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Haiding Rules, Boning, Ningbo City, Ningbo
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In July in the south of the Yangtze River, the plum rain in Lili kept on.

However, I personally feel that the beauty of Jiangnan can only show its beauty and detachment after the rain.

The weather in Wucheng in July was fickle.

However, yearning for it in private could no longer stay.

✿Ningbo's name: Ningbo, taken from "Hai Dingze Boning", referred to as "甬", as early as the Zhou Dynasty.

The word "甬" is a hieroglyph of the ancient big bell. In the counties of Li and Feng counties, the peaks and peaks of the mountain are like ancient bells, so it is called Laoshan.

This river is called the Minjiang River.

✿Ningbo language: Ningbo dialect belongs to the Wuhu Taihu film and the Minjiang small film. Many ancient voices are preserved in the dialect.

Some words are similar to Shanghai. Of course, the same dialect as Ningbo dialect is Zhoushan.

There is a small note here. Although the Ningbo dialect is also a soft language of Wu Nong, it is much stiffer compared to it.

As the saying goes: I would rather listen to Suzhou people quarrel than Ningbo people. From this we can understand the bluntness of Ningbo dialect.

So if you ask for directions, others will talk to you bluntly, don't think that others are impatient, it is actually a habit of dialect ~

After so many words, the following is the specific situation of this trip!

In fact, the landlord has visited Ningbo several times in the past, and Ningbo is very close to the landlord's hometown. The cuisine, dialects, and specialty products are almost the same.

So this trip is actually a systematic trip to Ningbo to play like a tourist, but eating and staying with the landlord really can't help everyone, because to the landlord, Ningbo dishes are the same as hometown dishes, and there is no special place to eat. .

The following is the specific itinerary, some transportation and shopping strategies will be attached at the end ~

Ningbo Zhongba South Station-Yuehu Park-Drum Tower-City God Temple-Tianyi Square

The attraction where the landlord goes to play is basically in Haishu District. The landlord gets off at the marked place on the map and walks to Yuehu Park.

Yuehu Park is very large and runs through many roads.

So when we asked for directions, a big question emerged: different people are pointing in different directions. .

Fortunately, I asked a good aunt sweeping the floor! Tell us that we can go in every direction. . . It is also very good to tell us how to go if the next stop is to Gulou.

✿tip: The map is too difficult. It looks like it can go in every direction. So ask the locals more, but pay attention to express yourself clearly and tell others where to go next, the locals will be the best way. Of course, if you are keen to walk, tell others where you want to start at Moon Lake!

Above is Moon Lake. The lake is very clear. The lake is so large that it can't be seen at a glance. Some places don't seem to be much, but slowly walking along Yuehu Lake, one by one will appear.

There are many stone benches and stone tables beside Moon Lake, shaded by towering trees. If you are tired, it is also a good choice to sit down and blow hair.

In the hot summer, this place has become a place for many elderly people to take a summer walk and chat.

The landlord went to Yuehu Lake before 9 am, and there were many elderly people dancing, dancing swords, chatting, full of slow and leisurely pace of life.

This is a surprise brought along the moon lake.

A pavilion hidden among green trees. Full of the breath of Jiangnan.

There is also a small courtyard full of garden style, and there are people taking wedding photos, the bride is really beautiful!

After walking along the Moon Lake to the bottom, you can proceed to Drum Tower.

Gulou is actually very easy to find, and it is also very close to Yuehu.

I will tell you that the landlord didn't know the way at all, and then looked at the general direction of Drum Tower and Yuehu Lake, and just walked away blindly. . Then he found it. .

In fact, after walking for a while, you can see the clock above the Drum Tower, and then go in the direction of that clock. The Drum Tower is still very high, eh eh.

Do you see the arch at the bottom of the photo above? It is a small passageway. It is Gulou Commercial Street.

Personally, I like the tunnel ~ the small tunnel made of stone, which is cool and shady, and has a super feeling.

Looking down from the Drum Tower, you can see the entire commercial street.

There are not many people, and I don't think there are many stores. Many of them have not opened the doors, but the building has a strong Jiangnan style.

Statue of the Drum Tower.

Mom is feeding children with dumplings.

When it comes to dumplings, you must mention Ningbo Tangyuan, a famous specialty that can no longer be famous!

At least in the landlord's hometown, Ningbo dumplings definitely represent the best dumplings. Must eat Ningbo dumplings every year! Those who are traveling can try it ~

After leaving the Drum Tower, Chenghuang Temple.

I did n’t take a lot of photos, I put my phone in my bag and went shopping

Chenghuang Temple is the legendary paradise for goods distribution. Although there are many famous brands, the landlord really did n’t go in and went straight to the small shop opened by individuals to buy various goods.

For those who are after quality, do n’t study the landlord. The quality of some things is really not good.

In fact, I personally think that compared with the city god temple in Shanghai, Ningbo is more hierarchical, and there are not many people in Shanghai, so you can stroll around comfortably.

As for eating, there are still many small restaurants in Chenghuang Temple, as well as the Chenghuang Temple Food Court.

So do n’t learn to go straight to McDonald ’s air conditioner. .

After shopping at Chenghuang Temple, go to Tianyi Square.

There is a very beautiful Catholic church on the way from Chenghuang Temple to Tianyi Square.

It is said that there will be lights at night to make it more beautiful.

A very loving shop, the big Totoro instantly attracted me.

Tianyi Square is also large. . Since I've been to Ningbo several times before, I didn't visit much this time.

The fountain in Tianyi Square used to play music at about 7pm, but I do n’t know if it is still there. Ask the boxers to ask the nearby shopkeepers.

Then mention Tianyi Square to lift Crystal Street.

Just next to Tianyi Square. All streets are shops.

Maybe you will come across something you like ~

One of the special features of the second floor of Crystal Street is that mobile phones and computers are cheaper than other places.

After shopping on Crystal Street, I took the bus back to Zhongba South Station and went home ~ It was 4 pm.

In the car home, it started to rain.

When he was home, he looked up and found a row of wild geese in the sky, which were super neatly arranged.

I have been to Ningbo many times, and this time I finally had a good time.


门票 About the tickets: Tianyi Pavilion that does not go requires 30 yuan per person, and the student ID is 50% off.

These places that the landlord goes to do not need tickets.

✿About shopping: The landlord suggested whether to buy clothes or go to Chenghuang Temple.

If it is high quality or other requirements, you can go to Tianyi Square.

In addition, the electronics of Crystal Street can also be viewed.

As for the landlord, there is no qualification to say, but it is said that Tiegebi is good, and those who are interested can try it.

✿About transportation: The landlord recommends walking.

Ningbo public transport usually costs 2 to 3 yuan, and many subways have not been built yet. It seems that renting out starts at 10 yuan and 12 yuan.

If it ’s not far away, these places like the landlord are basically in a group, and it wo n’t take long to get there, which is very convenient.

But if you are tired, you still have to take a car.

✿Small Note: As mentioned earlier, ask for directions, especially for Yuehu Lake. People in Ningbo are still very enthusiastic.

Everyone may not be very clear about Crystal Street. If you ask some locals, you may not know it. In fact, as long as you find Tianyi Square, it is Crystal Street next door.

Because there are a lot of subways, houses, etc. under construction, some roads may not be easy to take. Pay attention.

Finally, there is the question of dialects. As mentioned earlier, Ningbo dialects are still very blunt. Don't think that others are arguing with you.

✿Small recommendation: Listen to my classmates in Ningbo playfully, basically everyone will go:

Nantang Old Street (a small street with Jiangnan flavor, but the direction is opposite to those where the landlord walks, thinking that the landlord only goes for one day, so he gave up Nantang)

Tianyi Pavilion (It is said that it is quite large, with a lot of books and a mahjong exhibition hall ...)

Old Bund (different from the Bund in Shanghai, smaller, less people, unique flavor)

Moon Lake Park

Drum Tower, Zhongshan Park

City God Temple

Tianyi Square

There is also a similar place in Liang Zhu Cultural Park, but neither the landlord nor the classmates have been to it, so you can search for the interesting ones yourself.

If you eat, we strongly recommend Ningbo dumplings! It's best to eat the most authentic kind of sesame filling, it's delicious!

Above, thank you all for your patience.

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