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2-Day Self-Driving Tour from Songlan Mountain, Shipu and Hualien to Xiangshan in Ningbo
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Travel experience from Shanghai to Xiangshan on the 2nd and 3rd of National Day in 2014. The itinerary is recommended, especially those who do not want to spend their time can go straight.

Departing from Shanghai at 7 a.m. on October 2, 2014, via the sea-crossing bridge, take the S19 highway, get off at the north exit of Xiangshan, and arrive at Songlan Mountain Beachfront at about 12:00 (during meals and small block times, pay attention, Songlan Mountain Scenic Area refers to the seaside baths), buy a ticket, 30 yuan for adults, 15 yuan for children, and then enter the parking lot of the bath. It takes about 3 hours to shower after surfing in the bath (20 yuan per person).

Depart from Songlan Mountain, rush to the ancient town of Shipu, and stay at the "Observation Deck Hotel". The hotel is in a good location. There is parking space at the door for parking. You can eat seafood by the sea. , Eat your teeth. Because I arrived early, I walked along the coast and returned to the hotel next to the hotel for dinner. After dinner, I went to the ancient town of Shipu. (No tickets at night, 60 yuan during the day).

Depart early in the morning to Hualiu Island. Hualiu Island needs to take a ferry boat from Jingaoyi Pier. The car can be parked in the parking lot of the pier, or you can directly ferry to it. We parked the car in the dock parking lot, charged 10 yuan, and then ferryed over. After arriving at Hualiu Island, you need to buy a scenic minibus car and ferry ticket (20 yuan per person for minibus, 10 yuan per person for ferry, half ticket for children, including round trip), and then take a car to the scenic area in about 10 minutes (40 yuan for scenic area tickets, Half price for children). The stone in the scenic area is very beautiful, very peculiar, and well worth a visit. The scenic tour takes about 3-4 hours, and then returns to the original route. At noon, you can dine near Jin Gao Yi Pier and return to Shanghai.

When eating seafood, you must pay attention to two points: first, you must ask how to calculate the unit price and the total price; second, you must pay attention not to lose two pounds, you must not see the missing one, you must guess that you are not too short Just fine.

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