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Ningbo Jiulong Lake Two-day Tour (General Manager Tang)
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Time flies, years are like songs, and I haven't traveled with my wife and Mrs. Tang for a long time. The previous two activities were the last spring in May and Yangcheng Lake in November. They are all day trips. Here's a big trick, go to Ningbo Jiulong Lake to play together!

Reason for choosing : The planning task given by Mr. Tang was a distance of 150 kilometers to 200 kilometers from Jiuting, Songjiang, Shanghai. I used Jiuting as the center, the painting circle as the scenery, Suzhou was too close, Nanjing was too far, only Ningbo 200 Up and down kilometers, thanks to the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge, which made it possible; another very important reason for choosing Kaiyuan Resort was that the hotel was the location for the shooting of "Preferred to Love You" (Love Hotel). The whole play has been watched from beginning to end, and was deeply attracted by the touching love story inside. How yearning for the picturesque scenes in the play, was impressed by the grand momentum of the five-star hotel in Kaiyuan Resort. I thought to myself that if I had the opportunity, I must Come and experience what it feels like to be a VIP, and relive the plot of "I Love You".

First day : Departure from Shanghai Jiuting on time on April 19, 2014 at 9:00 am. Shanghai was still early summer in the early morning of the 19th, showing a chill, thunder, and heavy rain. At 9 o'clock, the rain gradually stopped, and the air was very dry. The freshness is quite suitable for traveling. President Tang ’s s60 has been waiting for a long time. The dazzling s60 earth gold undoubtedly shows the identity and dignity of the owner. Pulling the door of the car and drilling into the luxury car, we only heard an order and we set off! Jiulong Lake, we are really here!

With unlimited vision, driving 200 kilometers, about 3 hours by car, to the Ting Ge Bi Restaurant in Ningbo City (via G60, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, passing the South Bank and North Bank Service Areas, we took a break in the Cicheng Service Area, and suddenly I remember coming to rest here in October last year, so I revisited the place!) The beautiful Hangzhou Bay Bridge is no longer unfamiliar, red orange yellow green blue blue purple colors, one by one)

Ordered a hearty lunch at Tiegebi Restaurant, Sansi Tusi, Stone Pot Tofu, White Crab Rice Cake, Wild Mushroom Soup, Bell Pepper Beef Willow, Ningbo Grilled Vegetables, Ningbo Dumpling, delicious but not very expensive, four 254, with 212 yuan in the circle of the review network, pretty full! Go directly to the resort.

After arriving at the hotel at 14:15, it may be due to Saturday. There are a lot of tourists staying there. After 15 minutes to check in, the deposit is 1,000 yuan. We successfully got a luxury mountain view room 549 first. Another room 555 has not been cleaned yet. We went to Room 549 first. The room facilities were quite good. Floor-to-ceiling doors and windows, wooden floor, large bathtub on the balcony, giving the window a clean feeling. It is quite luxurious and matches the five-star. of. (I deeply feel that Mr. Tang is very tired, so my wife and I went outside to see the scenery, familiar with the hotel environment, and will return to room 555 later. Who knows that until 16:00, the front desk informed that the room has not been cleaned, and the wife tried to find a claim. Next, the receptionist reluctantly upgraded us to a lake-view room. The room facilities are exactly the same as the mountain-view room (the scenery outside the window is the beautiful Langjiaping Reservoir).

After 17:00 when Mr. and Mrs. Tang took a break, we went to the hotel's ping-pong room to play ping-pong. Mr. Tang actually brought a ping-pong board, which surprised me. Yes, super golfers. We four played ping-pong together. Sweating, healthy, and extremely happy! I fully realize that life is in motion and sports. President Tang has a good draw and his skills are still there! The pool table and floor are very good, dedicated to the game!

After the exercise, we went to Jiulong Pavilion to see what was delicious. After reading the menu and the dishes inside, it seemed to our appetite and the cost performance was not very high, so we decided to go to a nearby farmhouse to try something new. Due to the dark night wind, we After 18 bends, I finally found the people in Jiulong. I found food, 3 cold and 3 hot 188, and the price is moderate. The 38 yuan of rice dumplings is still good. The meat is firm and full, delicious, and the fish and eggs are delicious. Broccoli is awesome, probably because of ping pong tiredness, I ate a lot of food, haha

Back to the hotel after dinner, we started in room 621, playing cards and competing. I also purposely recorded the score. It was fun, no wit, and the wife who could not count actually took the first place. I won the championship with two rounds, and the duck eggs with two rounds. Mixing the second, the total card of Tang is not bad, and it is innocent and innocent, and it ranks fourth in the world without competition. After playing cards, we still laughed and increased friendship!

On the second day, I woke up early to enjoy a five-star swimming pool. The large swimming pool was the only one I traveled, and I was more free. I also had a loneliness. The swimming pool reflected five stars everywhere. I paid great attention to details and changed the password for the wardrobe. , Jacuzzi, lounge chair, hair dryer, cotton swab, brand shower gel and shampoo ... so uncomfortable!

After swimming, we went to eat a very rich buffet, a five-star buffet breakfast and a large meal, a combination of Chinese and Western food, countless gourmet dishes, vegetable salads, milk, coffee, orange juice, watermelon, oranges, tofu flowers, noodles, poached eggs, fritters, All kinds of cakes, freshly fried vegetables, egg fried rice, fried noodles, I drank soy milk, milk, brewed egg soup, tofu flowers, eat watermelon, vegetable salad, fritters, poached eggs, fried noodles, egg fried rice, bacon, broccoli, I fight Three rounds finally surrendered with a bowl of egg fried rice! The three of them also ate with great interest, and it is estimated that they fought for several rounds, losing to Kaiyuan Buffet.

The four of us had enough to eat and drink, and wiped the remaining food and greasiness on our mouths with a napkin, and started walking through the wonderful garden of Jiulong Lake Resort, stepping out of the building, a magnificent scene came into view, flowers and greenery were full of vitality and beauty. Close-up open-air swimming pool, clear blue water, green lawn, in the distance Langjiaping Reservoir is as quiet as water, facing the Jiulong Mountain across the lake. The trees on the mountain are lush and full of vitality. What a great picture of the mountains and rivers, we are intoxicated Among them, the beauty is always fixed in my heart with nx2000 ...

After strolling around the garden, we went back to our room to rest for a while, checked out at 12 o'clock, went directly to the Jiulong Lake Scenic Area, and started the real journey of Jiulong Lake. President Tang was quite familiar with the terrain. After passing through Jiulong Villa, he reached the gate of the scenic area. I went to the team tour office to change my ticket, returned to the gate, first took a ferry to Monkey Island, and experienced the tranquility and depth of Jiulong Lake on the boat. After a while, I went to Monkey Island and took the lead to take a trekking pole. The elder woman also holds a trekking pole, just like Mr. Jin Yong's writings to help the elders, which makes me unbearable. We took a photo with the son-in-law and saw the dry water curtain hole, and saw two super-large cages. Inside the cage were dozens of bouncing monkeys, both big monkeys and little monkeys. Many tourists feed the monkeys. .

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