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Dengguanyin Lotus Trail Ancient Trail
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The Guanyin Ridge Ancient Trail is located in Jin'e Village, Hengxi Town, Yinzhou District. Hiking along the road is like entering a fairyland. Because the mountain has the Guanyin Pavilion and the Lotus Throne Guanyin Buddha, it is called the Guanyin Lotus Path. The ancient trail has a long history, and it has been for thousands of years. More than 3000 meters in length. Starting from the mountain road next to Jinechan Temple, there are dense bamboo forests along the road, creeks, strange rocks, and mountains overlapping. The road is sometimes straight and flat, and sometimes steep. Guanyin Pavilion is located in the mountains,

Clouds and mist surrounded the mountains.

Early autumn 2011, one morning. I left alone at home, took three buses and arrived at Jin'e Village, Hengxi Town.

Began to climb the ancient path of Guanyin Lotus Trail.

The weather on the mountain is erratic.

Reaching the top of the mountain, but covered with clouds,

But it didn't take long before the sky became pale again.

It's been a long time since I climbed the mountain, and soon I was sweating and panting. After finally climbing to the top of the mountain, I felt relieved.

Looking to the southeast, you can see the sea and sky of Xiangshan Port. Looking north, you can see the sight of Ningbo city. This time, I climbed up and down the mountain for three hours.

Travel information:

Take the No. 126 bus to the Hengxi Town Government in Ningbo City and transfer to No. 611

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