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Xizi Zhejiang-Home of Jiang Gong-Fenghua Day Tour
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Who wouldn't say that the scenery in Jiangnan is good? This was taken on the highway when Fenghua was approaching. It was taken on a mobile phone.

After arriving in Fenghua, you can buy some local specialties in this place. Do not buy peaches. A colleague of mine bought 10 for 150 yuan. The taste is good, but I ca n’t afford it. I can buy some potato and cook it with sugar. Very good, the price is fairer than peaches.

This is the way to Xuedou Mountain. The guide said that the statue of the monk is gold-plated, and I have not verified it, but the eyes are three-dimensional. No matter which direction you look from, you feel that he is looking at himself. The entire statue is in Nanjing. What the mint has done can be examined by the officials.

Sky blue people are not afraid of heat

Jiang Gong's hometown is much better than Hunan. Hunan People Slow Motion

Seen from the top of the waterfall, beware of heights

In the distance is Taoyuan


Zhaojun of our company

Mr. Jingguo wrote in his diary: Looking around, Xishan was speechless. Although he did not shed tears, his grief was hard to say. Mr. Jing Guo remembered Jiang Gong ’s wish that during the Cultural Revolution, Taiwan was cultivating a rich Chinese culture, which made it possible for Renyi Lizhi Zhixin to be spread on Treasure Island Taiwan, which is a great honor to the Chinese nation.

During the battle across the river, Fenghua replaced Nanjing as the political center of the National Government. Jiang Gong saw that the situation had gone and moved the command center back to his hometown . Feng Gong said that Jiang Gong was narrow-minded, cautious in his employment, and history had gone.

The following are various texts, letters, and certificates of Mr. Chiang Kai-shek. There is an old saying in China that Ye Luogui returns to the roots. I think these things should be kept in Fenghua. Things that should be kept in Hunan should not be kept in Beijing. History is judged by citizens and time.

Chiang Kai-shek believes in Jesus. He is clean and simple in his life and writes in block letters. Over 80 years old still straight waist, regular life.

This look green water looks good from any angle.

The entrance of Xuedou Temple. When traveling, I think it is the most boring to see the temple, and sincerity is spiritual.

Jiang Gong's bedroom, the bed is very beautiful, I forgot what the tour guide said, anyway, the production and placement are very particular about. Especially with a mirror in the middle, it's very interesting.

This is Fenghua's mother river. The river is clear and shallow. The Fenghua government puts an end to all heavy industries, so the local environment is very good.

Xikou Town is really good.

I bought a bag of lasagna here. It is said that Jiang Gongxi eats lasagna and chicken soup. Behind this house is the courtyard of Jiang Gong. According to the tour guide, this house affected the Feng Shui of the Jiang family, so Jiang Gong wanted to buy it, but no matter how much money he paid, the homeowner just didn't sell it, and the president of a country was actually. . . . Bibi's forced demolition. In the era of constitutional politics, the independence of the judiciary, the freedom of the media, and progress can only be achieved with supervision.

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