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[Travel] Ninghai is deep, looking for the quiet place
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Looking for that quiet

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She is the face of a girl with a beautiful beauty; she is a cuckoo in the mountains; she has a beautiful beauty; she is a willow in spring; she has a tender beauty; I approached, admired with my eyes, and moved with my heart To experience with the body.

Although she is only one of the tens of thousands of towns, she has her own unique charm; although she is located on the edge of the city, she makes countless people yearn for and get close.

She is Shenping Town, Ninghai!

Whenever mentioning the profundity, many people always think of her with Shenzhen. However, this is deeply unknown to Shenzhen, she does not have the prosperity and hustle and bustle of Shenzhen. On the contrary, there is only one silence in this depth, which allows you to abandon the troublesome silence.

She is located in the northwest of Ninghai, 25 kilometers from Ninghai County. It borders Meilin Street in the east, Huangtan Town in the south, Xinchang County in the west, and Fenghua City in the north. On a bright spring day, I drove with my companion. On the way, I saw that the metasequoias standing on both sides of the highway had faded from their winter clothes, and they began to spit out new shoots. After half an hour's drive, we reached the site of Shenyang Town.

Looking around, the whole deepness is tightly embraced by the mountains, those flowing rivers, those ancient theaters hundreds of years ago, and those old houses that were once big households. Let the villages and towns in the mountains reveal a strong cultural atmosphere. Looking up, the precipitous peaks in front of me, the waterfall flowing down from the cliff, the long ancient post road, I can't wait to see it all.

Look, the Shuangzhi Temple in Qingtan Village, she was built in Mingzheng De Dynasty, has a history of thousands of years, not only has a beautiful legend about her, but also because of her unique architectural style, look carefully at those carved The figures are lifelike and lifelike. It gives you a feeling of being immersive, and it seems that you have seen the expression and focused expression carved by the craftsman at that time. Today's Shuangzhi Temple, on the first and fifteenth day of every month, good men and women worship at the temple to burn incense and worship Buddha, in order to make their loved ones safe and blessed. Standing at the entrance of Shuangzhi Temple, watching the people playing mahjong in the temple leisurely and freely, the eloquent words were common.

Turning around, not far from the Shuangzhi Temple, there was a hill-like thing that was erected by rocky rocks that caught my eye. So, when I walked in, I could see her clearly. She looked like a spiral snail, circle by circle. There is a brief introduction next to her: the name is Zijinyan Tower, also known as the Spiral Lion Tower, which has four floors. The bottom layer has the largest area, about 7 meters in diameter, and the top layer has the smallest, about 1.5 meters in diameter. She is regarded as the treasure of Zhenxi, and the nine mountain peaks around Qingtan Village, forming the trend of "Kowloon grabbing pearls", becoming a treasure of Fengshui for Qingtan people. Therefore, the small number of Cheungdam Zhangs has more than 100 officials, large and small.

Speaking of the ancient village, Longgong Village is also the most proud of the profound people. Not long ago, she was named a national historic and cultural village, which has high historical value and style. Such an ancient village, if you do not go for a walk in Shenyang, or feel the breath of her history and culture, you will only leave regrets. When I walked into Longgong Village, she was surprised by her unique geographical environment. She could be called Xanadu, an alpine basin, and her surroundings were mainly dominated by mountain peaks. Looking down, looking at the stream in front of you, it flows from the west of the village, and there is a deep-water tan called Longtan in the west of the village, and the stream of the water pool, hence the name Longxi, was renamed: Dragon Palace. It is reminiscent of the legend of the dragon in the underwater world that has been seen on television.

The reason why Longgong Village attracts many people is not only because she has some natural wonders, such as: Longgong Daxi, Longgong Gorge, Daxietan, Fangshitan Gorge, etc .; there are ancient post roads and ancient houses in the Western Han Dynasty. Ancient ancestral hall, stage, ancient academy, ancient temple, ancient bridge, ancient well, ancient trees and famous trees. She is a village with a profound cultural heritage, dating back more than a thousand years. In order to know everything about her, it takes longer to get closer to her, and at this time, I was just walking around.

Of course, in addition to these ancient villages, there are also natural sceneries in Shen'ao Town. There is Nanxi Hot Spring, which is known as the first hot spring in East China. It is full of natural oxygen bar. Especially in this spring, walking on the stone road of the hot spring, smelling the flowers, listening to the birds, and then bubbling the hot spring, this life is enough. In winter, it is worth remembering to climb the first tip, put on ski clothes, and slip on the snow to feel the instant sprint.

In the four seasons, I want to go to the hot spring for a soak; in the winter, I want to go to the first tip for a ski; this is what I firmly remember. Spring is a season suitable for climbing mountains, and on the slopes of this beautiful township, stepping on small stones and walking along the road signs. This small stone road is called a national-level climbing trail. In the mountains of Shenjing Town, there are dozens of main and auxiliary routes. These hiking trails are advantageous in combination with the superior geographical environment, so you will always see the donkey friends from Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu and other places. They not only walked the hiking trails, but also enjoyed the beautiful natural scenery, especially standing on the top of the mountain overlooking the township, she was like a child, tightly in the arms of the mountains.

My companion and I followed a climbing trail to the top. While I was still panting, the busy tea pickers in front of me made me care so little, and quickly picked up the camera. Looking at the tips of their ten fingers, the tea picking is skillful and easy, I can't help picking them, but my ten fingers seem so awkward. It turns out that tea picking is also a technical task. This hill is Wanghaigang. According to records, its highest peak is 931 meters, which is the third highest peak in Ninghai. It is called Haigang because of the extremely high mountains and the sea of ​​Xiangshan Port. Entered the tea garden and sat down. The tea garden owner put a cup of hot tea on it. I looked carefully at the tea leaves in the cup. The shape was tight, straight, and the color was green and green. When I smelled her, a scent of sweetness filled my heart and spleen. ; Taste her taste, fresh and refreshing, after drinking, there is a sweet fragrance in the mouth for a long time. I finally understand why Wanghaigang tea has become a famous tea. In the annual sales, it has won praises and welcomes from consumers. This is closely related to the geographical environment. The air on Wanghaigang is humid and the soil is fertile. Particularly superior ecological environment for the growth of tea trees.

Leaving the tea plantation, ready to return. The downhill road is a bit difficult. The companion handed over the trekking poles prepared in advance, and I suddenly remembered what I saw on the Internet not long ago: the hometown of sports poles in China-deep. According to my companion, 90% of the country's trekking pole production is in Ninghai, and Shenyang Town accounts for 80%, which surprised me. Of course, in recent years, in addition to some companies that produce trekking poles, there are more outdoor product manufacturers, such as: mountaineering bags, outdoor lighting, camping tents, outdoor cookers, etc. equipment. There are dozens of these enterprises of different sizes. Most of their products are sold abroad, often in short supply.

From Wanghaigang to the foot of the mountain, it was already dusk. I saw the smoke rising, the lights in the streets and villages were slowly turning on, and they illuminated my way home.

Deep, I will come again.

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