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[Shaoxing, Ningbo, Hangzhou] Can't stop running
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Talk about this trip

One week off for Chinese New Year, plus my good Chinese colleague is okay, so I went to Wuzhen and asked him to accompany me to another place.

My dad called and said that he could burn a piece of incense, and then said that Putuo Temple in Zhoushan seemed to be very spiritual and not far from Hangzhou. In fact, I really wanted to burn the incense. I have been so miserable in the past two years. It ’s okay to end doom early, although I know it ’s just self-consolation.

After mentioning it to his colleagues, he said that it is not recommended to go to Zhoushan. There are many New Year's holidays, and transportation to Zhoushan is not very convenient. The key is that the island has a relatively high consumption. I walked around and told me to burn incense. In fact, Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou is also very smart.

So I gave up Zhoushan in this way, but I still felt a little regretful, aside from burning incense to worship the Buddha and God. I have never been to any local island. I have always envied people who live in Linhai City and want to see Haifen. Minutes, like those of us who live inland, only look at the sea locally during the rainy season each year.

My colleague suggested that I can go to Shaoxing for the first day in two days and then go to Ningbo. Ningbo is also near the sea. I will go to see the sea early in the next day. After that, I will go back to Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou to burn incense. This place will be in a hurry

I said it ’s okay, is n’t it just going out to play, not to mention people like me who ca n’t stop walking around, is n’t it good?

So he turned on Runaway mode again.

Preparation before departure

Toiletries, wipe the face and wipe the face, the camera has been dropped, and the soap God will be given to my Little 5S, ID card must be brought


Hangzhou to Shaoxing, Shaoxing to Ningbo trains, return to Ningbo to Hangzhou High Speed ​​Rail

There are express buses in Shaoxing, which is still very convenient. Ningbo takes buses


I stayed at a pudding hotel in Ningbo. I do n’t remember the exact location. The order was made by a colleague. The conditions are the same.

Day 1 (2015-02-21)

An early colleague came to call me a rough hair, Wenze Road, and then East Station

The distance from Hangzhou to Shaoxing was very close, less than half an hour. The express bus that was taken after leaving the station seemed to be getting off at the Second Hospital. Shaoxing North Station was still a little far from the city, and then took a long walk to Lu Xun. Hometown

I did n’t have breakfast that day and I passed a bun shop on the way to the attraction. The small facade was full and we went in for a fun. It seemed that I was eating soup buns. It's a bit expensive. Some three or four people ate more than a hundred with a breakfast there, but the taste is really good, but unfortunately I forgot the name of the store and forgot to make soap, oh ...

Lu Xun's hometown does not need tickets. It is enough to swipe an ID card, but there are restrictions on the number of visitors per day, but ... if you are a large Chinese New Year, how can you limit the number of people, you can only go forward in small steps.

In fact, it is also a visit to the place where Uncle Zhou lived. I do n’t really call these people. Mostly, I am not a gentleman at all. Such attractions are suitable for taking my dad and their older generations to see. They should be interested

Many people will stand outside the fence and take pictures of every room. When I see a lot of people, I have no interest, and because it rains that day, I really do n’t like traveling on holidays.

After looking at it hastily, I went to the street next to it. It seems that the Sanwei Bookstore is asking for tickets. There are many people at the door. Once the line is S-shaped, there are too many S, and it ’s not a line when you look at it. It ’s just people piled up. When I saw this battle, I hurried my colleagues away from the scene.

There are many snacks in the street, but they are all kinds of fried skewers that can be eaten in any scenic spot. I tasted the legendary fennel beans and a stinky tofu. The so-called fennel beans are actually spices. Boiled white water orchid beans, I still used to call it peas, and it really exudes a strong silky smell from my bones ...

Do n’t forget to tell your colleagues while eating: You said that I eat so much this stuff, will you keep farting in the afternoon?

In exchange, my colleague shook his head helplessly and sighed, and then I conspired to be as rough as hehe hehe he laughed

Muyou went to take the awning boat, and there was this project in the plan, but it came to the place where the boat was. I saw that the ditch was so narrow, the water in the ditch was dark, the boat was small and narrow, and I gave up decisively Now, there are many people everywhere, there is no desire to make soap at all ... In a representative place, take a picture of Mark Soap, and then tell a colleague to quit quickly

Since I had planned only Lu Xun's hometown, I thought I would go shopping for a long time, so I bought a late afternoon ticket to Ningbo. I never expected that my enthusiasm would be consumed by the dense crowd and the dense rain, and the guide colleagues quickly followed Search for other attractions online, so there is a warehouse street in Shaoxing

This is too much for me. The stone road, the feel of the old house, not many people, very quiet

We walked straight from Cangqiao, Lu Xun's hometown, and walked a little tired. Then the weather was not good, so I didn't want to take soap. I found a tea shop, turned on the wifi, and played with my mobile phone for a while. Throw the ham and go to the train station by car

The only one of the few soap tablets that made sense

I lost my cell phone at the station before, and had a sequelae. I was afraid that there would be many people in the station. I always felt that the cell phone would be touched by accident, so I basically held the cell phone in my hand. My colleagues asked me why not In my pocket, I said that your sense of security should be given by others, and my sense of security is my mobile phone.

As a result, I fell asleep on the bus and slid my colleague onto my colleague. He woke me up before getting out of the car and returned it to me, saying that I felt safe to take it away.

Although we have worked very hard, but it was still a little early to the train station, and we went to eat McDonald's, Wufangzhai everywhere, so the waiting hall was so empty. After eating, I went to the ticket gate. I tried to force my colleague to go to the toilet first. I did n’t wait for a minute when I was standing there, and the man ran back. What do you think you urinate so fast? He said that you 2 ah we checked the ticket and also urinate. Then dragged me to the ticket gate, I said that I really aggrieved you, followed by another sloppy smile, alas ... I ’m inhuman

It was already a little dark when I arrived in Ningbo.

It was dark at the hotel. I do n’t know if it ’s my eyes or what ’s wrong. After that day, I felt the sky was much brighter than usual at night.

In fact, I almost went to Ningbo during university internship. At that time, there was a unit recruiting at the school. As a result, the family felt that it was too far away to let me go. I did not expect to come after a few years.

Hurry up now the railway stations in all places are almost the same

I did n’t have a good meal at noon, so I had to make up for it at night. I put something in the hotel and immediately took a look at Meituan. This is a reservation-free place. The name is Korean Cheesecake (Ningbo Drum Tower)

There are a lot of eats nearby, and the small hot pot sells well and tastes good. The cheese sandwich rice cake looks pretty good, but I came up and said something on the end. Hey, look at that one by one. Because every time a colleague hears me use “坨” to describe a thing, it will be amused, so it ’s an instant hahaha again

After eating, I went to Tianyi Square, but it was a bit late. Many shops were closed. My colleague said that he took me to the Old Bund and walked past the Catholic Church to the station.

I do n’t know what it looks like during the day.

When you go to the bar around the street, the old Bund is across. There is no one on the waterfront and it is very quiet.

After standing at the waterfront for a while, I went back to the hotel to rest. The long day was considered to be over.

I haven't seen the Bund, so I think this picture is beautiful

Day 2 (2015-02-22)

I still got up early, I wanted to go to the Drum Tower for a fried meal. Who knows that they closed for the New Year's Eve, and Xiao Yang's fried shop lined up with an elder team, but finally gave up because it was too late to go to the train station.

When I returned to Hangzhou, I did n’t go directly to Lingyin Temple. My colleague took me to Prince's Bay first. He said that I saw someone on the Internet the night before that there was a cherry blossom in Prince's Bay. I wanted to take me to see it, and then it was crowded. Bumps all the way

After I arrived, I did n’t see any flowers. There are far fewer people here than West Lakers.

I didn't see any cherry blossoms after walking around Prince Bay, so I turned to Lingyin Temple

If you want to burn incense, you have to buy the tickets twice. It doesn't add up to being cheap. Who tells me that I still have superstitions occasionally. Besides, it ’s the New Year. When it ’s the time to throw money, I can always find a reason to comfort myself.

The ticket was purchased with three incense sticks. My colleague gave me his incense without asking for anything. So he asked for this and then, wasn't he too greedy? In fact, it's just because in recent years, it has been too rough, and they have suffered themselves, and their parents have also suffered, and they want to let it all go sooner.

Burning the incense is really about to be squeezed into tears, there is no way to go to the Buddha statue to burn, everyone is in the middle of the empty place, incense is worshipped in all four directions, even if it is done, how to see and do everything I feel so ungodly, but I ca n’t help too many people. I can only comfort myself by saying that sincerity is spiritual, sincerity is spiritual.

I ’ve had enough to burn the incense, and you have to fight to bring me the incense

In the end

I felt that there was nothing to go to Shaoxing and Ningbo. I originally wanted to rush to see the sea the next morning, but I was in a hurry. When I stopped, I saw almost all the crowds.

I just hope that Lingyin Temple is really as spiritual as the colleague said


The day before your departure, you finally took some bitter water with me when you took me to Yanguan, and I only knew how wronged you were, but no matter how I helped you to scold and bully you, it seemed to be irritated

Once you and I are willing to be nice to one person, you can be humble to the dust. When you comfort others, you can always say everything. It really happened to you but you still got the horns and could not let go.

I ’m really angry for you, and I ’m really annoyed at night. I ca n’t help but sometimes I ’m so arrogant. I ca n’t stand being bullied by my friends. This is naive and immature. What if I want to be beaten?

I remember how you reluctantly promised me to put on your makeup, and also when you were strangled by my foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and you let me toss just to make me happy, but I do n’t Remember why I was in a bad mood

I just hope you take me to a place where I have n’t been

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