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The Scholars' Hall of Jiangnan First Ancient County
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The academy's hall, known by the people as a test shed, is a place for children to test in the feudal imperial examination system.

In the fifteenth year of Qing Emperor Daoguang (1835), the father and son of Zheng Tingrong, a native of Cicheng, generously donated 24,000 silver to build a schoolhouse, and was destroyed. The existing scholastic hall was rebuilt in accordance with the pattern of the Zhishi sergeant's house in Cicheng County. It sits north to south and covers an area of ​​nearly 8,000 square meters. The entire group of buildings is symmetrically arranged in the traditional Chinese central axis: from the south to the north on the central axis are the gate, the instrument gate, the lobby, the second hall, and the test center; There are literary fields, ancestral halls, etc. symmetrically built on the top, which adopt the traditional Ming and Qing architectural style.

The Cicheng School Scholar's Hall represents the epitome of an era and a culture, reflecting the panorama of the ancient Chinese imperial examination system, and providing a representative historical and cultural place for us and future generations to understand the ancient imperial examination system.

The School Hall was once the pride of ancient Cixi County. It was an examination shed for ancient county studies and a place where talents flourished in the history of Cicheng.

Five champions, three horses, 519 jinshi, more than 1,000 enlisted people, etc. It is from here that celebrity celebrities start, and the career path of the career is also the first step from here.

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