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Xiangshan not only has mountain treasures, but also seafood, it also hides a culturally rich homestay!
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In the small fishing village on the shore of Crab Tongdu, Maoyang Township, Xiangshan County, there is a homestay called Wenlu Yayuan. The owner of the bed and breakfast, a family of five, lives here deeply, silently guarding the peaceful countryside of the four seasons, waiting for tourists passing by to discover the tranquility and remoteness here.

There is a peninsula called "Xiangshan" in the easternmost part of Ningbo, Zhejiang. Xiangshan's southwest gateway is Maoyang Township, where tourism has flourished in recent years. Wenshan Village is a small fishing village famous for fish maw by the crab claw harbor of Maoyang Township. The whole village, with mountains and sea behind, has tender green goose forests in spring, orange yellow rice fields, and gorgeous island forests in autumn; there are ancient ferries, herds of egrets, such as the setting sun, white sails and fishing fires, camphor and small bridges, Ancient villages and natural landscapes complement each other.

A homestay is a scenery, a stay is a trip. Through the city's reinforced concrete and people, people always want to find a special place to settle their bodies and minds. The slow life you want is a daily routine in Wenlu Yayuan. Post-80s Ma Zhen and Shi Lu may have been accustomed to the wildness and laziness of the mountains. As working teachers, they are more willing to associate a lot of time with mountains and rivers, and flowers and trees.

No wonder the white walls and black tiles, the emblem of Wenlu Yayuan will become the most prominent building in this original ecological village. Although the style is very different from the surroundings, it is not obtrusive at all, like a loose pine hidden in the mountains and forests. Mr. Shi ’s father is Shi Yungui, who was once the village head of Wenshan Village. This is the unsophisticated old man. He changed the name of the village to “Wenshan” and used 6 springs and autumns to rewrite the development of the small village. , Gradually introduced the "cultural tourism" industry. It is also this old man with black hair, who has traveled south and north for decades, migrating with flowers, has been a beekeeper for 16 years, and has experienced countless local cultures. Therefore, when designing Wenlu Yayuan, "borrowed" the horse head wall from Huizhou, and "moved" from the Jiangnan water village to the small arch bridge ... every detail, Shi Bobo strives for perfection. In the year when the guesthouse was built, after continuous rework, not so much as this courtyard converted from a private house has the new identity of a guesthouse, but I think it should be more epitomized by the condensed life of Uncle Shi. .

Entering the small courtyard, the eye-catching green vegetation is inadvertently decorated, which looks extraordinarily rustic and fresh and natural, which immediately makes people feel a sense of comfort.

Going further, nearly two hundred authentic works of Xiangshan calligraphy and painting and folk artists are stored in Yayuan, including the works of Teacher Ma.

Teacher Ma is the secretary-general of the Xiangshan Artists Association, the deputy secretary-general of the Xiangshan CPPCC Painting and Calligraphy Institute, and a member of the Zhejiang Artists Association. In recent years, more of his works have been moved to provincial and national art exhibitions for exhibition.

Normally, in addition to taking care of Wenlu Yayuan with his wife, what he is most willing to do is to invite parents to take their children to his studio to inspire children's self-creation inspiration through their years of teaching experience. As long as you look at the nature around the homestay, even a pebble or a wooden post can be painted with a colorful pattern.

The name “Wenlu Yayuan” was coined by Teacher Shi; 11 rooms with various styles, whether they are luxurious big rooms, double rooms, or parent-child rooms, have been given such as Qianmofang, Fuchenju, Yeweiyang ... ... waiting for ancient names.

The large room was covered with wind and white curtains, and the green plants inadvertently glanced were enough to park the tired eyes of urban people. Warm lights, elegant furnishings and comfortable bedding will accompany you to help you sleep well.

The presence of the two teachers injected a unique “fine spirit” into Wenlu Yayuan. Speaking of Shi Lu, a language teacher, from the early stage planning to the later stage propaganda, and of course the daily management, it can be said that the operation of the guesthouse is no delay for her. It even includes tourist routes formulated for guests: such as the 3D painting village's field paradise, between the green mountains and green waters here, a children's fun paradise has been created for children. Together draw a wonderful beat.

Then go to the sea park in front of Huaqiang Village, you can watch the tide rise and fall, you can hear the tidal waves, you can also get close to the tide, catching the sea on the nearly 1,800 acres of beach can always make you full.

Of course, there is a mountain paradise less than 2 kilometers away from Wenlu Yayuan. Hundreds of plum trees follow a climbing trail like a red dragon directly to the sea-viewing platform. There is also Ningbo's first sea-view sightseeing glass path, standing on the glass path. Step by step, more is that you can overlook the sea.

Teacher Shi never worried that many trivial things would keep her busy, because there were mothers and 7-year-old sons who would help her share. Her mother cooked good food, especially the fisherman's unique seafood. The guests who have eaten it all praise her cooking skills.

The son is even more cute and cute. The identity of the little master made him understand that it is his duty to take care of the children who come from afar. The little guy often consciously introduces the Wenlu Yayuan to the guests, and also takes the little friends to play in the farm of Shibobo opposite Yayuan, where there are bright sunflowers and elegant lotus ponds. A pile of vegetable garden is still dripping with fresh dew, and blushing peaches are waiting for you to pick fresh.

Day after day, year after year, the host family runs their own homestay with great care, and strives to create a “refined home in the mountains and the sea”, so that every visitor can taste the fresh and delicious “mountain flavor” Taste the fresh "sea food" and feel the "human touch". Enjoy the culture of the fishing village here, experience the warmth of the farmhouse here, and let the homestay “the culture of culture, enjoy the three flavors” this eternal theme truly enters your heart.

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