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The great momentum of the Great Wall at Sea is like a giant dragon lying on the hill—2015 Qingming Self-driving Tour (-)
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Look at the yellow flowers every year in Qingming, almost all rapeseed flowers within 300 kilometers.

Qingming will take an unusual road this year.

Inadvertently found that the Fengxian Huangxian Village built a great wall of about 5 kilometers on the seaside and mountains, with magnificent scenery and beautiful scenery, and is rarely known; therefore, taking this as the center, look for wild scenery that can be hiked nearby for 15 years. Qingming self-driving plan.

The Great Wall at Sea is also called Huangxian Forest Park. Tickets are 70 yuan, and the same journey is scheduled for 60 yuan. One day before departure, it is occasionally found that one yuan ticket is introduced for the same journey, which is limited to children aged 60 and under 1.5 meters; there is a 1 yuan ticket indicating that tourists Many, this is exactly what I expected.

Tickets for 1 yuan are only available for mobile phone purchases. Only one number can be purchased. Alipay or online banking must be used to pay online. The time limit is before 6 pm on the same day.

I got it instantly; after I sent out the notice in the group, all the qualified ones were booked. Only Teacher J and Dr. Q would not operate the APP and there was no online payment tool. Seeing that time was coming, they could be anxious.

Immediately issued a support notice in the group. At this time during the off-hours, many people did not see WeChat on the way; YY first saw and used his cell phone to help Teacher J grab it; then he saw it at the fastest speed and first Download the app and grab the ticket, finally helping Doctor Q to grab the ticket successfully at 5.58 points; cheers in the group!

I don't think everyone cares much about the 60 yuan ticket, but a joy of "grabbing" success and enjoying the exciting process.

Keeping pace with the times, if you cannot keep up with the times, you will encounter a lot of trouble in the real world.

At 6:30 in the morning on the 4th, all the participants arrived on time at the concentration point ---- Pinghu Service Area.

A total of 27 people participated.

The Qingming Expressway is free and it is the peak of grave sweeping, so we need to start earlier; our choice is right, and we will arrive at the Great Wall Forest Park at sea more than 9 o'clock all the way.

Listening to the radio all the way, Shanghai and the surrounding roads were heavily congested, and could not help but secretly rejoice.

Before departure, Shanghai forecasted three days of rain in Qingming, and Fenghua forecasted that it would be sunny on the 4th and 5th, and rain on the 6th; when we were in the Pinghu service area, it was still cold and windy, and the sky was overcast;

On the way to the Great Wall at Sea, there is a beautiful road scene, see the picture taken by the driving recorder

At the ticket office, I got a 1 yuan ticket very smoothly, that is, the SL is too tall, more than 1.5 meters, and can only buy a full ticket of 70 yuan, we all said that children would prefer to spend 70 yuan for big people; do n’t just spend 1 yuan for short Each.

1 yuan ticket, using a half-ticket ticket.

main entrance

parking lot.

According to the scenic map, I decided to go to the Great Wall at Sea first.

When there are many tourists, the scenic area is not allowed to drive to the Great Wall by themselves, they need to take their shuttle bus, the fare is 10 yuan; on the day there are not many tourists, you can drive by yourself. It is about 2-3 kilometers past the gate.

According to the online introduction, we go to Tulou to book lunch.

The earthen building is completely imitated by the Fujian earthen house.

To book lunch, we parked the car in Tulou and entered the South Square of the Great Wall of the Sea from the gate near the tulou.

After reading the introduction, it was learned that during the Ming Dynasty, the pirates invaded Haijiang, and in order to pacify eastern Haijiang, Zhejiang, Qi Jiajun built a large number of military facilities along the coast. Huang Xian is located on the coast of Xiangshan Port and is one of Qi Jiajun's coastal defense areas to fight the pirates. Since the Ming Dynasty, many beacon towers and city wall ruins have been left on the hills along the coast of Huang Xian.

In order to promote the patriotism of the Qi Family Army and enrich the historical connotation of Huangxian Forest Park, Huangxian Village invested more than 20 million yuan. On the hillside where these ruins are left on the coast of Huangxian, this magnificent coastal wonder--the sea Great Wall.
The Great Wall is a few kilometers long, nestled in the mountains and the sea, and meandering. The Great Wall is full of mountains and mountains, with green leaves like brocade. Flowers bloom in spring and are beautiful; in the autumn the birds return to the forest, the red maple is like fire; Ascend to the horizon, you can see the vast expanse of sea and territory, the green islands in the blue waves are dotted, the fishing sails are a little bit, the gulls and herds fly, and the vigorous Great Wall looks like a dragon to the sea, its momentum is unstoppable. Tourists walk on the Great Wall, such as riding a dragon out of the mountain and traveling the sea.

We first enter the "Dragon Head" of the Great Wall-Jiangnanshan Customs.

Shanhaiguan is a customs-style building, standing tall, such as Yuanting Yueyu and Xiongba Haijiang. It is the core landscape and the best viewing platform of the Great Wall at Sea. To commemorate Qi Jiguang's great achievements and show the charm of ancient Chinese military culture, a bronze statue of Qi Jiguang and Ming Dynasty artillery that mimicked the pirates will be displayed under Shanhaiguan to further enrich the tourism connotation of the Great Sea at Sea.

There is a flying cloud altar on the square, whose shape is consistent with the Beijing Temple of Heaven. The entire planning and layout of the Temple of Heaven's landscape emphasizes the main tenets of peace, harmony, peace, civilization, and culture. Its purpose is: if Shanhaiguan represents war, Tiantan represents peace; Shanhaiguan represents "wu", and Tiantan represents "cultural" "Shanhaiguan and the Temple of Heaven, one article and one martial art, imply cultural and martial arts skills and both cultural and military skills, in order to reflect the core concept of traditional Chinese culture, that is, harmony and unity.
In the distance is the big beach. Here, a part of the children belonging to Xiangshan Port is hitting the target with cannons imitating the Qing Dynasty, and hitting plastic balls with compressed gas. We start from the South Great Wall to the north Great Wall at the end

On both sides of the Great Wall are villas built by rich people in Ningbo

There are few tourists, and I am pleased.

The slope of Haohanpo is relatively steep, please see the video

Gathering at the feet of the Great Wall SZH at sea, don't have any muscles, they will have something every time they come out; either YY wrestling injuries, or SL vomiting and vomiting; and take turns appearing, really, you sing me! Most of the friends walked from the Great Wall South to the Great Wall North; about 5 kilometers back and forth; soon it was lunch time; Tulou's restaurants are cheap and good, I really like one! See tulou video

After lunch, come to Shangshan Scenic Area (Huangxian Forest Park, consisting of the Great Wall, Shangshan and Pearl Lake)
There are peacocks in the scenic area, and the children play with the peacocks; the ones with beautiful feathers are males, and they have been running back and forth with Xu JC, which is very funny.
The seven-star tower overlooks the ancestors of the ancestors of Huangxian Village, Mingzhu Lake --- the statues of the ancestors of Yiguanzuo, which is based on the imagination.

Then came to visit Pearl Lake

The lakeside wind of the Pearl Lake and the bright spring water lilies, pink willows and green flowers are in full bloom; a beautiful scenery.

Finish the tour at 4 pm, drive to Fenghua and stay at Yuelin Hotel for dinner in the hotel restaurant in the evening, and have reserved a table before departure.



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