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Mid-Autumn Festival Documentary 2019-Cixi Tour (1)
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Keywords: Self-driving on foot

In view of the fact that Mid-Autumn Festival is only half a month away from the National Day holiday, find a place closer to Shanghai and a better hotel, climb the hills and walk by the sea and the lake, spend three days leisurely and comfortably, and recharge. The place is-Cixi. Cixi is less than 200 kilometers away from Shanghai. After crossing the sea bridge, you will find Cixi's beautiful scenery and many good places for hiking. We have been here many times. This time we will be staying at: Cixi Kaiyuan Mingting Hotel; this hotel was Kaiyuan Group's merger and refurbishment of Radisson Hotel last year. The hotel has our favorite indoor pool. Swimming after hiking is the best way to relax your body and mind.
Before leaving, Xiaoli carefully crafted a cheat sheet. Compared with the "S Two Miles" departure tomorrow, I don't know where to focus today (although the plan is clear), the two are really different. .

At 8:30 am on September 13th, all the participants were concentrated in the service area on the north shore of the cross-sea bridge.
The Mid-Autumn Festival Expressway is not free, and the road is abnormally smooth. Lulu actually arrived an hour earlier.

Big Lulu is there. Little Lulu is there. Although it is old, it can still toss.

Everyone arrived one after another.

Naturally again

Except for the belated arrival of the hill family, everything else has arrived.
The troops set out first, and the hills followed.
Fortunately, there is a high German team, everyone's position is clear.

As we approached Cixi, we saw Brother Pan's map, and we gradually approached our destination.

Reached today's first destination-Shanglin Lake Dam.
Brother Pan arrived ten minutes earlier than us. He was always on time every time. He came from Taizhou 100 kilometers farther away than our Shanghai. It was really big Shanghai and Zhejiang!
Due to Lulu's ETC failure, passing the toll station was much slower, and the hills chased up from behind.
The dam is very familiar. Last November, we walked here on the east line of Linhu Lake. We originally planned to return to the place by boat. Later, due to the protection of ecology and water, Linhu Lake was banned from navigation. Suddenly dumbfounded, walking back again, it is estimated that everyone can't move. When he is in trouble, he meets Mr. Qi from Cixi who is fishing here. When he sees a group of us, young and old, he actively proposes to use his car. Ferry our driver to the starting point.

This is a kind person-Mr. Qi.
May good people be safe for life.

This time we placed 2 shuttle buses at the Shanglin Lake Dam so that the driver can ferry to the starting point when walking here.

Then drive 10 kilometers to the starting point of this hike-the small village next to the Yueyao site on the south side of Shanglin Lake.
We parked the car in the parking lot at the village entrance. There were a lot of cars at the Yueyao site (it was difficult to stop since November last year) and we started hiking on the west line of Shanglin Lake.

Very characteristic thatched cottage

About 500 roads in the first section of the western line are easy to walk, all are cobblestone trails. The tree-lined road will be comfortable next week

I will be at the Yueyao site in a while

Shanglin Lake is one of the birthplaces and famous producing areas of Yueyao celadon in China. Shanglin Lake has a long history of firing celadon, which dates back to the late Eastern Han Dynasty and passed the Jin Dynasty, Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Northern Song Dynasty.


Shanglin Lake is not only the center of the Tang and Song Yue Kiln celadon, but also the birthplace of mysterious porcelain

The dirt pit under the shed is the site of the ancient people firing Yue Kiln

Group photo in front of Long Kiln

This is the remains of the lotus core dragon kiln

After the Yueyao site, it is all wild roads. This time we choose a trail to walk along the lake.

Due to the raging Typhoon Liqima, the lake water rose, and many dirt roads along the lake were submerged.

Found a ganoderma

The water in Shanglin Lake is so clear that I really want to go for a swim

The green water of Shanglin Lake is worry-free, wrinkled by the wind. When a refreshing breeze blows, it's nice

Teacher Mu picked up a Ganoderma lucidum and brought it back to the prose. I hope she is as delicate and delicate as Ganoderma lucidum

There was no way by the lake, so I had to retreat

The western route is obviously more difficult than last year's eastern route.

Cixi is the place where bayberry is grown, and bayberry trees are planted on both sides of the lake.


Brother Pan raised his hands!

The first echelon came with information that there was no way to go in the past, and we had to walk through dense thatch and thorns. At this time, we only walked 2 kilometers, less than a quarter of the total distance.
Considering the physical problems, the hills led the troops to retreat and go to the hotel to rest and swim early.

In order to take pictures, Mr. B did not keep up with the retreating army. Mr. Mo was accompanied by the retreat. Because there was no obvious path, Mr. Mu was not very familiar with the use of the six-foot trajectory. As a result, he kept spinning in the dense forest. After seeing their positions in the foot team, they deviated on the trajectory for a while, but fortunately, the return journey was not long, and finally they returned to the starting point safely.
Therefore, the use of six feet and joining the six-foot squad is very important, and it is necessary to play in the wild.
This year's Spring Festival in Qingshan Island, Fujian, the big cat rushed forward, and ran away from the troop trajectory and ran across the hill. At that time, he had neither six feet nor a six-foot squad, and the walkie-talkie was out of power. Return to safety.

The last 6 warriors continued on the original track

It ’s hot, I wash my face in the lake

Video of Six Warriors picnic on a concrete platform by the lake from noon to noon

I want to like Mr. President Jiang. Soon after joining the team, we can already be the first echelon and make rapid progress!

In addition to thorns and weeds in the second half, there are also many good videos.

On the way, I met a pair of donkeys at a farmhouse lunch by the lake.
They warmly invited us to have lunch together.

The farmhouse can be connected to the car here, and asked if anyone wanted to rescue. As a result, 6 people unanimously stated that they would continue to move forward and never look back!
To be continued



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