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The ancient dwelling weir, today Park Hyatt, immersed in the Millennium Millennium Village in Ningbo
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As a native of Ningbo, I rarely go to a hotel in Ningbo. Now that I have been in Shanghai for a long time, I have become unfamiliar with Ningbo. I asked my mom a while ago, which is the best hotel in Ningbo now, and my mom replied: Ningbo Park Hyatt. So I took home on a rare holiday and brought my family to walk.
Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel is located on the bank of Dongqian Lake with the reputation of “Western Charm, Taihu Spirit”. After 10 years of construction, it covers an area of ​​960 thousand square meters, which is similar to the land area of ​​our country.
The hotel's door is very stylish, like coming to a big house. At the entrance there is a carp bronze sculpture swimming towards the gate, witty and cute.

Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel is famous for its third PARK HYATT in China and the first Park Hyatt branded resort hotel in Greater China.
If the Park Hyatt hotels in Beijing and Shanghai are full of men's atmosphere, then Ningbo Park Hyatt is more gentle with Jiangnan women, which is different from other Park Hyatt hotels. It is located on the bank of the quiet Dongqian Lake, and the Park Park Yue has always solemn and solemn business image, a little more comfortable, free and natural atmosphere.

Sylvia Chiang, an American-Chinese female designer, has won the award for the best Chinese-American female designer in the United States. She devoted 10 years of her time and painstaking efforts to create this temple of art and soul, and unfolded the essence of traditional Chinese architecture with the world "Layout, Enclosure, and Hierarchy."
The simple white walls and black tiles are carved like time, and the towering porch takes you into the waterside garden.
Unfortunately, she didn't have time to witness the completion of this masterpiece. One year before the hotel opened, Ningbo Park Hyatt also became her final work. However, he left his life talent in his hometown. The sing song in this life is often the most brilliant work in his life.

At the entrance of the Park Hyatt Hotel, the dome has a Chinese style charm. At night, the door will light a bonfire, mysterious and warm.

The hotel does not have a valet parking service, but after parking, you can take the hotel's shuttle golf cart back to the lobby and enjoy the scenery along the way. When we went, it was cold in winter, and the shuttle car was also specially equipped with a windscreen. When the car started, the waiters would pull up the zip outside the curtain, which was especially considerate.

The hotel lobby has no luxurious design with excessive force. The faint white background has no sense of pressure, which makes people relax their eyes. The simple beauty can leave more imagination.
Every Thursday to Saturday, there will be Kunqu performances in the lobby. Kunqu performers will come to you, and the lobby is the stage. I saw this on Saturday when I checked in.
When I checked in, I was once again fortunate to be proactively upgraded to a lake view room from a garden view room.

Entering the hotel, you can first see the Ningbo Park Hyatt Net Red Landmark outside the lobby, which is one of the most beautiful spots in the entire hotel.

The observation deck is directly facing Dongqian Lake, and the water surface in front of it is calm like a mirror, which extends to the lake surface in the distance. You can see the lake and mountains at a glance, and experience the infinite imagination in indifference. Although it was cloudy, I felt unconsciously open to the endless Dong Qian Lake.

Smoky mountains, misty twilight wonderland, fresh air after the rain and tranquil natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city people, return to the most simple tranquility. Standing here, take a deep breath and feel the designer Sylvia Chiang flash in the pan, that the Millennium Experience ancient village on the timeline.

The hotel has 2 hydrophilic platforms, of which the infinity swimming pool is located under the water and sky monochromatic viewing platform. The mountain building structure is used to form a visual difference, and you will be immersed in the water and sky with different visions.

In the hotel lobby cloister, the tall columns are neatly extended under the high dome, solemn, and full of Chinese ritual. The floor is made of black cowhide with a cost of 400,000 yuan, and it is in black and white with Turkish marble next to it.

The staff guided us into the room, and the moment I opened the door, I really liked the decoration. In particular, the roof and curtains of the room are designed with the special straw mats of local Yinzhou, which is both quiet and echoes the local customs.
Incorporating traditional elements into it, the simple Chinese style is low-key and connotative. The expensive Italian marble is chosen for the unique soft gloss and delicate texture. The three-meter-high ceiling space makes the room feel atmospheric and homely.

The bedroom is very simple, milky white combination furniture, dark brown tone let me enter the bedroom with a sense of relaxation, without the cold feeling inherent in the hotel.

The tatami in front of the window of the room can look at the lake across the window, make a pot of tea, a plate of fruit, and lazily lie in front of the window to enjoy the afternoon.

In the winter, Jiangnan is still lush, surrounded by green bamboo. Rain and rain for days, and the hotel presents another view, can make people calm down and empty their minds. Sit by the window, listen to the wind, watch the rain, enjoy the sights ... how wonderful!

Ningbo Baiyue's hardware is very good, hidden refrigerator, electric curtains, BOSE audio, all with a Dimmer Function central console, TOTO's fully automatic toilet. Two carefully prepared robes of different materials are also the intimate of Park Hyatt.

The tea bag is Ningbo Baiyue's own brand. There are many types of tea, such as green tea, black tea, and oolong tea. The supplier of mineral water is Baisuishan, which uses the Ningbo Baiyue label.

The bath products in the guest room are selected from Italian spa brand Acca Kappa, which was founded in 1869. The bath care products and peripheral products produced by the bath are made of natural organic ingredients and natural plant extracts.
The speed and pressure of hot water in the shower are good. The only minor complaint is that the design of the shower room in the room is not reasonable, and the accumulated water can not be eliminated for a long time after bathing.

The rooms are full of mirrors, large and small, which is really friendly for girls.

After a short break, I walked around the hotel.
Ningbo Baiyue's predecessor was Dianyan Village, a thousand-year-old village, and it also lived near Dongqian Lake, which created its typical style of Jiangnan water village.

For me who like the ancient village, walking around the hotel is really joyful.

The hotel is surrounded by mountains and rivers. In addition to the natural scenery, the garden design is also very good.

Every scene in the hotel is carefully created, full of Chinese style, planted with more than 300 kinds of precious trees, and the scenery of the four seasons is intoxicating.

Humid air, cool wind, brisk sound of water, lingering fairy air, ancient Kunqu opera, secluded trails, and patchwork of buildings, painted a unique landscape like Chinese ink painting.

In front of the Jiangnan water village, the bridges, gray walls, cornices, and river channels are still there today, and they are shuttled between them.

From the old Dayan Village to the current Park Hyatt, it has undergone changes in the sea.

Independent villa suites are built along the water. The misty lake surface in the early morning, the glorious shadows in the afternoon, and the magnificent sunset reflected in the dusk. Dongqian Lake has become the most beautiful background of the hotel.

Hovering between the small bridges and flowing water, feeling the tranquility that complements Dongqian Lake and the hotel, Ningbo Park Hyatt, approaching it, would not leave it.

There is also a tea garden in the hotel. It is not just a tea garden. From the wind and frost of Dai's ancestral house, it has been condensed into the backbone of the tea garden in the past five hundred years. The dialogue between tea and history is the longest.
Like almost Gametea northern courtyard, there are two courtyards, large courtyard boxy space, good lighting. It opened its doors after 12 o'clock every day, in addition to a variety of sweet tea here, and cook elaborate. The Ningbo dumplings here are the most worth tasting, all made on site. If you are interested, you can also make dumplings yourself.

Many old houses can be seen in the hotel. For example, if you walk around, you will see a red temple. Is it a temple?
No, this is Ningbo Red's bar "Red". I can't think of it ... I will come back at night.

Ningbo Dongqian Lake is like a quiet woman. The noise outside has nothing to do with me. I only take care of this lake and mountains quietly.

Park Hyatt Hotel's private dining boat cruise offers morning fun in the morning and afternoon at Dongqian Lake rafting, the whole journey is 1 hour, 100 yuan / person ticket.
Canoeing on Dongqian Lake, you can see the lake and mountains, you can look out from the bow, you can also feel inside the boat.

In the afternoon, we will come to the hotel's private spa area, drink a pot of autumn and winter welcome tea, and enjoy a wonderful afternoon.

Back to the hotel lobby, you need to go through two doors. The bridge connecting the doors is the immortal net red bridge of Park Hyatt. At regular intervals, the spray settings on both sides will spray mist from the water under the bridge, creating a smoky effect. Walk them through as if it were from mortal to enter paradise, feel the aura of Jiangsu and Zhejiang landscape.
Twelve Dayan lighthouses on the lake extend from the hotel to Dongqian Lake. The five-story tower structure is shaped. At night, the lighthouse will light up the lake surface, just like the lighthouse that once guided the fishing boats into the port.

At check-in, a "red" bar gift voucher was presented at the front desk, so when the night came to an end, I went red.
When it comes to red, I really like it. Red is the name of the Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel bar. When viewed from the outside, you would think that it is a temple. In fact, it is actually built from an old house Peijun Temple with a history of more than 700 years.

Red, the name of the bar is very suitable, and the classical red buildings in the whole body are rare in the Jiangnan area.

When you walk into the red interior, you will find that there is a lot in it.

The decoration is mainly in Chinese red, which complements the color of the exterior wall. Stepping into this world, classical and modern collisions, the East meets the West, the taste of it, you need to experience it in person to experience it.

There is also a stage in the bar area of ​​the bar. On weekdays, it is a stage for DJs. However, in the days from Thursday to Saturday, there will be a drama that perfectly integrates fashion and classics. Kunqu performances!

I have also stayed in five-star or higher-quality hotels, but I have encountered Kunqu in the hotel bar for the first time.

Kunqu opera performers are all students from Shanghai Opera School. They are praiseworthy for their singing skills and appearances. If you are a opera lover, then you must not miss the Kunqu performance of Ningbo Park Hyatt.

The soft and long tune brings a Chinese aftertaste, and a slight drink after a glass of wine, this feeling is wonderful.

A song of "Amazing Dreams in the Garden" is about to run out. A cup of Wucheng will enter the throat. Will time stay?

Speaking of drinks, there are two classic cocktails in the wine bar, one is the bar of the same name "red", based on sake; the other is "是 城 会", based on vodka. If in Ningbo Bo Wyatt, remember this experience can be something.

The next morning, I went to the all-day restaurant Yue Xuan for breakfast. The hotel's outdoor atrium decorated a huge Christmas tree because of the arrival of the Christmas season.

The open-air atrium's stone and brick fences and oak aisles create a holiday atmosphere. The Chinese-style main building is flat and balanced, full of symmetry.
Yue Chinese all-day restaurant, infinity pool facing the hotel, a buffet breakfast in the supply of good dining experience landscape.
Breakfast time in the open air atrium and the local handmade charcoal barbecue cakes made on the spot, that is, pasta baked in hot wooden barrels, full of childhood memories. Roadside snacks can also board the Daya Hall, bringing comfort to the empty stomach in the morning.

Baiyue's breakfast is very rich: tofu brain, fried rice cakes with vegetables, fried dumplings ... are authentic Ningbo snacks, which taste good. There are actually net red dirty bags in the bread area. But this time I didn't see many Ningbo dumplings mentioned in the comments.

I picked a table and hearty dishes, all last CD, we can see the taste is really good too.

During the stay, I also called for a room service, and the taste was very good. The food was served quickly, within half an hour./ p>

The noodles in the beef noodles are many, and they are full of ingredients, so is the congee, which is a good conscience.

In general, to give Ningbo Park Hyatt a good review, if you want to set aside your troubles temporarily and find a quiet place, this is a good choice.
Of course, there are vomits below:
1. The surrounding area of ​​Park Hyatt Hotel is very desolate. It is a 40-minute drive from Ningbo city and the surrounding area is still under development. Although the hotel provides bicycles, it is recommended that you do not need to come out when you enter the hotel;
2. The experience was almost perfect during the stay, but there was a big reduction after check out. At check-out, the front desk left my billing information and email address, and promised to send an electronic invoice soon. As a result, I still did n’t receive it the next day. I called and asked. The colleague at the front desk said that he did n’t hand over the matter. Let me provide the billing information and email again, and promised to send the invoice immediately. As a result, there was still no movement for a long time, so I called again to ask, and the front desk could not tell clearly. I asked the complaint to ask their foreman manager to come back. After a long time, the manager gave the answer and said that they had just checked After a while, I did send an electronic invoice before, but due to a problem with the electronic invoice invoicing system, the delivery was unsuccessful, and I asked if I could send a paper invoice instead.
There are many twists and turns on the issue of tickets, and the transfer of related personnel is not clear, and the processing is not active. The problem was solved only after repeated urging. It really left a bad experience. Without this final episode, I should give Ningbo Park Hyatt a try. A rare high score.

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