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[Ningbo · Dongqian Lake] Wasabi bamboo tea is extremely cold
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According to the weather forecast, it might snow this weekend. As a result, it fell on Tuesday. It was over and it was over. I was thinking of enjoying a night snow at Dongqian Lake, huh, huh; or look at the stars on a sunny day, huh. What remains to be appreciated is the "coldness of the Jiangnan". When I was posting on Weibo, I also specially loved that one of my university classmates who had always wanted to switch to Shanghai, "If you have a kind, you will come over", but she answered "I don't have a kind".

Jiangnan Han is famous for Han, but in fact it should not be in the state of Guizhou, Hunan, it is BT Han. Jiangnan's words, although he also scolds every year, is not enough to cry dad and call his mother back to the heating empire. It's just that the heating in the hotel is more disgusting-15 degrees. Do you think I should wear a coat or not? ? ? ? ?

February is the coldest, usually at the beginning of the month and at the end of the month. Looking at the temperature trend this year, it seems that it cannot get cold at the end of the month. The coldest is two days.

Dongqian Lake, similar to the scenery of the West Lake, has a similar geographical location. It is right next to the city, and the ancient bays and lagoons finally turned into freshwater lakes at the foot of the mountain. The difference is that Dongqian Lake is slightly larger (it is said to be the largest natural lake in Zhejiang). There are more pits, different development models in different places, and different feelings can be obtained by going to different lakes.

The lake can be seen from the hotel I stayed in.

On the first day, I went north first, because it was interesting to see some villages in the north-the mountains were round, the village built a circle around the mountain, the main street went around the mountain, and the side streets all pointed to the boardwalk in the water. Earlier, every house had boats, and the shore was full of boats.

First walk to a somewhat desolate scenic spot, Xiao Badaling. The key thing is that I don't know if it has a hair relationship with Badaling or is similar.

But this desolate feeling is what I like. With turquoise tones, barrenness is horrible.

Although it is extremely cold, it is also blooming.

Go to the farmhouse for dinner.

Clam mustard soup, a very novel combination. Usually round clams with bitter gourd.

The mud snails of soy sauce, cyan tincture, the typical taste of Ningbo not relying on the sea.

Villagers still maintain the habit of washing in the lake. Of course, on such a cold day, everyone is wearing rubber gloves. PS went to the center of the village and saw an uncle. He just bought vegetables and returned to the lake to scrub. So this custom is absolutely true.

There are many such purse seine in the village, which are used for fishing.

After catching the fish, hang it up to dry. Although the sun is rare in winter, it is still out. It ’s really dry ... I just changed the smell of X fish and it ’s delicious, but I only ate the Shaoxing version.

Full sun.

The shading method here is the same as Shaoxing. It clicks into a mirror and hangs it. My brain is relatively large and I will think of Picasso's painting. . .

You can also hang on the second floor.

The queen of bacon in Mozhi Village, ha ha ha ha ha ha ...

In the basket.

In other words, you must be careful when wearing Taobao to go to Ningbo. People who have visited the port have a better vision of Internazionale and pick clothes. Along the way, I was thinking "Oh, thankfully I didn't buy this dress" ... "Fortunately, I didn't buy that one" ... In short, some versions are better and can almost reach the point of one person.

From time to time, the village can see old stone pieces being moved for other uses, such as the tombstone trestle, etc. It ’s actually more interesting than doing it for your own job.

When doing landscape design or street design, I always want to put a little "urban furniture" so that I can sit and play so that the street is not boring. Xincheng streets are usually boring. In addition to being too large, there are also reasons for such fewer parts. In the old city, the situation is different. Some cities are boring even if the old city is also a "wall city", but generally speaking, the older the street, the more broken the street, the more interesting the street will be.

The main street goes around the mountain and the side street leads to the lake. This is from the lake to the mountains. The big mansion at the end was good, but it didn't open. When I looked at it, my neighbor thought it was looking for someone.

Drying shoes.

There are still buildings in the village built during the Cultural Revolution, and they are still homes.

The next day changed the road and walked into the mountains. Fuquanshan produces tea, as well as ancient trails, and is now a famous place for running.

You don't need to go to the scenic area to see such a tea garden.

No fog.

Not so green. Green is my P's.

Stone walls and retaining walls are often used here. They are neat and tidy, which is my favorite style.

It's not the season yet.

There is a skeleton in the tea garden and a small coral bead with a tree. Bone formation is one of my favorite landscape materials because the leaves are in the shape of four claws and are very distinctive. By the way, the leaves are paw-shaped and Liquidambar formosana and Liriodendron are also my favorite. PS bone is a kind of holly. The leaves of the branch of the holly branch are oval and spiny. The bone is his younger brother. It is usually called "a kind of holly" and does not make additional distinction.

I don't recognize this, a bright yellow flower can be seen all the way, but it is not a plum.

Then go down the mountain. There is a village in the mountain, Hengjie, which still has the old pattern, but the building has been rebuilt. If they are all old, they will be ruined. If they are completely new, they will depend on how to deal with them. At first it was thought that only by unifying it into black and white and gray can "paint the old town". Later, I went to Mogan Mountain to gain experience. As long as there is a unified guideline, there is no need to die and betrayal with "Jiangnan Wind".

From a distance, there is no money in Moganshan, which may be the reason for the building materials. Other than that, it's the same. It's still Jiangnan.

Way through a bamboo forest.

It's near the village entrance. The village is under the road.

There are several old trails in the village, which are now used for hiking and walking in the mountains is very refreshing-except of course in winter.

Old but not broken. After all, you can go directly to the city from the city, or you can just go backwards.

The eaves are staggered.

A wild grapefruit tree, a grapefruit dropped on the ground, kicked the ball.

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