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Songlan Mountain Waterfront-Two Days of Traveling in Eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon
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It's been a week since I came back, remembering the Xiangshan-Ninghai event I went to with my friends last week, I still came here to code. Because the weather is hot and people are lazy, I have a camera. The following photos are taken by mobile phones, so it is not very amazing. Not much nonsense, briefly introduce the next trip first.

D1: Shanghai-Songlan Mountain Fishing Village (lunch)-Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort-Lao Ninghai Big Fish Restaurant (Dinner)-Stay at Jinhai New Century Grand Hotel;

D2: Hotel buffet breakfast-East Zhejiang Grand Canyon-Pier Hotel (lunch)-return to Shanghai

I made a rough hair from Shanghai at 8 o'clock and passed the Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge on the Shenhai Expressway on the way. This bridge is very long. In order to distinguish the road sections, I painted different colors next to it and asked Du Niang. It starts from Jiaxing Zhejiang in the north. Zheng Jiayu, 36 meters south from Ningbo Cixi Waterway Bay

Oh, so it will take a while to cross the bridge.

Picture taken on the car, outside is an oasis in the mudflats ~~

It took almost three months to cross the bridge. The little friends went to lunch first. Due to the unfortunate time to go, they encountered a fishing ban. The only fishing village in Songlan Mountain that can eat is a heartfelt meal. The restaurant is constantly vomiting. There is a big tree in the restaurant (but it is a whole tree). The packagers are fortunate to experience the fun of sharing small yellow fish. Although they have no feeling for this restaurant, they ca n’t be sorry for the stomach, so they are full. I didn't take a picture of my stomach, but I have included this in my list. 2 points for lunch.

Fill your stomach and get in the car to the highlight of the first day-Songlan Mountain Seaside Resort. Because of poor preparation and without a hat or parasol, I even applied a sunscreen. Here ’s a reminder for friends who are going. The sun is really strong between noon and afternoon in summer. You must remember to apply sunscreen, or you will have a black face, black neck and white shoulders if you do n’t go home. ~

The truth map is coming, and there are many swimming spots on the left. The sea water is not so blue, but it is quite cool to stand in the sea water. It would be perfect if there was an umbrella over the head.

Tips: There is a special swimming area here, but changing clothes in the resort once 20 yuan (you know), our guide is very kind and informed everyone in advance, so if you want to go to the sea, you can go to the back of the car or the toilet It was changed into the scenic area ~~

The friends have kicks and poses to take pictures. Here, the N word is omitted here ... The sun is still a bit hot during the afternoon. If possible, it is recommended to play again at night. Without the sun, it will be much cooler.

At 4 o'clock, everyone gathered to go to the hotel where they were staying—the Jinhai Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel. This is a five-star hotel. When I heard Kaiyuan, I was super excited! Before checking in, we went to Lao Ninghai Big Fish Restaurant (25 Zhengxue Road) for dinner. The fish in this restaurant is really delicious. There are three kinds of fish: fat fish, yellow fish and white water fish. Steamed, pickled fish and Three methods of braising, and silver cricket! !! !! To borrow a picture of a child's shoes, I would prefer to eat it in fermented bean curd. This shop ate about 100 yuan per person. It was super satisfying. I suddenly felt that the lunch at noon was to highlight the beauty of the dinner at night, hiahia. 5 minutes for dinner.

After eating and drinking, go to the hotel! The restaurant is still very close to the hotel. I arrived in a short while. I don't know how to spread a lot of real estate companies on the road. The housing prices in Ninghai are not low. It is more than 1 square meter. . .

Arrive at the hotel and take two photos of the lobby.

Favorite chandeliers ~

The relief on the wall has the feeling of becoming an immortal, and I feel very happy when I look at it.

After I got the room card, I went straight to the room on the 8th floor. I still liked the details.

The scenery outside the window looks like a large-scale activity center, with brilliant lights.

The TV channels are made like bamboo slips, and have a very cultural feel.

One room, double bed, what I want to say is that his slippers and robes are very comfortable.

There is also a very interesting setting in the bathroom. You can listen to the content on the TV at the same time. I just listen to the diving live broadcast and wash it ~~ In addition, there is a Ninghai travel magazine next to the toilet. The content is very practical. I I took a few photos and waited for the reference. It is also from this magazine that it turns out that it took more than ten years for Ninghai to launch China Tourism Day before it was successfully bid. . .

The next morning, the morning call didn't ring, I woke up after six o'clock, and woke up my roommate milky children's shoes from my dreamland, sorry.

Since it's early, you have to go to breakfast early. The cafe is on the second floor, and the food is still very rich. I have a Chinese and Western style, bread, poached egg, black sesame paste, grapefruit juice, barberry, salad, fish , Coffee ... a bit too rich, but remembered that there is a Grand Canyon to play next time, so you must make full preparations, early children eat well, buffet breakfast 5 minutes.

It's about 10 o'clock by car to the eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon. It's not as famous as the Western Zhejiang Grand Canyon, but the scenery is very good. There is a reservoir built here. Ningbo people drink water from this.

Shocked? Lazy people have never taken a PS phone!

As soon as we came in to greet us, it was this cute tiger. Smoking children's shoes must remember to stamp out the cigarette butts ~~

Before entering the Grand Canyon, you need to take a boat first, which will take you about 20 minutes, thinking about taking the boat, if you can go down to play in the water.

Water waves ripple.

When I boarded the boat, I saw dragonflies flying, ignored the sweltering feeling, looked at the mountains and boardwalks on both sides, and arrived at the destination in a short while. It seems that many people come here to play.

It takes about an hour to walk from the pier to the Moon Valley. The canyon is still relatively cool, especially in the covered areas.

What is written on the stone, can you see it?

Don't take photos in the middle of the wonderful, leave a suspense for everyone, just put a photo of Moon Valley.

The light is a bit strong, did you see the words? Which kid's shoes are you grabbing? O (∩_∩) O

After arriving at Moon Valley, everyone returned. Put a map of the East Zhejiang Grand Canyon, there are many fun behind (Tianyu Peak climbing for three hours), but unfortunately there is not enough time, if I come again later, I will definitely arrange this place for most of the day ~

Finally, the time to go to Moon Valley was a little longer than expected, and I arrived at the lunch place at 12:30. The dock hotel, not many of you seem to be coming late.

This is an exclusive business. It's more like a farmhouse. The business is too good. The boss has no time to entertain us with dishes. . . At first, because I walked a bit tired and lost my appetite, it was still good to eat later. I like his mixed cucumber more than amaranth! 4 points for lunch.

After dinner, less than two o'clock, the little friends embarked on the return journey with satisfaction, and arrived at the meeting point at six.

Useful information on Ninghai tourism:

Hand-drawn map, the bottom left is the East Zhejiang Grand Canyon. If you have time, you can go to Qiantong Ancient Town.

East Zhejiang Grand Canyon self-driving route:

Dongdong, who eats dinner on the first day and lunch, eats tofu and dried tofu.

New Century Grand Hotel Jinhai is not far from the four-star New Century Grand Hotel.

Ninghai has fun routes. I like hot spring leisure and forest oxygen bar trips.

Continue to raise the posture, I want to taste the three smell.

Peach flowers, rape flowers, lotus flowers, sunflowers, enjoy the flowers all year round.

Finally, if I go again, I may not go to the Songlan Mountain waterfront, go directly to the East Zhejiang Grand Canyon after lunch, check in the hotel after playing well, and then eat a meal nearby to return to the hotel. If I have energy, I will go to the nearby area And feel the night life. After having a good buffet breakfast the next day, play a game at the hotel for a while, then check out and return to Shanghai after lunch. It's easier to relax ~

If you see here, it means that you really like my humble text, please comment or like it, the landlord will be very open ~~

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