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Decathlon outdoor hiking day trip
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Everyone who loves to travel will visit Decathlon from time to time. When I strolled around Decathlon last weekend, I saw a notice stating that there will be an outdoor hiking activity on the weekend of May 25th. I will go to Ningbo Bodiling Ridge, windmill road walking, mountain climbing , Age 6--60 years old, 11 kilometers of walking distance, cost 129 / person, including accident insurance, Decathlon is not responsible for Chinese food and dinner, meals are self-care, time from 8 am to 8 pm, welcome everyone Sign up.

I love to travel and I like to hike, so I decided to participate in this activity. I've never traveled to China in a group tour agency. I like pure and free travel, so how can I join the group this time? This trekking activity is not a group travel agency, but an outdoor activity organized by Decathlon. There is no color for tourism and shopping. Pure walking and climbing are a group activity organized by Decathlon. The price of 129 yuan / person is very beautiful. If you go by yourself, the Shanghai-Ningbo round-trip ticket must exceed this price, and you still have to take a long distance from Ningbo to Tangxi? Moreover, Decathlon only leads everyone on foot and mountain climbing, and the leader leads the way, and there are no other small actions of travel agencies. Such a collective activity is beautiful! Beautiful!

On April 25, the square in front of Decathlon Qibao store, big friends and children, ready to go.

At 8 am on Saturday, May 25, the bus set off with 50 of our trekking enthusiasts, 2 of whom were Decathlon leaders, and 11 children under 10 participated in the event. Why do n’t you see your father and son when your son or daughter comes?

The bus crossed the Hangzhou Bay Bridge and arrived at Tangxi Town, Ningbo City at 11:40. There was a security interception in the town. The bus could not continue and got off the bus. This took about 3 kilometers more than expected.

The bus stopped next to the stone monument. At 11:45, we started from here and started a day of walking.

Out of Tangxi Town, into the mountain, the windmill proudly stood on the top of the mountain, swaying with the wind. Our goal today is to go to the windmill on the top of the mountain and shake hands with the windmill.

The stream in the mountains is crystal clear. The air index here should be pretty good, suitable for outdoor sports.

Rich mountain people built their own new temples by raising funds.

Because of this group activity, there were 11 boys and girls, and the journey was full of vitality. The children leaped around, clamored, and unknowingly walked into the small village in the mountains — last week's village.

Ancient village in the mountains ---- Last week village.

Zhou Yao was one of several celebrities who appeared in the early years of last week.

Entomologist ---- Zhou Yao's former residence. Judging from this old house, there are many rooms and a large yard. In that year, it should be a big family.

Next to Zhou Yao's former residence, there is an old mansion that seems to have been abandoned.

The ancient village in the mountain --- The century-old old house in the village last week should now be uninhabited. Fortunately, it has not been demolished, adding an antique flavor to the ancient village in the mountain.

Childhood memories.

It ’s so kind to see these two wooden barrels of some ages. I remember when I was very small, my family also had such a wooden barrel. Unfortunately, the dwelling in Shanghai is too small, there is no place to store this wooden barrel, and it has been thrown away. .

Ancient village in the mountains --- Last week, a clear stream passed through the village.

At 12:15 noon, arrived at the entrance of Huangniling Ancient Road. The Huangniling Ancient Trail was built in the Qing Dynasty. The entire ancient trail is a pebble pavement, narrow, and there are many green bamboos in the mountains.

You Gudao is now a popular lifestyle. In your spare time, you can meet with three or five friends, or join outdoor teams. You can enjoy the beauty of mountain climbing and fitness.

A team of 50 people stepped into the Huangniling Ancient Trail and ascended upwards. At first, it was a long line. The team slowly opened up and formed a small team.

Climbing up hard.

These children are very brave, follow the big friends, and fearlessly climb up bravely.

I noticed that the couple was the hardest climb in the entire team.

Is about to reach the top of the mountain, see these two group friends tired. . . . .

At 13:30, the large troops reached the summit and entered the windmill road.

On entering the highway, the tall windmill is near in size and is in sight. Under the action of the howling wind, the windmill rotates with the wind and is spectacular. When climbing, the sun was shining brightly, stepping into the highway, and suddenly the sky was dark, and the changes were fast. This place is very windy, no wonder a lot of wind power stands on the top of the mountain. This road is also specially built for the maintenance of windmills, hence the name: windmill road . Legislation does not allow any other vehicles to enter this road. Trekking enthusiasts, mountain enthusiasts, and off-road bikes enter free of charge.

The windmills under the clouds are within reach.

The windmills under the clouds are within reach.

The beauties put up a POSE in the middle of the highway without losing time.

Compared with just climbing the old road, it is quite easy to walk on this road without vehicles. I also saw the cycling warriors roaring past, but it was too late to take pictures.

Not long after walking along the highway, seeing an open field, the group members took photos and took a rest here.

The group members took photos and took a rest here.

The group members took photos and took a rest here.

The group members took photos and took a rest here.

At about 2pm, the team leader announced that they would dine here. Everyone brought out their own dry food and sat down on the floor.

The group members sat on the floor, eating their own dry food, and it tasted great!

The group members sat on the floor, eating their own dry food, and it tasted great!

Eat dry food, about 2:30, continue to move forward.

We walk on the mountain road.

Standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the mountain, the scenery is beautiful.

Standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the mountain, the scenery is beautiful. It's a pity that at this moment the clouds are dense, hazy, and the effect is not good. But standing on the top of the mountain and seeing the splendid mountains and rivers flowing in the mountains and the sky are refreshing.

There is a long mountain road ahead, children, come on!

We walk on the mountain road.

We walk on the mountain road.

Walking on this winding mountain road, I couldn't help reminding me of a revolutionary song, "We are on the road," as a student.

We walk on the road

Spirited and aggressive

Chairman Mao leads the revolutionary team

Throw the thorns forward

Move forward

The momentum of the revolution is unstoppable.

Deep in the mountains, the flowers are lush and the scenery is pleasant. Locals liken this to Shangri-La, Ningbo.

I do n’t like water. I just like mountains. The benevolent loves mountains. It is my dream to climb the three mountains and the five mountains of China. Go, I believe that in the near future, I will stand on the top of Lushan and see the mountains.

Look at the picture, what a beautiful mountain view!

Exclusive village deep in the mountains.

Time seemed to pass quickly, and by the blink of an eye, the clock was already pointing at 4 pm, and we reached the lower mountain pass of the ancient path of Bodhi Ridge.

Here are 3 ways to choose from:

1. Windmill road, the farthest way to go, you need to cross a big mountain to reach the bus parking point.

2. A cement road, this cement road should be the main road that bypasses the ancient road of Pu Ti Ling.

3. The ancient path of Bodhi Ridge.

We chose the Bodhi Ridge trail down the mountain.

Bodhi Ridge Trail

Bodhi Ridge Trail

Along the Bodhi Ridge Trail, the troops descended.

Large troop descends.

Beautiful mountain views along the Bodhi Ridge old road.

After more than an hour of arduous trek, I came to Yan Village in Tangxi Town .

Yancun --- has the reputation of Ningbo Shangri-La, is a small village on the edge and the highest of Tangxi Town. "Small bridge, flowing water, and people". The old trees are lush and the houses are built along the stream. , Such as Xuan Taoyuan in Tao Yuanming's works.

Yan Village , Tangxi Town, Ningbo City

Yan Village , Tangxi Town, Ningbo City

The pros of other outdoor teams are taking group photos.

Tangxi ---- Yancun, Shangri-La , Ningbo.

Beautiful women in hanfu take art photos by the stream. How did life become short and long? ? humor!

The villagers have their own free-range water ducks.

The only hundred-year-old bridge in Yan Village, Tangxi Town .

The mountains and rivers of Tangxi Town.

At 5:45 pm on the same day, we will return to the bus pick-up point. At 6:10, the bus will start the return journey to end the day's pleasant walking tour.

On the returning car, the leader announced that he had walked for about 5.5 hours today and had a total distance of 19 kilometers. None of the group members left the team. The outdoor activity was successfully completed and exceeded the standard.

Group members took a group photo.

to sum up

For the first time participating in such outdoor hiking activities, unity, vitality, happiness and fulfillment. 8 kilometers more than planned, the leader said that this is the most intense outdoor event organized by Decathlon this year. I was caught up this time, luckily.

The Huangniling Ancient Trail and the Bodhi Ridge Ancient Trail, these two trails, have now become a classic hiking trail for outdoor clubs. Every weekend, this place becomes a paradise for outdoor sports. This event added new content to my travel career. As everyone knows, such outdoor sports have become a fashion now.

When I finally separated, I told the team leader sincerely that Decathlon will have such activities in the future. Please take me with you. Don't be too old.

Thank you Decathlon.

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