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Notes from Ningbo——Record some time and past
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When traveling alone, I occasionally like to be comfortable with each other and do not pursue clear directions. This is also because when you work, you have to change the chaos into clarity every second, and you always plan the so-called direction. Therefore, the object must be reversed.

Ningbo, staying again for work reasons. After finishing the work, it is unavoidable that it is always late at night, being dragged out by friends to find food.

This small city, like most cities in China, has gradually become blurred and lacks its own characteristics. But once you put yourself in the role of an ordinary traveler, you still stubbornly try to find some characteristics and create some different experiences. Think about it, it is also a seaside city, and its seafood was also a feature. So, I searched for Che Huangyou late at night and found a street food stall called "10:30". Choose a few seafood dishes, open a few bottles of beer, the night breeze blows, and the topic gradually enriched.

A related theme of this work is "belief". But this word is very simple to write, and it is not easy to implement. In a world where security is lacking, even if someone dares to give, it may not necessarily be accepted. Therefore, those "beliefs" that once existed are especially cherished, although time is changing ...

This time I lived in Shangri-La, in the urban area, Linjiang. Crossing the bridge are some commercial squares.

I checked it, and Tianyi Square was across the river. I went shopping the next day, and tasted a local dim sum shop. The name was very interesting, it was called Cylinder Duck. The dumplings in Ningbo are well-deserved, soft and glutinous and smooth, with a moderate sweetness. The noodle soup is also delicious.

This trip actually ended the end of some stories. Fortunately, during such a short trip, it was a worthwhile trip to meet two foods. Well, remember that.

Well, and, those days, the sky was blue.

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Walking and continuing ...

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