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Poetic Island, Ocean of Flowers-Trip to May Day Yushan Island
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On the road is an attitude to life. I have to carry my backpack, use my steps to measure the length of the earth, and feel the charm of travel with my heart!

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"About the original intention"

I met Yushan Island after seeing the travel of Yushan Island in the rivers, lakes and geese last year. Yushan Island in May is as beautiful as poetry. It has a sea of ​​flowers, a quiet fishing village, clear skies, a blue sea, and rare "blue tears". All these fascinated me deeply and made me have a fight with her. It is a pity that the flowering period on the island was over at the Dragon Boat Festival last year, so I had to postpone the trip to May Day this year.

"About Yushan"

The Yushan Islands are the islands located in the most southeast of Xiangshan, 27 nautical miles (about 45 kilometers) southeast of Shipu, with a land area of ​​2.3 square kilometers. They are divided into the three islands of North Yushan, South Yushan and Wuhu Jiao. The fishing mountain archipelago, known as "the first fishing ground in Asia", has beautiful scenery on the blue sea reefs. The average tourist goes to Beiyushan Island, with a small area of ​​only 0.5 square kilometers, and it takes only one hour to get around the island. Yushan Island is currently in a semi-developed state. Electricity on the island is limited to 13: 30-23: 30 every day. If conditions permit, you can consider camping at the mountain near the sea.

-------------------------------------------------- Hua --- Li ------------------------------------ ----

"About itinerary"

D1 (April 30): Wenzhou-Shipu, self-driving, 270 kilometers, about 4 hours, Jinjiang Inn (Xiangshan Shipu Branch) in Shipu Town, Xiangshan (Jiangshan Shipu Branch) (at the intersection of Jinshan Road and Yuquan Road) (Standard room A, 189 yuan / room).

D2 (May 1): In the morning (7:10), take the express boat from Shipu Water Passenger Terminal to Yushan Island, about 1.5 hours, round-trip fare is 440 yuan, stay at Donghang Hotel (triple room, 400 yuan / room), Select a seat in the morning, set up a tent (the island has a tent to rent, 80 yuan / top · day, it is recommended to bring your own sleeping bag), lunch at noon, go around the island in the afternoon, watch the beautiful island sunset in the evening, barbecue can be dinner, evening Look at the stars, the moon, the magic blue tears. . .

D3 (May 2): Get up early to watch the sunrise on the sea, shoot flowers, islands, handsome men and women in the morning, sea fishing in the afternoon (can charter to the sea), continue to watch the beautiful sunset in the evening, seafood meals in the evening, and continue to enjoy in the evening Beautiful night sky, magic blue tears. . .

D4 (May 3): Get up early to watch the sunrise on the sea, take the Clipper back to Shipu Town in the morning (8:10), drive back to temperature after lunch, and end the journey.

"About equipment"

1. Clothing: T-shirt, sun protection clothing, underwear, coat, slippers, etc.

2. Hygiene products: facial cleanser, toner, cream, shampoo, soap, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, contact lens + care solution, glasses, plastic bag, folding washbasin, Snap water cup, 2 small hair dryer, shave Shaver + charger, wet paper towel, paper towel.

3. Sun protection products: sun umbrella, sun hat, sunglasses, sun cream.

4, camping supplies: tents, moisture-proof pads, inflatable pillows, sleeping bags, eye masks, inflatable cushions, tent lights.

5. Portable medicines: afternoon tea, Tylenol, Hikelao, honeysuckle capsules, norfloxacin, anti-allergic (Karitan), alcohol disinfection tablets, iodophor, band-aid, chlortetracycline eye ointment, cotton swabs, eye drops, Seasickness medicine, anti-mosquito cream.

6. Electronic digital: mobile phone + charger, mobile power, camera + charger (battery), socket board, headphones, various data cables.

7. Documents: ID card, bank card, cash.

8. Others: watches, flashlights, paper, pens.

"About fees"

The table below is the total cost of our group of 16 people on the island

Note: The above table does not include the self-driving oil fee (300 yuan) and toll (120 yuan, free high-speed return) for Wenzhou to and from Shipu, and the accommodation fee of Jinjiang Star in Shipu (189 yuan / room)


In order to make up for the regret that he failed to make a trip last year, he contacted the hotel on Yushan Island early in April this year, hoping to spend two nights on the island. Although more people mentioned the Haizhixin Hotel in the previous strategy (also contacted, the owner is good, but the ticket was not booked in the end), Wu Kuan who found the Eastern Airlines Hotel was also a good person. He was fishing Shandao Shipping Company worked, so he helped me to book a May 1 ticket (due to the price increase on May 1st, the express ticket went back and forth for 440 yuan / person, half price for children below 1.2 meters). It was resolved in the Eastern Airlines Hotel (400 RMB / night for triple room). Although Donghang Hotel is near the lighthouse, it is not as convenient and lively as the heart of the sea and the fishing village, but it is much quieter and more peaceful, and there are two large yards opposite the lighthouse.

-------------------------------------------------- Hua --- Li ------------------------------------ ----

Start of trip

On the morning of May 1, the weather was fine and the sea surface was calm and calm. After 1.5 hours, it successfully boarded Yushan Island.

The hotel's electric tricycle came to pick us up, and even someone with luggage and a small car humming a small song, driving on a mountain road covered with flowers, from now on, I will spend two days of leisure on this extraterrestrial island. How cozy it is!

Came to the top of the mountain to find a place with good vision and set up camp.

"Be a happy man from tomorrow on

Feeding horses, chopping wood, traveling the world

From tomorrow on, care about food and vegetables

I have a house, facing the sea, with spring blossoms

. . . . . . "

Looking up at the sky, overlooking the endless sea, it's impossible to tell whether the horizon or the cape is completely blue.

Beautiful harbor

Tranquil fishing village

Island sunset

In these circumstances, drunk. . .

The gorgeous sunset is like a overturned paint bottle, sprinkled on the sky, and set off a bright red sunset; but the sunset is like a drunk poet, sprinkled on the sea surface, dyed the blue ocean red.

Admire the sea at night. At this time, the sea is different from the sea at daytime, and appears deeper, quieter, and more dreamy.

Yushan Island is full of unknown wildflowers, lavender, white, light colors are very harmonious and romantic. The sea of ​​flowers was so big and so far, stars scattered on the slopes of mountains, field paths, and blossoming flowers in the spring breeze, exuding bursts of fragrance, refreshing.

The world is so big, I want to see it with you. . .

Beiyushan Lighthouse is the symbol of Yushan Island. It has the reputation of "the largest lighthouse in the Far East" and is an international navigation mark. The caretaker introduced that the lower base of the lighthouse was built by the British in 1895 and has stood on the island for about 120 years, guiding countless ships home. The lighthouse on the island was approved for reconstruction by the Ministry of Communications in 1985. It uses solar cells, xenon lamps and drum lenses. The lighter uses the British DRB-211884000C2 sealed beam transmitter. The main light has a range of more than 25 nautical miles. Other devices are domestically leading.

Standing at the lighthouse overlooking Maotouyang, the white sails on the sea and fishing vessels shuttle; fishing on the seaside in sunny weather, picking up shells to catch the sea, full of fun. But when the setting sun goes down, the silver pan is embracing the stars, the tower lights are flickering, the fire is blowing, and the sea breeze is blowing. This situation is incomparable.

Another attraction of Yushan Island is the "Xianren Bridge", which is a "bridge" when walking on the island, and when viewed from the sea, it is a huge "door hole". Originally, it should be a large hanging rock near the sea. Nature created it, and nature kept sculpting it. A rock of about 200 square meters at the top of the cliff collapsed. The collapsed rock was dragged by the waves. After the fall, Dudu left a volcanic stone beam on the verge of suspension! The "Fairy Bridge" sits on the empty horizontal beam, the bridge looks down, and you feel the wind coming from all sides, but you can feel the waves of the waves turning like thunder, and you can feel that the "bridge" underneath seems to be trembling and upside down, and it is almost instantly The inside will overturn the feeling of a hundred feet.

The fishing on Yushan Island is also the reason for the influx of tourists. The island's rich reef resources make it a gathering place for a variety of marine life resources. Sea fishing rods can be rented on the island for 30 yuan a day, and a set of 10 yuan for a fishhook, bait, and tin pendant (there is a lot of seaweed on the bottom, which is easy to be hooked. It is recommended to prepare more sets). You can rent a boat and go with the fishermen to make a sea fisherman (500 yuan a boat, about 2 hours, a bit expensive!); You can also throw rod fishing on the reefs by the sea. If you have a harvest, if you are lucky, you can catch a few of them in one go. Although all the tiger head fish are caught, they are not big, but everyone is still very happy and happy! The next time I have the opportunity to go fishing with my friends who are fishing at sea, we should get more abundant and interesting!

Mr. Chen, a fellow traveler

"Yushan Island is very small, so small that it takes less than an hour to see the whole picture of the island!

Yushan Island is very large, and we are still overwhelmed by it for two days! "

On the morning of the 3rd, we left the beautiful island by the 8 o'clock Clipper.

I hope Yushan can live alone and quietly forever, there will never be any enthusiasm, and no garbage everywhere, and people here come to treat this small island like a poem with a beautiful heart.

Goodbye, Yushan Island, thank you for giving us a fulfilling and beautiful May Day holiday!


1. It is recommended to depart from Jinjiang Star (Xiangshan Shipu Branch) near the Shipu Ferry Terminal in the morning (at the junction of Jinshan Road and Yuquan Road) in order to take the first boat the next morning.

2. Tickets to and from Yushan Island must be booked in advance, because the number of people on the island is limited. The round-trip fare by speed boat is 440 yuan, about 1.5 hours; the round-trip fare by slow boat is 320 yuan, about 2.5 hours; booking can be made directly with the owner of the Eastern Airlines Hotel.

3. Accommodation on the island: If the weather is good, camping is preferred, but it is also necessary to book a room for washing. You can choose to live near the fishing village and watch the sunset. You can choose to stay at the Sea Heart Hotel. Select Donghang Hotel.

4. The sea has strong wind and waves. I took seasickness medicine half an hour before boarding the boat. Of course, I really encountered the high winds and waves and the bumps. The seasickness medicine did not help.

5. There are many mosquitoes and small bugs on the island.

6. The weather on the island is fickle and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very wide. Please take precautions against wind and warmth. I brought my usual medicines for adults and children. I thought this time. I thought the trip was short and the children have been to a lot of places such as the plateau. So I did n’t bring Merrill (children's anti-fever medicine). On the 2nd night, the child had a fever of 39 In the middle of the night, the owner of the Eastern Airlines Hotel Wu Brother took me to the medical office of Yucun to buy medicine. Thank you Brother Kuan!

7, although the seafood on the island is fresh, but the taste is a bit salty and spicy, it is best to tell the boss in advance, try not to put spicy or bring some dry food. This time, our group of 16 people is not very spicy, and the lady boss opened a small stove for us, thank you!

Back to Wenzhou, everything continues!

I enjoy every trip, I like the scenery I see, the people I meet, and the feeling of "on the road"!

I will continue "on the road" for the next stop. . .

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