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Ningbo negotiated the post, Jiang Jieshi wanted to make it the second mountain, but now it has become a ski resort
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[Ningbo discussion post, go skiing together]

When it came to winter, I wanted to play with snow. After a snowfall this year, after half a day, there was no shadow at all, and the heavy snow was always very embarrassing to people in Jiangnan. The amount of snowfall in the Northeast is heavy, but the weather is extremely cold and the distance is too far. Thinking about it, a message popped up in WeChat, go skiing in Zhejiang this weekend, right?

Is there a top ski resort in Gangnam? Yes, Ningbo Shanglianggang Ski Resort, because the name is so special, I ca n’t help but take a look at it: Ningbo Shanglianggang Ski Resort, the hinterland of Siming Mountain, 888 meters above sea level, it often snows in winter, and you can even see fog. There is also a snow machine in the scenic area, a world of snow and ice.

Just walk, from Changzhou High Speed ​​Rail to Ningbo, and then drive from Ningbo to Shanglianggang Ski Resort. Discussion post, also known as "comparison post". 7 kilometers northwest from Xuedou Temple along Panshan Highway. Walk to the gate of Xuedou Temple in Xikou and look up to see the plaque of "Siming First Mountain" inscribed by Chiang Kai-shek. The first mountain of Siming means "discussion post".

When I arrived at the Shanglang Ski Resort, I immediately felt that the temperature was several degrees lower, a charming world wrapped in silver. The beautiful mists of trees are magically blooming in the cold air. I really didn't expect that this is also Jiangnan, as if walking into the forest and snowfield in the north, immersed in that incredible white, slightly intoxicated.

When I entered the room, I felt very warm. You don't need to bring your own equipment for skiing, you can rent them here. You can also choose the color of your own clothes. You have to be optimistic about the size of your shoes. The colors of different shoes are different. Choose the shoes and choose clothes and glasses.

Equipment in place: ski suit, hat, goggles, shoes, skateboard. Go to the locker room and change. The locker room is on the first floor. The large ground glass on the first floor is transparent and atmospheric, and you can see the entire ski resort indoors. The dressing room has a lot of space, and everyone will have a key to put things like clothes in the closet.

Seeing others sliding up with the wind, in fact, after putting on shoes, walking is very strenuous. For the first time, many people almost wrestled just walking. Fortunately, there was a little bit of skiing before, but in fact everything is tricky.

Let me talk about the most important things first, I will only say once, that is:

you! Got it! Have! A! teach! practice!

Someone must be thinking: Why do you need a coach, isn't it just taxiing?

Skiing faster can reach dozens or even hundreds of kilometers, just like driving a car. You can't even hit the brakes, do you dare to hit the road? Unless you really choose one day and one day with different talents, otherwise, you will only be scared and utterly horrified and you will not feel the joy of skiing.

The coaches here are one-on-one. They will take us to the right place to skate according to the specific conditions of each person, and demonstrate guidance and posture correction. There is a coach in my heart. Fortunately, the coach will always give you encouragement, and will say by your side: there is progress 呦, very good 呦.

Before skiing, it is customary to take a few beautiful photos to brush the sense of presence in the circle of friends. Every girl has some equipment plots, because wearing the whole set is really cool, which is also one of the fun of skiing.

The first thing I need to learn is slope pushing, which is divided into veneer trailing slope pushing and veneer leading edge slope pushing. This time I practice veneer trailing slope pushing.

The coach instructed me: "Stand facing down the snowy mountain, the snowboard crosses down the mountain, the upper body leans forward slightly, the hips sit back slightly, the knees relax, and the knees bend slightly, visually looking forward.

The body's center of gravity is lowered, and the center of gravity is placed on the heel, maintaining a correct standing posture. Balance your legs with force. Do not lean the body's center of gravity toward the tip or tail of the board. The angle of the two feet to control the vertical blade should be the same. The upper body should be stable. The feet should be evenly pressed.

Lift your toes slowly, slowing or stopping. Just like braking, control your toes in small steps and frequently. Pay attention to keep the center of gravity between the two feet when pushing the slope of the trailing edge, the angle of the blade is small (lower toe), and the speed of sliding downward is fast;

The angle of the blade is slightly larger (the toe is raised upward), and the sliding speed is slower; the larger blade angle will stop the sliding. However, it is difficult to maintain balance when stationary, it is recommended to lower the blade angle and continue to slide down or sit down. "

Under the guidance of the coach, I slowly found the feeling, and started to fall a few times because the center of gravity was not well controlled. The back felt more and more smooth, as if flying on snow, light as a swallow. The ski slope has a special lane. After skiing down, you can take the lane directly to the highest point.

I feel very regretful at this moment, why I didn't bring my wonderful baby together. An education expert once suggested that all young parents can take their children to experience the fun of skiing in the winter, and it is said that the significance of skiing to children and your family is incredible.

If parents do n’t know how to ski, it ’s okay. You can give your child to the instructor, take care of one-on-one, and give you full guidance. Enjoy the ice and snow world.


On the second floor of the ski resort is the dining center, which offers simple snacks. After exercising, you can also order a cup of hot soy milk in the rest area and watch the snowflakes fly outside the window, full of warmth in your heart.

In addition, the forest restaurant in the consultation ski resort provides the most authentic Ningbo dishes, farm dishes, and game. Don't underestimate this unpretentious forest restaurant. This was the teacher's dormitory of the Wuling School at that time. It had a total of 24 rooms, so it was called "廿四 间". A small restaurant feels full of history.

The game is naturally inseparable from the mountains, and there is a fragrance in the forest restaurant. Everyone knows that it is the most normal thing for people living in mountains to find game in the mountains. The oil spring bamboo shoots are made of tender spring bamboo shoots, tender spring bamboo shoots, cooked with heavy oil and heavy sugar. The color is bright and red, tender and refreshing, salty and sweet, and you can eat it.

Domineering bull head, is there? The taste is super good. If there are many people, you can consider one.

In addition, snails stir-fried river prawns, fruit dumplings, hairy crabs, fried brook fish, weathered taro, sugar hoof, river prawns, etc., the feeling of not being big enough

[History, come on]

The highest peak of the negotiating hill is 91 5 meters above sea level. Summer temperatures do not exceed 23 degrees Celsius. Folk proverb: "There is no summer on the post, and no fan is needed during the day: it is comfortable to be an immortal at night without leaving the bed."

There are 13,000 acres of mountain forests in the consultation posts. In 1935, Chiang Kai-shek opened the consultation post into the Wuling Xuetang Forest Farm. He wanted to build the consultation post into the second Lushan Mountain. In the winter of 1935, more than ten people including the director of the Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department and the mayor of Hangzhou were called to discuss the concept of building the second Lushan Mountain in the consultation post. Now there is Lao Jiang's villa on the mountain: Zhongyang House.

Song Meiling once planted a gold pine and a ginkgo tree at the door, which means that the tree is rich and precious.

The bedroom, reception room, tea room, medical room, attendant room, and kitchen in the villa are well equipped. There is a couplet in the parlour: Qianqiu's time is long, and the eternal spirit is renewed.

The small courtyard of the villa won my heart. There are two plum trees in the yard, one of which has already shed several flowers. How beautiful the season is. I have long been eager to have such a small courtyard, full of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Behind the villa, there is a well, the water is still clear and transparent. Chiang Kai-shek chose to build the villa here because he liked this place. It is said that drinking well water for a long time has the effect of beauty and health. For "Meiling Spring". This is where Jiang Song once lived.

Discussing post, its name, has a mysterious color. Legend has it that three monks discussed the construction of the temple during the Jin Dynasty. Discussing the beautiful scenery, the trees are towering, the pines and pines are everywhere, the trees are lush, and the pines are rolling. Many trees have a history of hundreds of years. Ascending the mountain, you can see the mountains in the distance, you can see the scenery of Ningbo downtown in the east, you can see the sea of ​​Xiangshan Port in the south, and you can see the Yanxi River rolling, Tian Mo Qing Dai, and the smoke rising.

In addition to the former residence of Jiang Song, there are also old sites such as Donggua Lake and Wuling School. The landscape is very rich and interesting. Winter walking in the forest is like entering a foggy forest. This is what winter should look like.

Winter melon lake, green like a gem, is hidden in the misty forest, a little more fairy. Come to the summer to avoid the heat, it should be great, wear beautiful skirts, stand on the winter melon lake, beauty turned. The main thing is: there is no need to turn on the air conditioner in summer here.

Walking along the path of the jungle by the lake, the inaccessible forest gave me infinite reveries. I seemed to break into the movie, and the Wizard of Oz would appear. Will there be elves?

Wuling School was founded by Chiang Kai-shek on the right side of Wulingmen in Xikou Town in 1929. After the consultation, Dongli Village was established under the consultation post, and the agricultural test field was set up, with agronomy, forest, animal husbandry, silkworm, plant protection and other departments. The group embodies the idea of ​​applying the knowledge to the benefit of Sangzi. After liberation, the consultation post became a state-owned farm. Now the scenic area has a unified plan and the school has been renovated.

The road to Wuling School is a classic mountain light hiking route. The school is hidden in a bamboo forest between the mountains, which adds to the school's temperament. In spring, looking for a weekend, it is also a good choice to set foot here.

At night in the mountains, you will not feel bored, you can go to the party hall. The place is not big, but there are many activities.

Alas, this werewolf kill is too artistic. There is a werewolf mask in hand, and it really plays.

It is really suitable for group building, friends gathering, karaoke, mini golf, billiards, table tennis ... There are many patterns, there is always one for you.


Drive to the consultation post and enjoy the time flying on the snow. You can stay at a resort hotel at night, ranging from 200-500. The price is really good. The chalet villas under construction in the scenic area are said to be a top resort after completion.

This is my room. Opening the window is like this scenery, which deeply intoxicates me.

I sat at the window, holding a cup of warm tea, and doing nothing, watching the woods swaying, Yun Cun Yun Shu, my heart was very quiet. Nature has magical healing powers. It can expel those things that you want to shake in your heart but can't get rid of. The pressure, worry, and trivialness disappear at this moment.

Humans are one by one, their weird contradictions, and modern people without "quirks" are sad. We don't want to make ourselves stand out from the crowd, so we have some small personalities, such as fanaticism for a certain hobby. For me, like: travel. How about you

If you have some small "quirks" about quietness, nature, skiing, and food, then you might as well go to Ningbo Shanggang.

The highest summer temperature does not exceed 28 ° C, which is comparable to 22.6 ° C in Lushan during the same period. "Shangri-La in East Zhejiang" believes that you will fall in love with him like me.

Finally draw a few important points:

【Travel information】

1. Self-driving: Ningbo——Xikou—Xuedou Temple—Discussion post.

Specific routes: Tourists from all over Zhejiang can first go to Ningbo (part of the expressway is under Fenghua), then reach Xikou Town, then drive in the direction of Xuedou Temple. After arriving at Xuedou Temple, follow the road signs for 8 kilometers to reach the consultation post.

2. Bus: The bus from Ningbo to Xikou, and from Xikou to Shanggang (but there are only two buses per day, relatively few).

3. Detailed route from Ningbo to Shanglianggang: Depart from Ningbo City, transfer to the Ningbo-Jinhuan Expressway via the Ningbo-Taiwan-Wenzhou Expressway and exit at Xikou, and then reach the Shanglianggang Scenic Area from Xikou Xuedou Temple and Dongjing.

4. Train: You can take a train from Shanghai to Ningbo first, and then take a shuttle bus from the long-distance passenger station next to the Ningbo Railway Station to Xikou. There are several tourist buses in Xikou Station every day.

In addition, accommodation bookings, ski tickets, etc., are sold on all major OTA platforms and can be booked in advance.

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