Spot shot on the sightseeing platform

Cross-sea bridge photographed on a viewing platform

Ready to climb the tower

Sightseeing Tower Entrance Transfer to Elevator

Reach the 16-story sightseeing tower of Haitian Yizhou

Arrive inside the sightseeing tower.

Haitian Yizhou itself is a star hotel located in the sea. However, staying here for the holidays is expensive.

The extension of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the Sightseeing Tower is in the direction of Shanghai.

Since it was shot through a glass window, the effect was not good.

The extension of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the sea from the sightseeing tower is in the direction of Ningbo.

Night is coming

Hangzhou Bay Bridge across the night

After staying for an hour in Haitian Yizhou, he left the scenic area to Zhoushan Islands at 18:30.

This photo records that we have chosen the wrong driving direction (should enter Ningbo and Cixi entrance). It turns out that there are not a few people who make the same mistakes as us! Remind your self-driving friends that when you drive out of the Haitian Yizhou Scenic Area, you must pay attention to check the exit signs ... Hehe.

Haitian Yizhou in the night

Haitian Yizhou is about 180KM away from the Zhoushan Renwu Hotel we booked on Ctrip. Thanks to Ningbo's cross-sea bridge connecting Zhoushan, the expressway has shortened the time distance. We arrived at the hotel at 21:00 and ended the day.

D2 Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Destination: Beauside Hotel

Road distance: 330KM

Departure time: 07:30, October 01, 2012

Arrival time: October 01, 2012 19:30

Driving and Excursion Route: Renwu Leisure Hotel >>>> Zhujiajian Pier (Transfer to the ferry for 15 minutes to reach Putuo Mountain) >>>> Putuoshan Scenic Area >>>> Ferry to Zhujiajian The Boyside Hotel

I woke up in the morning and took a closer look at the Renwu Leisure Hotel last night, and found that the hotel was originally modified by the army warehouse. Fortunately, the parking lot is plentiful, the room is spacious and clean, and it is close to Zhujiajian Pier, which is more suitable for friends traveling by car to Putuo Mountain.

The disadvantage is that the hotel is located close to the residential area and has a bungalow structure, which needs to be carefully identified and searched.

The hotel rooms are super large and each room is equipped with a cabinet air conditioner. awesome!

There are several rows of parking lots like this, and the ground is completely hardened. Self-driving friends don't have to worry about parking.

From the hotel, it takes less than 10KM to reach Zhujiajian Wharf, which can be reached in 15 minutes by car. After buying the ferry ticket, you can reach Putuo Mountain in 15 minutes by ferry. Much faster than the original speedboat to Putuo from Ningbo!

Zhujiajian Pier

The parking lot at Zhujiajian Wharf is super large, so don't worry about your car being parked nowhere.

There are a lot of people coming to the pier for a boat holiday!

Ready to board

The boat is not big, but everyone has seats.

Busy fishing boat

Fishing boats sailing out for fishing

Just a quarter of an hour's sea voyage to Putuo Mountain

Putuo Mountain, together with Mount Wutai of Shanxi, Mount Emei of Sichuan, and Mount Jiuhua of Anhui, are also known as the four famous mountains of Chinese Buddhism, and they are the Taoist places where the Guanyin Bodhisattva enlightened all beings.

Tourist channel green coverage is high

There are many snack shops and large and small restaurants along the road, which can solve the problem of eating

This bowl contains tofu, daylily, fungus, vermicelli, etc. It is cooked. It's not a name, it's a bit spicy ... It tastes great, and it's good for breakfast!

Looking at Guanyin in the South China Sea

After breakfast, the models began to appear in the photo

At first glance, this place has a shadow of Hainan ...

Beautiful clouds reflected in the sea

The statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea in Putuo Mountain was built in 1996 and completed in June of the 1997 lunar calendar.

The incense of Guanyin Bodhisattva is always very strong!

The belief in Guanyin, "Ask everywhere for a thousand answers, and a sea of ​​misery often makes a ferry," is known to all Chinese women and children, and has far-reaching influence.

This bronze statue of Guanyin in the South China Sea is one of the iconic buildings of Putuo Mountain.

This place can be called the safest treasure in the world, Xiaopenyou really has vision!

Lu Yu came to worship Guanyin Bodhisattva

The legendary five-body throwing into the ground looks like this. A strong motivation comes from faith in loyalty. Otherwise, people have to be a little spiritual pursuit!

Beautiful scenery of Putuo Mountain

The rhythm is a bit tense, and the members of the Bodhisattva are hungry again ... haha

Lonely coast

Puji Temple

Shops around Puji Temple

Homes around Puji Temple

Seafood drying at your home

After walking around Putuo Mountain for a long time, we returned to Zhujiajian Pier by boat again. The next goal is Hangzhou West Lake. Tonight, I'm going to check in at the Hangzhou Boyside Hotel (260KM away from Zhujiajian Pier) booked by Ctrip.

Zhoushan-Ningbo is connected by the Zhouzhou Expressway (G9211), and the construction of several sea-crossing bridges between them is relatively difficult. Although it is not as good as the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, it is not an exaggeration to call it a super project.

These sea-crossing bridges connecting Zhoushan and Ningbo were the only way to rush to the Renwu Leisure Hotel last night, but at that time the black lights were blind. Passing these cross-sea bridge groups again this afternoon, I can fully appreciate the style of this super engineering!

17:50 arrived at the West Lake Scenic Area, this time finally encountered a traffic jam. Due to the large number of people and cars coming to visit the West Lake, the roads around the scenic spot have adopted a one-way diversion mode during the festival, and implemented restrictions on single and double numbers (including vehicles entering the country).

The buddies in the car next to me were too impatient, and fell asleep guarding the Leifeng Tower ...

Anyway, I can't walk anymore, simply find a parking lot to save the car, walk around Leifeng Tower ... wait for the road to be better before leaving for the hotel to check in!

One corner of the hotel room

Living area on the second floor

The room of the Hangzhou Boyside Hotel booked this time is a duplex structure. I personally think that it is more valuable, just a little farther from the city. However, these are not problems for self-driving travel.

Have dinner in the hotel restaurant in the evening, then take a hot bath, sleep well and talk ...

D3 Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Destination: Slender West Lake Resort

Road distance: 370KM

Departure time: 07:30, October 02, 2012

Arrival time: 19:00, October 02, 2012

Driving and Excursion Routes: Boyside Hotel (During the festival period, the tourist area is full of people and vehicles are subject to single and double number restrictions. Take bus No. 96 to Hangzhou West Lake Scenic Area) >>>> Xihu Scenic Area >>>> Xiaoshan Beauty Dam (Viewing the Qiantang River Tide) >>>> Slender West Lake Resort Yangzhou

Wake up in the morning and take a walk around the hotel to familiarize yourself with the terrain. In the end, everyone agreed that it would be best to change to the bus route (No. 96) to visit the West Lake Scenic Area!

Today's task is arduous: After traveling the West Lake, we must rush to Yanguan Town, Haining to watch the tide of the Qiantang River, and then rush to Yangzhou, Jiangsu to stay.

There are no fewer tourists coming to West Lake in the morning than last night! The crowd at the West Lake Broken Bridge was almost in line.

This kind of scene is most suitable for taking photos

Everyone decided to join the crowd and go for a walk in Surti.

Looking at Sudi

Zhejiang Museum is also in the West Lake Scenic Area

"Where is the beautiful West Lake vinegar fish, unique in Hangzhou Louwailou"-Louwailou Restaurant

Xiling Yinshe

The famous tomb of Su Ge in the south of Jiangxi by Xiling Bridge

Wu Song Tomb is also near Xiling Bridge

The Fengyu Pavilion was originally commemorating the Pioneer of the Revolution of 1911

The little squirrel under the Su Di tree has become accustomed to the scenes of tourists. It seems that people and animals have reached a tacit understanding and have long been in harmony.

A good surti squirrel show

Overlooking Leifeng Tower from Sudi

Flower Harbor Watching Fish

It was spectacular to walk out of Sudi and look back at the tourists!

The release pond near Leifeng Tower

It was next to the Leifeng Tower that stopped last night

I had planned to take a taxi back to the hotel. It was too difficult to take a taxi in Hangzhou at this time! Helplessly rushed to the bus station and took the bus back to the hotel. Back to the Boyside Hotel, it was almost 13:00, and it was too late to watch the tide at Yanguan Town, Haining. I temporarily decided to go to Xiaoshan Beauty Dam to see the style of Qiantang.

Along the way, listening to the live broadcast of Qiantang Jiangchao from the radio station to the old salt warehouse, I was glad to change the plan in time and decisively! Fortunately, I have time to reach the beauty dam!

The time to reach the beauty dam is 13:40, the tide is coming soon!

People watching the tide gathered here from all directions.

The tide is coming

13:50 The tide arrives on schedule

The conditions for watching the tide in Meiluba are simple, and the barbed wire is also unsightly. But ... safety comes first!

I personally feel that this tide watching is not as spectacular as expected ...

After watching the Qiantang River tide, it was another problem for vehicles to go out. Because there are too many people and cars! Despite the police uncle's maintenance of order, we stayed in the parking lot for nearly half an hour before we officially set off and headed to the thin West Lake resort in Yangzhou, Jiangsu, which was booked in advance by Ctrip.

Arrived safely at the hotel at 19:00 on the day to check in.

D4 Yangzhou-Tianjin

Destination: Tianjin

Road distance: 880KM

Departure time: 08:00, October 03, 2012

Arrival time: October 3, 2012 at 21:00

Driving and Excursion Routes: Slender West Lake Resort in Yangzhou >>>> Slender West Lake Scenic Area >>>> Huai'an >>>> Linyi >>>> Laiwu >>>> Zibo >>>> Binzhou >>>> Huanghuang >>>> > Tianjin

Slender West Lake Resort and Slender West Lake Scenic Area are only separated by a wall. The scenery inside the resort is also very nice!

There is also a large lotus pond

Early morning at the resort

It is very pleasant to get up and walk in this bamboo forest in the morning.

Slender West Lake is a 5A-level scenic spot in Jiangsu Province.

Distant View of Twenty-Four Bridges

The twenty-fourth bridge is a single-hole arch bridge with white jade railings, like a jade belt flowing like a neon lying wave. The bridge is 24 meters in length, 2.4 meters in width, 24 railings, and 24 levels on the platform. They all correspond to twenty-four.

Wuting Bridge is not only a symbol of the thin West Lake, but also a symbol of Yangzhou City. It was built in the 22 years of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty and has a history of more than 200 years.

The characteristic of Slender West Lake is that the lake surface is long and thin, meandering, "the garden pavilions of more than ten homes are integrated into one, connected to the mountain, and the momentum is consistent."

The Guanyin Pavilion plaque is inscribed by Zheng Banqiao, a Qing Dynasty painter and writer, one of the eight strange monsters in Yangzhou.

Slender West Lake is located in the northwest of Yangzhou City. It has been a scenic spot since the Six Dynasties. During the Qing and Kanggan eras, a lake garden with “two embankments of flowers and willows, all the way up to the mountains,” formed a fusion of the southern show and the northern show. It was also extremely popular and became a symbol of Yangzhou's Yongronghuagui.

The trip to Zhejiang and the Slender West Lake scenic spot are all about scribbling and beating rabbits-in order to stay on the way back to Tianjin, it is more valuable to stay with Slim West Lake, and it feels like a thief is not empty. Hehe (Is this a bit unfair to Slender West Lake? In fact, the view of Slender West Lake is really beautiful, but our schedule is really too tight, and some people have to go to work) ...... Slender West Lake Scenic Spot is nearly 900KM away from Tianjin, After hurriedly ending the journey, he rushed back to Tianjin overnight.

The four-day speed tour in Zhejiang has many attractions, the time is short, people and cars are tired, and some aesthetic fatigue is inevitable. Some people say that people have to toss alive ... From this point of view, maybe being abducted by work is also a kind of happiness. Sincerely hope that everyone can cherish the happiness around them, toss and enjoy!

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