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Happy Ningbo 2 Days
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First night:

Wenling to Ningbo is an hour away by car. I originally thought that Ningbo was a very familiar place. After all, I have been to and passed many times. However, after careful consideration, Ningbo was still very vague, as it was when taking off glasses, but it was dimly visible.
Like most foods, I go to an unfamiliar city, which is to eat, live and play, or to be casual and casual. Therefore, I am very sympathetic to those tourists who have been driven by ducks following tour groups. These people have only left over.
For accommodation, an old university student recommended the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, a five-star hotel located in the city center, and the soft environment is really good. Reason one: The bellman is a beautiful soft girl. We felt embarrassed when we took the luggage. 2. Every waiter encountered was enthusiastic and soft. 3. Children love the fruit tea brewed by the housekeeper and the red slippers sent by them. They ordered me to like it.
After settling down, it was 20 o'clock, and even the drizzle couldn't stop the heart of eating. Then I went to Chenghuang Temple to find food. It was raining, one stop away. In fact, it was very hard. However, my mood was small and joyful.
At the destination, my heart is frustrated.
Because: The public commented [King Ya Gou], [Zuan Yuan Lou], [Tie Ge Bi] are all within easy reach of the earth and cannot be found.
Finally I found a Korean food to fill my stomach. Ordered omelet rice, miso soup, spicy fried rice cake, spicy noodles, pork belly meal. While supporting my stomach, I took a few photos to show you here.
However, it's also a mobile phone and food. Fan Er took it, but when I took it, it was called rice.
Eat and drink, next show: sleep.

What is tourism? It is to walk on the road with dear, either beloved or loved ones.
What is a city tour? I think that is to eat the best food in the city, use the most beautiful scenery of the city as the background, take a picture and take a look.
Ningbo, I just walked and ate and watched this clean city while eating.

first day:
I slept until 7:20 a few years ago, and the first time I was woken up by an alarm clock, it was such a rare luxury. Lift off the shading curtains, outside the window, Ningbo in the shower, the sun does not rise lazily as usual. The dampness left by the early morning was instantly thickened by the rain and fog. The rainwater was like the maiden who had just been taken to bed by the protagonist in the YY novel. It was broken, and before a time to groan, it became a drop of tears . Writing these boring sentences is actually trying to say that travelling in the rain is actually very artificial. laugh.
The breakfast at the hotel is still rich and delicious, the waiters are still smiling enthusiastically, and the children are still asking for replacement tickets-oh, the children really want to grow up.
Momo, starting at 1 pm, first go to Nantang Old Street Pedestrian Street, the old street is really small, and really eat a lot.
First went to [Pig Pavilion] but was told to snooze. There is no grandfather here, only the grandfather's office, secretly slandering a few words in my heart. In the past few steps, Dongqian Lake has sixteen grids, Meilong Town's egg cakes, and so on, as well as Mao Tofu, Shilian Tofu (revised version?), And those pastries. So Nantang Old Street on the tip of my tongue finally supported me to eat and propped up the wall.
So which philosopher says: Losing a tree will get the whole forest. Here, I will give it to Nantang Old Street [Tiegebi].

Leaving Nantang Old Street, stopped a taxi and reached the Old Bund. The driver brother is proud to say that Ningbo Old Bund is 20 years earlier than Shanghai Bund. I said that this is the place where 3 Rivers meet, Feng Shui levers, and then the 2 old men began to count the history and cherish it. This episode, until the old street, laughed.
Vignette: The childhood of the two taxi drivers today grew up in Wenling, a new river, a Wenxi. Fortunately, in front of them, Wenling did not say bad things, otherwise, the feelings were embarrassing. . .
The old bund doesn't feel too big, just feels clean. Yishuijiangshui, many old foreign consulate buildings have now become cafes, tea rooms, and concert halls. Not only do they sigh, in the old days, Wang Xietang swallowed into the homes of ordinary people. The style of the Old Bund is the precipitation of foreign cultures in China. Along the way, there are many foreigners and many Chinese.
Walking around, encountering cospaly rally, youth is invincible, attracting a lot of my attention. However, the child was really boring.

Out of the Old Bund, head straight for [Zuanyuan Building]. This time is no exception. I ’ve eaten it before. Besides being expensive, there are no disadvantages or advantages? It seems that neither.
Ordered signature dishes: yellow-skinned rotten fish, champion cake, Ningbo drunk crab, wooden barrel chicken.

Eat and drink, next show: continue to sleep.

The next day in Ningbo,

As soon as I woke up, I was resurrected with blood. After breakfast, go to the pool and play with the children. Of course, the result was no suspense, and we tied for first.

After swimming, leave the hotel, settle the bill and go to Tianyi Pavilion. Tianyi Pavilion is about 10 minutes away from Howard Johnson Plaza Huaqiao, near happiness.
About Tianyi Pavilion, the earliest learned from the "Wind and Rain, One Pavilion" written by writer Yu Qiuyu. Today I saw the style, which is a combination of the library and the garden. It does not belong to this hustle and bustle of the world, the garden's collection of books, and the bright lights across the wall. Just so isolated.
If Suzhou's Humble Administrator's Garden is likened to Zhou Huimin with thousands of styles, then Tianyi Pavilion is Lin Huiyin who stands by the sea.
Surprisingly, there is a [Mahjong Origin Exhibition Hall] in Tianyi Pavilion. Knowing that the country's quintessence originated in Ningbo, here, the Mahjong friends should worship, and there will be a lot of spicy food.

After leaving Tianyi Pavilion and arriving at the railway station, something unexpected happened: the luggage fell into a taxi, was taken away, there was no invoice on hand, and the license plate could not be remembered.
Then the suitcase goes home:
1. Dial 96520, record the time and place for boarding, get off time and place, and contact the phone number.
2. Ordinary people at the railway police station can't be found. It is recommended that the railway station should look for police and ask to see the monitoring. However, the monitoring is not high-definition, and the taxi number plates guessed are wrong.
3. Wait for the good news. Half an hour later, 96520 called and the driver came to me.
Finally, at the request of the children, give a thumbs up to Howard Johnson Overseas Chinese Hotel, and give a thumbs up to the taxi drivers who have traveled in these 2 days. Thanks to the Fenghua driver with plate number 1163 who returned the luggage.
Ningbo is beautiful.

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