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You must take a look at these scenic spots in Cixi
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Every time I come, I will experience a different Cixi. In Cixi, there is a good place to soak in hot springs. The water temperature is moderate and the water quality is clear. It can directly reach the level of drinking water. It is called Dapengshan Hot Spring. In Cixi, there is a kind that you can eat without washing. The sweet and sour fruit is like a first love, called Cixi bayberry. In Cixi, there is an ancient town for health. Here you can shuttle to alleys, high walls and deep courtyards, drink a cup of health tea, and have an old Chinese New Year. It is called Minghe Ancient Town. In Cixi, there is a city tree that is lush all year round, showing endless vitality and vigor. It is called camphor tree. In Cixi, there is a thousand-year-old ancient kiln ruins nestled in the arms of mountains. It is a national focus. The cultural relics protection unit is called Shanglin Lake Yueyao Ruins; in Cixi, it is best known for its small seafood and small lake freshness. Even the discerning eaters will be convinced by the tidal flats that bring abundant small seafood, zongzi, sea melon seeds, sand Crabs, dumplings, etc. are called Cixi.

Minghe ancient town, feel "poem and distance"

Unlike other ancient towns built by the river, Minghe Ancient Town was built by the lake, and by the river. The horse head wall with blue bricks and black tiles, the dushui lake, the moss-covered stone road, and the cries of rice cakes ... I heard that the most lively place in Minghe is the long stall in front of the temple. The street vendors of rat sugar balls, rice cakes, and sugar people have continued into the ancient town. It has a unique style and a strong historical and cultural atmosphere.

There are not many people in the small town. There is a family under each roof. Each stone road is different, one head pierces into it, and others don't turn around until they get lost. The small shop in the ancient town sells a variety of snacks that seem to have been known, as well as childhood toys, from the four-way corridor, from the open space of the eaves of everyone, even if you walk into an old house, you can smoothly travel through the ancient town. throughout. Walking along the path, there are very few tourists, compared with other ancient towns, it is rare and clean.

In the daytime cranes, the walls are mottled in the sun, and the air smells of leisure. However, if it is a night crane, whether it is the clear waters of Baiyang Lake, or the colorful decoration on both sides of the river, it looks gorgeous. Sleeping in the romantic night of the ancient town, with the dim lights, time seems to be back for thousands of years.

Compared to other ancient towns, Minghe Ancient Town has a more original and superimposed kind of affection. Edges and corners, and a tile on one side, have made you think of those disappearing buildings, scenes, and pictures in your mind. Familiar and kind will make you feel nostalgic. Although many places have begun to repair, I hope that the day you go, it will be the impression in your mind.

Xanadu Fangjia Hetou

Fangjiahetou, the only ancient village in Cixi with a thousand years of history and culture, surrounded by green mountains and green waters, the ancient village still has its charm. If a village has several old trees, several well-preserved Ming and Qing old houses, and one or two historic sites, then it can already be called a favor of history. And Hetou Village seems to have a unique existence. There are more than 90 ancient trees over a hundred years old, there are three ancient roads, countless well-preserved old houses, as well as ancient streets, old wells, and historical and cultural relics. To the point.

Walk along the stone path to the village. The old trees in the village are shaded and very clean. The old-fashioned houses on both sides are antique and shuttle between the gray-walled roof tiles. There is no charm. The old stone path at the foot can be seen carefully. It turned out that the materials for repairing the stone road were nothing else, but the stone tombstones handed down by the ancient village itself.

Water and soil educate one person! The endless streams have nourished the simple souls of the villagers of Hetou; the rows of towering ancient trees have witnessed the changes of the millennium ancient villages; the grand buildings of the Ming and Qing dynasties have been interpreted silently Hetou Village was prosperous in the past; and the continuous trails of the first level have left a solid footprint and deep love for many tourists!

Cixi bayberry feeling of first love

"The village is full in June, and only Yangmei is full of branches." At this time everyone was eating red and purple, but there was no intention to stop. Or climb up the tall sparse branches and pick the top bayberry to eat; or sit in the green grass and listen to the sound of bayberry falling to the ground. Either way, it is a wonderful enjoyment on earth. Sometimes I am thinking that it is lucky to be able to live in the "hometown of bayberry" in Cixi. I can taste this sweet and sour natural fruit every year. The taste is unmatched by any kind of fruit.

Cixi bayberry is mainly based on the well-known "Breed" and "Early Big" bayberry. It has large fruit, small nucleus, good color, tender meat, and juicy juice ... Zhang Ailing said she has three hates in her life: one hate catfish The thorn, the second hate begonia without incense, and the third hate red mansion are unfinished. If she was in Cixi in June, she should add another hate: Myrica fruit is too short. There are only 20 days to eat bayberry 365 days a year, and if you want to eat the best bayberry, now is the time!

Millennium Yue Kiln, Cixi Celadon

Yueyao is the most famous celadon kiln system in ancient China. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the world's earliest mature porcelain was successfully fired in the Long Kiln of Yue Kiln, which is a milestone in the history of human civilization. Cixi, Zhejiang is the center of Yueyao celadon and one of the starting points of the ceramic road on the sea. The kiln yard of Shanglin Lake and the surrounding area has cast all the glory of Yueyao during the Tang and Song Dynasties. Many miracles have been left in the history of ceramics.

Celadon, as the source of Cixi's urban culture and cultural spirit, what kind of natural beauty, simplicity beauty and life beauty? Let's follow our steps and go to the Linhu Yueyao Celadon Museum to find out.

On the first floor exhibition hall, in addition to the porcelain excavated from the Yue Kiln, many precious porcelains from various places are also displayed. In addition to the porcelain buried in the soil at the archeological site, the Shanglin Lake Yue Kiln Museum also unearthed porcelain from the lotus core. Isolated from many pieces with transparent glass, everyone dare not step on it, and walked carefully, for fear of falling down.

In the second exhibition hall, red and yellow, symbolizing the imperial power and royalty, set off the atmosphere of the entire exhibition hall. The commentator Jing Wen said that this was to highlight the value and social status of mysterious porcelain during this period. In this exhibition hall, from the "name", "craftsmanship", "artifacts" and other aspects, all explain the special features of the mysterious porcelain. Among them, what attracts me most is the idea of ​​"water from nothing".

Dapong Mountain Hotel & Spa

At the foot of Cixi Dapeng Mountain, there is a hot spring hotel where you can watch the stars soak in private soup. The excellent location and the comfort without crowding people are really exciting, because Dapeng Mountain is located in the middle of many geological fault zones. The geothermal and hydrothermal activities are strong, the water temperature is moderate, and the water quality is clear. Dapengshan Hot Spring has a Chinese classical garden style, exquisite and chic. Stepping into the hot spring area, you can see that the hot spring area uses dense flower trees as a shelter. The mountains are cleverly borrowed, and the corridors are secluded, creating a deep, harmonious, hidden and noisy "secret soup" hot spring pool group.

The garden private villa is located in the south of Dapeng Mountain Resort and Resort , near the mountain and the lake. It has the privacy of the old Ming and Qing style private villas and the retreat Yishan wooden houses. Each pavilion has its own unique style and style. Chic, white walls and red windows, bright Xinyan, black tiles and Zhu Xi, simple and elegant, all kinds of carved windows, moon-shaped doorways, Dianlan Gallery, wooden and stone bridges, next to each other, the space in the park is transparent, Step by step, changing scenes, in various poses, Dapeng landscape in front of the floor, cook a pot of tea, sit outside the house, and spend a good afternoon.

The dining at Dapengshan Hotel is very distinctive and charming. The Chinese restaurant Clifford Court is made by the executive chef and the royal health cuisine. The western restaurant Toscana follows the elegant and noble, rich and simple style of Italian cuisine. Ningbo cuisine.

Dapengshan Lakeshore Elegant Garden

The hotel is located in the Dapeng Mountain Tourist and Holiday Resort, with Dapeng Mountain as the screen and Lake Jiao as the bank. Most of the rooms are built facing the water. The design concept of "natural ecology, harmony between man and nature" is vividly displayed. Chinese and European style are the main styles, and the Hanyancui series of Chinese-style guest rooms are classical Chinese flowers and birds elements, which are simple and elegant. Most of the living room areas are equipped with tatami mats, which can not only be used as a space for reading and reading, but also can be turned into a bed, which is very suitable for the whole family to travel. The cost-effectiveness is high, and 33 of them are built near the water. With a luxurious jacuzzi, you can lie down to enjoy the lake and mountains!

Hu'an Yayuan has an all-day western-style restaurant, Iris Flower Restaurant, which consists of two areas, indoor and lakeside garden bar. Iris flower restaurant not only has delicious flavors that make you drool, but also provides 24-hour room delivery, breakfast, Western-style buffet lunch and Afternoon tea service in English Lakeshore Garden, while accepting customized reservations for small meetings, parties, and Chinese boxes.

About Cixi Food

For a three-day itinerary, we will dine at Dapeng Mountain Hotel, Dapengshan Lakeshore Garden, Lanyu Farm, and Silver Inn. Cixi is best known for its small seafood and small lake freshness. Even the picky eaters will be impressed by the beach. Bringing rich seafood, zongzi, sea melon seeds, sand crab, zongzi and so on, let you taste the taste of the most Cixi.

About itinerary

D1: Wenzhou-Cixi-"453433" data-id = "952376" data-type = "1"> Dapengshan Hot Spring-Live: Dapengshan Hotel

D2: Dapengshan Hotel-Fangjiahetou-Lunch: Lanyu Farm-Purple Margin Yangmeiyuan Yang-Live: Dapengshan Lakeshore Yayuan

D3: Dapengshan Lakeshore Yayuan-Minghe Ancient Town--Shanglin Lake Yueyao Ruins-Wenzhou



Minghe Ancient Town: Sanxingqiao East Road, Cixi, Ningbo

Dapengshan Hotel: Dapengshan Tourist Resort, Longshan Town, Cixi, Ningbo

Fangjiahetou: South of Fanshi, Longshan Town, Cixi City, Ningbo City

Shanglin Lake Yueyao Ruins: Shanglin Lake in the foothills of Xiqiao Mountain , Minghe Town, Cixi, Ningbo

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