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[Cixi] Picking bayberry in early summer
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Myrica rubra in early summer

Winter comes to spring, and suddenly this summer,

Meimei thought of this sweet and slightly sour taste,

Always feel drooling,

It's season, the call from bayberry.

This is me, Maverick Aquarius

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A brief film of Cixi

Cixi, located on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay, is a city near the mountains and the water. Not only is bayberry rich here, if you come here, you can find more interesting places ~

Apart from busy work, gain a peace of mind here

The ancient village forgotten by time——Fangjia Hetou

I have been to many ancient towns and ancient cities, but the moment I came here, I was deeply attracted.

I am usually busy in a fast-paced city, and I find what I need.

Fangjia Hetou is just such a small ancient village. It only takes a few seconds to fall in love.

Fangjia Hetou Village is located in Longshan Town, Cixi City.

There are some more modern residential areas before entering the village, but going inside is completely different. Fangjiahetou is the ancient village that I have seen relatively well-preserved, and it retains the original flavor.

When entering the village, there is a pond. In the early summer, lotus leaves are already lush. The air was fresh by the pool just after the rain.

It happened that I also met villagers who were washing clothes. It has been a long time since I saw such a primitive lifestyle. We are all curious about taking pictures.

The reason why it is called Fangjia Hetou is because most of the villagers here are named Fang. The ancient village is well maintained, and it is very quiet on weekdays. It is a good place to relax.

The only bungalow in the village

If you look closely, it is not difficult to find that although most of the people in the village are elderly, they are very able to live. Every house has a variety of flowers and plants at the door, making the old house more vibrant.

The locals told us that the village did not ask everyone to plant these, but everyone just enjoyed them. Whatever looks good, they are planted. The entire village blooms flowers every season, and today's net red flowers!

For example, hydrangea. Some people's door is full of hydrangeas with various colors on the entire wall. I really like it ~

Going further, the dwelling houses gradually become more and more like a deep lane. Sometimes it is only necessary to walk around in such a casual way to feel the relaxed atmosphere.

All the way up the mountain road, Fangjia Hetou Village is not small, but it makes us feel deep and mysterious.

There are so many dogs in the village. They are so laid back and sleep on the road, as if time has stopped with them.

The deeper, the houses are a bit shabby. Maybe this is the most primitive look of the village. Although there are no residents here, I really like to observe them carefully. These are memories of the time that has been preserved.

At the end of the village is a trail up the mountain. It is said that from here, it is an ancient trail that leads to Jiulong Lake in Zhenhai. Many tourists will hike here.

After strolling around the village, I didn't want to leave for a long time. The temperature in early summer was very small. It was very pleasant to sit and take a nap by the pool by the village. Sometimes travel is not to catch busy spots, but to change places to give yourself a chance to breathe and change your mood ~

Cixi bayberry, the taste of first love

In a blink of an eye, it is the season of bayberry again! And bayberry is delicious and helpful to the body ~

And the bayberry in Cixi was once named "hometown of bayberry in China", so in terms of bayberry quality, it is the best bayberry here ~

Although it was raining, it did not quench our passion for picking bayberry.

There are many bayberry gardens in Cixi. We came to Ziyuan Bayberry Sightseeing Garden. Bayberry Garden was built on the mountain, so we must first climb a mountain road.

Half-mountain trees are covered with pink and tender bayberry. When you see bayberry, the saliva will flow down unconsciously, and some branches are obviously pressed down.

If you want to pick bayberry, try to pick a darker one, so that it is sweet enough. The advantage of the picking garden is that you can pick it up and eat it, and the bayberry here, the locals said, is clean, they are all direct food. Later, the bayberry brine that I bought at home did not bubble out. It was very good ~

Today's task is to experience, who can pick big and sweet bayberry

What do you say about the taste of bayberry? That is the taste of first love, with a touch of sourness in it, which is the taste of the best bayberry!

Yishancheng Street, Yinhecheng Town, Millennium Town Minghe

Minghe Ancient Town is named after a priest who died early in the year. However, he is different from other ancient towns in that he is built on the Baiyang Lake, and it is also a real ancient town with mountains and lakes.

The lake at the entrance of the ancient town has a taste of early summer, only when the lotus blooms

The lake is calm and the world is reflected,

Ancient town of Minghe, with the entire face painted on the white wall

The small bridge flowing water is the most beautiful view of the ancient town

The main health medicinal material museum not only displays the ancient medicinal material storage and fresh grinding methods, but also makes some medicinal teas that are more suitable for modern people. The taste is acceptable, and it is said to be very good ~

The street behind the bridge is the food street of the ancient town. It is not long, but there are many different kinds of food. The big word "rice cake dumpling" at the entrance attracted our attention. In fact, the owner of this small shop sells rice cakes, and the packaged rice cakes sold are made with special ingredients!

The craftsmanship of the masters is also quite strong!

Rice cake dumplings are a famous specialty snack in Cixi. You can experience DIY here, which is very interesting. The crust is made of soft glutinous rice cakes, with fillings inside, and it comes in your own taste, wrapped like dumplings.

This ancient town also has its original style, short bungalows, unpatched walls

There are many special snacks in the ancient town. Be sure to taste them.

Yinhao Inn is a special B & B in Minghe Ancient Town. It is indeed here. It is suitable for staying for one night and feeling the night of the ancient town.

Preserving and recreating the original style of the building, returning to nature and enjoying the quiet old classical house is a positive way for people to relax.

The alleys that go around at random may look like today's favorite ancient town

The small five-bedroom was built by Ye Tianlin, a giant merchant of Minghe National Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., for six sons. Ye's six-bedroom house is a big one.

The Xiaoqiao Liushui family is the standard of the ancient town. After passing the ancient bridge head, sit by the water to see the cozy ancient town style

Soon, I was going back to the place where I entered the ancient town. There is the National Medical Museum, which is very large. At present, the “Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine” section is under development and construction, and the “Shanghai National Medical Museum Minghe Branch” is listed.

The perfect combination of ancient and modern may be the best explanation for an ancient town

The ancient town after the rain was so beautiful, although we were strolling, we did n’t want to leave for a long time

Ruins of Yue Kiln by Shanglin Lake

Before I came to Linhu Lake, I didn't know about porcelain and kiln. I had never seen a real site before.

After visiting this archeological site park, I really saw it for the first time. Such an interesting archeological site ca n’t be forgotten for a long time.

On the shore of Shanglin Lake in Cixi, there is such a saying that celadon is everywhere. That's right, because it was once one of the main producing areas of Yueyao celadon. Around the lake, there used to be many kiln areas.

Before heading to the archeological site, we first went to the museum to learn about the history

Exquisite archeological site map on the ground floor of the entrance

There are a lot of well-preserved porcelain displayed in the museum

Of course, the best preserved belongs to the official kiln, and it is also very delicate. From the shape, category, pattern, etc., it has a very high use value.

A powdery box would be so delicate

Although some pieces of porcelain remain only fragments, the delicate depictions of the porcelain surface were preserved

The pattern of the phoenix is ​​wonderful

Of course, part of the porcelain was found from the shipwreck that went out to sea, which also prevented the encounter of destruction.

I also like the design of the entire museum, but I have to hurry and look at the archeological site.

There is also a DIY handmade area on the third floor. If you have enough time, you can experience it ~

From the museum along the Shanglin Lake, take the trail, about 20 minutes to a site in Yueyao, which is the archeological site

Although the former kiln area no longer exists, the remains are protected, and there are some porcelain on the ground.

In the large pits dug down, porcelain can be seen everywhere, it's amazing. I saw so many unearthed cultural relics for the first time!

At the same time, the magnificent view of the former kiln is restored here for everyone to understand this culture


D1 Shanghai High Speed ​​Rail to Yuyao North, taxi to hotel: Dapengshan Hot Spring Nanshu

D2 Fangjiahetou, picking bayberry to live: Dapengshan Lakeshore Academy

D3 Minghe Ancient Town, Shanglinhu Yueyao National Archaeological Site Park, back to Shanghai


Cixi is located south of Hangzhou Bay and northwest of Ningbo. Tell me about the traffic from Shanghai ~

1.High-speed rail

We took the high-speed rail from Shanghai to Yuyao North, and then took a taxi to the hotel. The high-speed rail time was about 2 hours. It was very convenient. Then we took a taxi to various places in Cixi ~


The most recommended is of course self-driving ~ now from Shanghai to Cixi, the self-driving time is only more than 2 hours, it is the best destination for weekends or short holidays ~


This time we chose to stay at Dapengshan Hotel, but in order to experience more different styles, we stayed in different rooms for two nights, both were very good, each with its own characteristics ~

1. Hot Spring Nanshu

Private garden villas in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, with white walls and red lanterns, and black tiles and zhuzhu, seem to travel back to the past. It is a very Chinese-style accommodation. At night, they live in five buildings. I'm in the same yard with my friends, but the layout of each room is completely different.

Occasionally living in a Chinese building with such characteristics is really much more than a hotel experience ~

And because it is a hot spring theme, each room is its own private soup. At night, you can ask the waiter to help you fill the soup.

Of course, Nanshu also has public hot springs. You can also come here to enjoy

2. Lakeshore Retreat

The new concept hotel on the bank of Jiaohu Lake, the overall hotel style is in line with the modern aesthetic concept. We chose European-themed water flowers, lake-view rooms, and open-air baths, which are very different.

The style of the overall hotel is also the modern style I like, magnificent and luxurious


Cixi not only carries mountains and water, but also faces the sea. Of course, all kinds of food are indispensable. Please listen to me.

1, pickled bamboo shoots

In fact, the bamboo shoots are the protagonists. After April, the spring bamboo shoots are tender and delicious.

Crab paste

Cixi is close to the sea and rich in seafood. Like the salty crab paste, it is the most delicious cold dish.

3. Yellow mud snail

A kind of snails, marinated and delicious, like crab paste, it is a good companion for dinner

4.Sea melon seeds

Shellfish like sunflower seeds, fresh and tender

5, three fresh head soup

Locals entertain guests with a bowl of hot dishes, with meatballs, prawns, egg slices or shredded chicken

6, eel incense

Eel is flavored with a special marinating method for easy preservation and salty

7, jellyfish

A delicious salad in Jiangsu and Zhejiang


A kind of shellfish, it tastes good when it is fat, and the meat is chewy and delicious

9.Small seafood

A very interesting seafood platter. The first time I grilled seafood on fire, it was delicious ~

10, Malantou

Seasonal dishes in spring and summer, cold tofu is a practice in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, very clear

11, yellow croaker

Fish special to the East China Sea, but now they are all farmed. Wild species are rare and taste delicious.

12, stinky tofu

Now the stinky tofu everywhere has made its own characteristics, and the stinky tofu with chili sauce is particularly delicious

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