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Why is Ningbo the new Ningbo?
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A few days ago on a business trip to Ningbo, I got off the first station of the train and rushed to Fenglin Night in the ancient street of Nantang. This is a well-known private bookstore in Ningbo. .

I spent some time leaning into the dusk and taking a walk along the Fenghua River, across from the Yinzhou District.

I ate at Chun He Hotel in the evening. A friend asked me where I lived. I said that I stayed at Sofitel R & F.

"Ooh, ah Wanda Plaza, where, 10 years ago, and that is a dusty construction site. But now young people are too lazy to Sanjiangkou run, but there Yin core state."

Local friends told me there was "new Ningbo".

Yinzhou District, Ningbo [Picture from the Internet]

1. Quzhou is the new Ningbo

The Ningbo Museum is only a few steps away from the Sofitel Ningbo R & F, and Luzhou Park is nearby. I walked in the middle of a walk. I like the art of architecture. As the first architectural work in China to win the Pritzker Architecture Prize , I went by Wang Ming and his "neo-localism" style .

The cloudy and sunny weather made the museum exude a sense of sobriety. Studying in and out of the house, it seemed that the chapters of history were pulled apart a little bit as if they were brought back to the big family of Wucheng.

Ningbo Museum [Image from the Internet]

"In summer, there is the country of Violet, in the name of Red Violet ...

Speaking of Luzhou, this is a city that is constantly evolving.

As my friend said, the impression that Luzhou left in their minds more than a decade ago is still a slump. But to turn up the old man and say, here is a story since ancient times.

The history of Luzhou can be traced back to the Hemudu culture of drilling wood for fire, and the "violet country" of the Xia and Shang dynasties has become the root of Ningbo people's upward recognition of their ancestors. However, Luzhou was a little embarrassed in its long history. After cooperating with Mingzhou (Ningbo today), the culture of Greater Ningbo was transferred to Sanjiangkou, and Ningbo became the cultural center of Luzhou. This alienation continued into the modern era. Until 2002, after the "withdrawal of counties and districts" in Luzhou, a new city force that could not be ignored was born.

Ningbo New City. Photography / Booboo

Yinzhou District is indeed one of the richest places in Ningbo.

My friend from Ningbo joked, "We in Ningbo have an image of the next-generation Yinzhou people as a local haha."

At night I worked in a hotel room. The sight of the building outside the window did not make me feel like I had left Shanghai. From the beginning of the construction of the southern business district in Luzhou, business buildings have risen from the ground. Modern service industry has succeeded as a catalyst for the urbanization process of Luzhou, especially the establishment of Wanda Commercial Plaza and new CBD clusters. Will someone live there in the future? ”The idea was as narrow as Pudong in Shanghai.

And the economic data of Yinzhou District is really good-looking. On GDP, Ningbo can be ranked first in the urban area of ​​Ningbo County. The picture below is a list of the top 100 comprehensive enterprises in Ningbo in 2017. I have seen many well-known large enterprises.

In 2018, Quzhou's GDP reached 182.01 billion yuan, ranking first in Ningbo, and has been awarded TOP4 in the Top 100 National Comprehensive Strength Zones for four consecutive years . It has two core Ningbo CBDs, namely the Eastern New City and the Southern New City. "Seven Centers" in finance, shipping, exhibitions, and business; plans to invest 14.39 billion yuan to create a "half-hour transportation circle"; business education and medical facilities are countless ... [Text from Ningbo People's Government]

Of course, Luzhou is not in a hurry to develop economically. The former "violet country" has also been filled with a strong stroke of culture. Qing'an Hall and Ningbo Museum are full of humanistic atmosphere; Tiantong Temple and Ashoka Temple can't forget the beliefs and feelings of “480 Temples in the Southern Dynasty, how many floors are in the smoke and rain.”; garden……

Dongqian Lake [picture from the network]

Why is Ningbo the new Ningbo?

My answer should be that this place is full of prophetic energy.

Nirvana at Sofitel Ningbo

There are no shortage of high-end hotels in Ningbo, but they are a bit old-fashioned, and every year when I come to Ningbo, I still choose the ones in Sanjiangkou (this is what makes me very much looking forward to the Rosewood Ningbo being built in Ningbo). The reason why I chose Sofitel this time is not because of business trips, but because the hotel location is more convenient. I can explore a brand new Ningbo. The hotel is very close to the Ningbo Museum I went to, and I am used to the bustling Sanjiangkou. This time, a new way of playing Ningbo is a very good choice.

After dinner, we took a taxi back to the hotel. The surrounding roads were under construction due to the construction of the subway, but they did not cover up the bustling and lively business pattern here.

The young hormones surged on Wanda Plaza, and I couldn't help thinking of the proud declaration that the place where Wanda Plaza is located is the city center.

Today, Sofitel Ningbo is part of the R & F Hotel Empire, but this French brand was once inextricably linked to Wanda. In 2003, Wanda targeted the Sofitel brand and opened the Sofitel Chengdu Wanda Hotel (now Sofitel Taihe). In 2007, Dalian Wanda Group established its own hotel system and invested heavily to build the Sofitel Wanda Beijing (now Beijing Wanda Mandarin Hotel). It can be said that the first shot of Wanda Group entering the hotel industry, Sofitel contributed,

However, playing the Wanda card does not seem to be smooth. In 2014, the original Sofitel Wanda Hotel in Chengdu changed hands to Taihe. In 2017, R & F acquired the assets of 77 Wanda hotels, including the Sofitel Ningbo R & F. The "marriage" between the Fit brand and Wanda Group ends.

With the opening of Quzhou Wanda Plaza, Sofitel Ningbo became a strategic hotel pawn that year, and today seems to be a very successful layout; after ten years, this hotel is located in R & F, Xindongjia With the blessing of the group, it seems more stable and mature .

Today, Sofitel is still the most cost-effective high-end business travel option in Ningbo.

As a high-end business travel hotel, I do n’t think the slightly nostalgic decoration and layout is the hotel ’s flaw: the times always remind us to move forward quickly, and when we start to accept a style, a new design trend has emerged After continually accepting and catering, we discovered that what really settled down for us to remember may be those that are eternal.

I like that the hotel has its own unique design style, which is like a person's dress and dress, but not everyone needs to chase fashion trends at all times. A neat and easy-to-comb suit and leather shoes will always be the best clothing for a refined gentleman .

The hotel has been open for ten years, and the door has a stable and sophisticated design style-high lobby space, stable marble columns and huge crystal chandeliers, revealing a period of luxury, which is also a common sense for luxury hotels. The most marked impression.

Of course, this luxury is not only a manifestation of hardware, but also an expression of a noble and superior quality lifestyle. Whether it is the hotel's aesthetic display or soft service, it is a symbol of style and taste.

The space in the lobby is very generous, and the elegant marble columns subtly divide the pattern of the area, so that the entire environment does not appear to be oppressive or hollow.

Even after ten years of precipitation, you can still find some very playful design elements. The walls of the front desk and the lounge area are inlaid with copper lotus leaves and lotus bonnets. The high back seats in the lounge area are based on French romantic feelings. This combination of Chinese and Western culture does not seem to make people feel Discomfort or alienation.

Change the filter, I feel a retro feel of the French new wave

Ningbo Fuli Sofitel advantage is not as urban resort hotel that is care about color values, but relying on a business travelers are very concerned about the ace magic - let the hotel has decades of precipitation-quality consistent service.

Why do many successful middle-aged uncles choose Mandarin Oriental or Four Seasons? Like hotels, while pursuing a bright appearance, what they really need to feel is a kind of precipitation, so they are willing to take the initiative to enjoy this "care" . But I don't think that the hotel service must be linked to the hotel brand. It is not that I have to live in which brand to luxury this kind of service, because the brand is fixed and people do flow.

For example, this Sofitel is a good example. The hotel prices in Ningbo are not outstanding, but the price / performance ratio is really very unexpected.

When I walked into the hotel, the concierge led me to the front desk very politely. The simple and warm greeting made me feel that I was not misplaced, but a very grounded communication, which was a kind of precipitation.

I like the scent of the hotel's public areas. From entering the hotel to staying in the room, the whole mood is very pleasant and comfortable. I live on the 19th floor and open the door of the room. The whole space is not as old and depressed as the old hotel, but now it looks very good room layout and display.

The supporting hardware in the room is very complete, even giving me a kind of "crowded" comfort, this feeling comes from the space is not monotonous. The sofa, coffee table and lamp in front of the floor-to-ceiling window have always been my favorite place in the room. An extra hanger is placed beside the sofa in this room. This kind of intimateness makes me feel at home.

But the biggest highlight of this room is the "green sleep" concept of pure room . This is also the only hotel in Ningbo with pure rooms. The room is equipped with a complete air filtration and purification system on a large scale. With the improvement of health protection awareness, air purification has not only targeted haze, but the indoor situation is actually more complicated.

As a relatively sealed indoor service place, especially urban hotels, in addition to the cleaning and maintenance of homes, the air quality problem is often a flaw, especially for some old hotels. The old, simple air supply function can't remove dust particles and bacterial viruses at all.

For many frequent travelers, a clean guest room is far more important than hardware decoration and display. After all, the most basic requirement for us to stay in a hotel is to get a comfortable and high quality sleeping environment. From the size of the space and the display of the decoration 3. The comfort of bedding, and now to the requirements of air indicators, our purpose is actually to consider whether it is suitable for living and sleeping.

Today's urban problems are not just about the pressure and congestion imposed by mass , air quality has become our biggest concern . But this invisible and intangible problem did not make us aware of the seriousness at the beginning, and it did not make the service industry work hard to recognize this problem.

When many new hotels are working on hardware decoration, Sofitel played with the pioneering living concept of "air purification". This seemingly "inconspicuous" fresh air system embodies a people-oriented service attitude, returning to the hotel's most basic occupancy needs, allowing me to enter the room, and from the breath, I can feel what a luxury brand hotel offers. attitude.

In the hotel's pure room, clean air-conditioning equipment, ozone release, hard and soft surfaces, install pure natural tea tree oil, PURE protective film, PURE air purifier, dust mite pillow cover and mattress cover, 7 steps The conversion process completes a standard pure room.

I spend a lot of time in the hotel during the year. It can be said that the hotel is my moving home. The stay of different brands has brought me a sense of freshness in the living room. Now it seems that what I most desire is This kind of "return" is often the most basic kind of emotion. When we stay in a hotel, whether it is because of the service or the design, is it not for a comfortable and high-quality sleeping environment?

At the end.

It was a very ordinary hotel stay for one night, but it made me feel the pioneering spirit of this city . Isn't the vitality of a city relying on the prophets of the service industry? The service industry should not just maintain basic consumption and service needs step by step, but should also be innovative and forward-looking, as is a city.

Ningbo, which has “the sea out to the east, the Jianghuai to the west, the north-south transshipment, and the port to the world,” has never lacked the pride of being able to accept all the rivers and rivers. Today, Quzhou is also accumulating its own “high light moment”.

Ten years have brought a city to a milestone in its development.

For a hotel,

Ten years, from youthful vigor to stability and precipitation.

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