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The plot of the fairy tale happened in the big mountain-Ningbo Banmajia B & B 丨 Manxiu Valley
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We have heard a lot of beautiful fairy tales since childhood. Most of the story scenes take place in the marvelous forests, whether it is the Wizard of Oz or Snow White. Therefore, I think most girls will, like me, dream of being in a mysterious forest, in a dreamy castle, and meeting the Prince Charming in the heart! But dreams are always dreams. After all, there will be a day when waking up, and real life will tear it apart. Just like me now, busy running, working day and night, those who longed for the good yearning long ago didn't know which drawer to put in.

Some people say that people who know how to live should know how to regulate their physical and mental fatigue. So I decided to leave this oppressed city and completely let myself go. Come on a trip that says go away. Where to go? Of course it was the virgin forest that had dreamed countless times ...

The ancient village of Yantou in Xikou of Fenghua said that it was far away or near, it just escaped the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoyed the quietness of the world. The lush mountain forests, creeks, birds and insects sing, all the way to Alice in Wonderland. I really hope to continue on this undisturbed forest path, don't stop for a moment. Walking straight to the end of the village, I suddenly noticed that a colorful wooden house was looming in the sea of ​​clouds and woods, which could not help attracting my attention.

Perhaps the great courage comes from the unknown curiosity. I tried to approach there, and finally saw that the wooden house was actually upside down, which made me a little unbelievable. I rubbed my eyes. There are actually many wooden houses of various shapes scattered in the dense woods. Is there really an elf we don't know?

Soon, my wild guess was broken by bursts of laughter. With the sound, I saw the flat terrace built in the valley, saw the swimming pool inlaid at the foot of the mountain, and saw many adults and children in the Laughing figure in the foothills. Finally someone solved the mystery in my heart. By accident, I actually walked into a net celebrity resort called Manxiu Valley.

Take a closer look at the exquisite suspended wooden houses, each with its own personality. In addition to the romantic and colorful European hanging wooden houses, you can also see the straw houses in Southeast Asia, the earthen houses in Africa, the ball houses, the boat houses, and other eye-opening room types. The decoration of the room is a mix of rustic and ecological style, European and American country style, and ecological retro style. It is low-key and luxurious, and it perfectly explains the perfect fusion of original and modern. Each one stirs your heartstrings and throbs your nerves.

The temperament of Manxiu Valley is purely beautiful and mysterious. It is not doped with a trace of commercial scent. It only retains the most primitive scenery between the mountains and the mountains. Inside and outside, it contains designers' designs that conform to nature. The small bridge is flowing, even the stone road underneath is full of various small surprises. Even the railing was not polished, and a small tree was directly used to make the texture of the bark and the swirl of the tree hole present the most primitive ecological environment.

Step on the wooden steps and walk into the main building with a bamboo-tip woven covering as the roof and a century-old wood plank as the wall, which looks like the "Drum Tower". You will find a large number of glass doors and windows, allowing everyone who comes to admire the unique beauty of all angles of Manxiu Valley, natural light and the scenery outside the window. Even if you are sitting indoors, you can also feel the secret of being outdoors.

It is said that Manxiu Valley is not only a guesthouse, but also a realization of a life attitude. It brings people's body and mind from the city into the more simple and natural mountains and fields, and it is the world between them. Early in the morning, walking among the mountains, admiring the beautiful boundless rural scenery. Practice yoga on the creek, let the beautiful nature cleanse your mind. In the afternoon, drink a cup of citron, read a book, or learn to do pottery with your teacher. As the night falls, the breeze is refreshing, the quiet forests listen to the distant insects, and in the natural world, find your own peace and tranquility. Talk to the sky, mountains, and springs; be alone with yourself, listen to your inner voice, live up to the beautiful scenery, and live up to yourself.

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