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Linhai Snowfield also exists in Zhejiang. The ski resort here is closer to the northeast than the northeast.
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Where to go in winter? It is either a beach coconut forest in the south or a forest-sea snowfield in the north. Just returned from Bali and temporarily tired of tropical aesthetics, so go play with snow! But the thought of the coldness of tens of degrees below zero in the northeast was so distant, because the peak season, the cost was even more alarming, so I retreated.

However, my friend told me that we also have ski resorts in the south of the Yangtze River, and also in the mountains. The surrounding Yushu Qiongzhi can also enjoy the thrill of wind and electricity!

Therefore, Ningbo Shanglianggang Ski Resort, just like this, met it this winter.

The name of the discussion post has its origins.

It is said that there were three gods in the Jin Dynasty who turned into three monks. Here, they discussed the construction of three temples to purify all beings. Xikou Xuedou Temple is one of the three temples. Therefore, the consultation post was named and famous all over the world. It has the reputation of "discussing Feng Shui" and "the source of famous temples".

The gate of the ski resort is a fascinating world wrapped in silver!

Don't be surprised, the consultation post is 888 meters above sea level. It often snows in winter. When you are lucky, you can even see the fog. In addition, you can see pine trees and forests in the southern part of the country. Feifei is really common here!

Large, bright and clean lobby. Tourists can ask various questions here, hire coaches, understand prices, etc. The staff are greeted with smiles and feel very warm.

Ski equipment rental counter.

There are ski clothes, snowboards, snowshoes, poles, helmets, snow goggles, etc. All are available. Snowboards and snowshoes are all divided according to shoe size and are very complete, and all are brand new!

The lockers, bright and warm goose yellow, are strictly managed, and guests' property is guaranteed.

Put on your snowshoes and you're ready to end! Snowshoes are very hard, and they wo n’t even go on the road, but this hardness is necessary, because it can protect the ankle, and it can also protect you from impacts and cuts on other people's snowboards during sports. First, and on the snowboard, you don't have to walk, these little discomforts are worth it.

Here's a picture of your friend Yingzi Shuangshuang!

In the circle of friends, I took a selfie with a helmet and snow goggles. Some people said: The female version of the mechanical police is here!

Indeed, girls wearing a full set of equipment are really cool and handsome. It is another tough style. Even if you are a soft girl, you will fall in love with this different person in front of you.

Seeing so many people on the snow field, in full swing, my heart was instantly moving! Skiing is not a boy's patent. At first glance, I saw several girls! On the hills in the distance, there are people flying down like the big birds. The movements are light and skilled, and they look down at themselves. In order to be afraid of wrestling, and because the snow shoes are hard and unsuitable, they can only raise their feet awkwardly. Just move slowly, and the small flame that suddenly refuses to accept the heart burns. Other people can do it, why can't I?

Transport tourists to the magic carpet on the top of the snowy road.

It ’s a conveyor belt. After sliding down from the top, you have to go back to enjoy the fun of flying again. The magic carpet saves time for step by step. Just stand on the top, chat, look at the scenery, and you will reach the top in a few minutes. You can glide again and it's a lot easier.

The coaches are one-on-one, explain carefully, and demonstrate the essentials of movement. The knees are slightly bent, and the body is leaning forward ... I think if it is the first time to slide, it is still necessary to hire a coach. You can take less detours and grasp quickly.

Of course, after learning the basic movements, you can slowly practice it yourself.

The girls do n’t have to worry. There are female coaches here, more gentle and considerate than male coaches. The coach girl who turned away from the slide was really touched by me. When she stood like this, the guests could not stop the car and rush forward. , Can also be stopped by her, it is too secure!

Children can also play. Little snowmobiles can be pedaled on their own, or they can be run by their parents. Seeing this baby, they are unwilling to get out of the car, and they are happy!

Large snow compactors and snow machines ensure that the snow field can slide normally even when it is not snowing in the snow season. The maximum amount of snow here can be up to two meters thick. Think about that. Not bad, right?

It turned out that the snow machine worked like this, not only the entire snowy field, but also the surrounding mountains and forests, and it was snowy, and it felt like it was completely in a white glass world!

Don't think that skiing is an adult's patent. Look at this kid, how good it is! I was jealous.

There are so many things to learn about skiing! All look like decent, better than adults!

After studying for two hours, I have learned a lot. I can slowly slide by myself without falling down. It is amazing. Although the temperature on the mountain is several degrees lower than that of the urban area, I will not feel cold at all. Little pride of freewheeling!

No wonder senior outdoor people say that there are two kinds of addiction: blue and white. You can't quit when you are infected. Blue is diving, white is of course skiing!

Back in the lobby, start with a hot cup of soy milk.

The dining area on the second floor provides simple but delicious meals. Tourists who have a long skiing time can rest here for a while and continue to practice.

Large and bright lounge area. White tables, red stools, bright and simple tones. The heating is on, as warm as spring. But to be honest, even outdoors, it's not cold. Once the exercise starts, the cold will be driven out of the clouds.

The restaurant is full of the tempting aroma of spiced tea eggs, as well as dried tofu, steamed buns, steamed buns, red dates and white fungus soup.

I wandered around the discussion post, I learned that there is not only one ski resort here.

The highest peak of the discussion hill is 915 meters above sea level, and the summer temperature will not exceed 23 degrees Celsius. The local people said: "There is no summer on the post, no fan during the day: night is not quilt, comfortable as an immortal", it is a good place for summer.

This place is only 16 kilometers away from Xikou Town, Jiang's hometown. During the Republic of China, Jiang opened the Wuling Academy Forest Farm here, and wanted to build the consultation post into the "Second Lushan Mountain." , Shelters, Donggua Lake, Wuling School and other former sites, the landscape is very rich.

When Jiang's developer measured his post, he devoted himself to the site selection of "Jiang Song Villa". Later, I heard that there is a spring on the mountain, clear alcohol, regular drinking and the effect of strengthening the body. What is more amazing is that the spring water does not matter The rain and drought stayed at the same water level and never dried up, so a "Chinese house" was built by the spring, and this spring was named "Meiling Spring" by future generations.

The former residence of Jiang Song is a small stone house, which looks very simple and unpretentious.

The two trees in front of the house are said to have been planted by Song Meiling himself, a golden pine and a ginkgo. Now the branches are intertwined, and they have grown together. It is a spectacle.

The interior of the room is basically the same. The slender red wooden floor is somewhat loose and cracked. When you step on it, it will creak, and the time-honored flavor will blow.

The garden was lush, and the sweet-scented osmanthus trees were dripping with oil.

On the small platform in front of the kitchen, there are two plum trees, one on the right, full of buds. From a distance, the trees are pink, and one or two are already in full bloom.

After passing through the kitchen, it is "Meiling Spring". The eyes of the spring are built into a well, and the water is transparent. On the kitchen table, there are long-handled copper spoons, which are prepared for those who come to fetch water.

This spring is so famous that many people nearby will come to fill it with water. It is said that the abbot of Xuedou Temple, every few days, will ask young monks to draw spring water, which is used to make tea. The abbot said that this spring , The tea brewed throughout the year, the taste is different!

I did n’t take water for tea, but I boiled it in the hotel's faucet at night, and I felt very sweet when I drank it in my mouth. It would be better if I wanted to taste this Meiling Spring!

Beside the aisle by the spring, there are all cherry trees. Every March, a large piece of pink is dreamlike. It is so appropriate for a girl to take a picture and sculpt a shape or something. It is moving when you think about it!

On the mountain behind the house, there is a small air-raid shelter. Although the hole is small, there is another mystery inside. After entering, you can return from the mountain along the passage without going back the same way. The design is also very clever.

From the old residence of Jiang Song, walk down the walking path, through the lush forest, suddenly, suddenly suddenly bright eyes, several different sizes, but each of the delicate and smart ponds appeared in front of them, the pond water is green and clear, the other When the mist rises in the mountains, the green water is slightly like a fairyland.

Finally, I know why Jiang's building a summer house here. All of this is so beautiful!

The water pools are from high to low, one after the other, and there are jumping rocks in each of them to go to the opposite bank. The flowing water flows from the stones, and there is a sound, forming miniature waterfalls, the bride's veil is moving.

There are eight such ponds, one after another according to the mountains, and finally converge into a small lake. Because the shape of the lake is like a winter melon, it has another interesting and earthy name, "Donggua Lake" .

The fog gradually thickened, and my friends and I played back and forth on the rock jumping. In the thick fog, the spruce branches looming, reminding you of Wang Wei's poem. Forest, double shot on moss.

This wonderful ethereal scene!

The friends said that in summer, you must come to discuss the summer heat again, bring a beautiful skirt, and make a blockbuster by the winter melon lake ...

Under the bamboo forest is the old site of Wuling School. The two-story building of the Republic of China style is basically intact, and the friends from the scenic area who accompanied him said that it will be planned as a library in the future.

Along the way, the bamboo forest is accompanied, the mountains and rivers meander, the sound of flowing rivers, like the movement, the picturesque background, the spirit is warm and moist. I think that the library in Beitou, Taiwan, which has been rated as one of the "25 most beautiful public libraries in the world", is also built among lush forests. Over time, will the library at the former site of Wuling School also receive such a library? What about honor? The time and place here are not bad at all!

Along this inconspicuous path, it is said that the three gods discussed the plan for building a temple, and there is still a stone "Immortal Bridge" left.

The story of the discussion post is too much and too interesting.

The dense bamboo forest is verdant, and some bamboos are too tall and long, and they bend down and look far away, like a green tunnel.

Climbing up the mountainside in a circle, the forest restaurant appeared in front of me. Do n’t underestimate this humble, earthy stone house. It was the teacher's dormitory of the Wuling School at that time. Because all the rooms add up to exactly twenty-four, it has another name, “廿四 间”, which is Not very interesting?

The main consumers nowadays are in the 1980s and 1990s, so there is also a thrilling pavilion in the resort villa. As soon as you walk in, you are killing werewolves, classmates and friends gathering, and so on.

Although the place is not very big, it has everything, karaoke, miniature golf, billiards ... enough for you to play.

The baby stared at it and became fascinated. What is it? There are so many little people?

The room of Xuechang Mountain Villa is very wide. When you open the curtains, you will see the mountain view. On windy days, Songtao bursts, on rainy days, the mountains are covered with clouds, the windows are opened, and the air is transparent as crystal.

For those who like wild luxury, there is also good news. The wood cabins in the discussion resort are under construction. I have visited the scene. Some of the wooden houses are row, some are detached, some are in the mountains. Some rides in the air are definitely a big deal, wait, you can open the door soon!

Of course, travel is inseparable from food. The chef at the Forest Restaurant, has made authentic Ningbo cuisine, which is too delicious. Pick a few special ones!

Snails stir-fried river prawns, Jiangnan's home-made wine and side dishes, the taste is just two words: delicious!

Ningbo dumplings are famous all over the world. Of course, this wine-made wine is a piece of cake!

The creek fish, crispy and boneless, can even be used as a snack for leisure.

What's the most in the forest farm? Bamboo shoots! You're in the best season!

Yellow mud snails, who like them, will like to go into the bones, suck it gently, it is fat and fresh, with a hint of wine.

The taro in Xikou is very famous. It is soft and soft, powdery and sweet. I have eaten taro in many parts of the country, and it is the best here.

Braised hoof hoe, fat but not greasy, girls eat more, every bite is slowly collagen!

Discussing the winter skiing, watching the flowers in the spring, summer in the summer, and enjoying the colorful forests in the autumn, only eight kilometers away from the Xuedou Temple of the Maitreya Dojo. In addition to the "Ice and Snow Sports" that are already in operation, scenic areas such as "Forest Hot Springs", "Mountain Recreation" and "Zen Health" are under construction. It is not far from the city, but Leisure is close.

Xiao Yin hides in the wild, Da Yin hides in the discussion post!

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