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Dongshan Lake Mashan Wetland
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The Mashan Wetland is located on the southwestern bank of Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort in Ningbo, beside the East Lake Road.

It is near Erlingshan Hot Spring, the only hot spring in Ningbo in the east, Hanling Old Street in the south, and Dongqian Lake, Zhejiang's largest freshwater lake in the west. The Mashan Scenic Spot is the only wetland scenic spot on the coastline of the southern waters of Dongqian Lake, and is a typical representative of ecological waterfront scenic spots. The Mashan Scenic Area occupies an area of ​​12.13 hectares. Planks or garden roads are set up according to different natural conditions between Mashan, wetlands and water bodies. Water transportation sets up stops on the sides of the wetlands and at the hydrophilic platforms. The mountains are surrounded by the forests The climate is good, belonging to the subtropical monsoon climate, mild and humid throughout the year, abundant rainfall, and the average annual temperature is 15.4 ℃.

Although the Mashan Wetland is not well known and there are few tourists, it is very suitable for walking and raising yourself. The Mashan Wetland is open 24 hours for free, and there are many very good places to visit: 1-South Song Stone Carving Park-The stone carving components in the park are the largest Nan Song stone carving cultural relics in the world today. 2- Ningbo Youngor Zoo, also known as Youngor Wild Animal Park. It is "the largest wildlife park in China's waters", with more than 200 species and nearly 10,000 animals. 3-Xiao Putuo is one of the main scenic spots of Dongqian Lake Tourism Resort.

4-Shili Sixiang Scenic Spot: It mainly includes four ecological and cultural villages: Yangshan Village, West Village, East Village, and Luye Village. The climate of the scenic area is warm and humid, with abundant rainfall, surrounded by mountains on three sides, Qingxi penetrating the village, and 5- Tianluo Mountain Scenic Area: It is the gateway for the transition of Dongqian Lake urban waterfront to natural waterfront. It's a great vantage point. 6-Wang Anshi Park 7-Taogong Island Scenic Area is a good place for people to relax and barbecue on weekends and holidays.

8-Sunshine Waterfront is the most beautiful lake shoreline around Ningbo. It is about 2.5 kilometers long. Bicycle lanes, tour lanes, walking trails, and boardwalks on the water are arranged in the green space. It is open to the public free of charge for 24 hours.

Tips: Nearby transportation: buses 960, 966 and 968, you can get off at Erlingshan Hot Spring Station.

From Ningbo City: Take bus 901, 903, 905, or 906 and get off at Dongqianhu Tourist Service Center, transfer to buses 960, 966, and 968, and get off at Erlingshan Hot Spring Station or 603, 665, 667 Get off at Hanling and transfer to buses 960, 966 and 968

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