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Qinshan Village, Jiulong Lake, Ningbo
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For me who was born in Jiangnan Water Village, the distant desert lonely smoke and lone sail far shadow are the scenery that I always yearn for, and as I grow older, I find that what attracts and fascinates me most is the smokers who set up the dusk. .

In the lively city, the traffic flow is weaving, people are hurrying to catch up with time, and once dreams have become out of reach. However, there was always a voice in my heart telling me: slow down, do something you like, stay away from the city, and stay closer to nature. Leaving the bustling city center of Ningbo, and then driving towards Zhenhai for more than half an hour, I slowly walked into this quiet small mountain village. There are no rushing tourists or the hustle and bustle of other tourist attractions. I stayed in a characteristic bed and breakfast, and you can see the beauty of the village by pushing the window. Finally I fell asleep without a dream.

The westernmost side of Jiulong Lake in Zhenhai, Ningbo. This village, called Qinshan Village, is surrounded by mountains on three sides and surrounded by water on the other side. Jiucheng Mountain Forest and Yicheng Farming Field have reservoirs, lakes, and continuous wetlands. Xanadu.

For most people who are accustomed to playing in scenic spots, it is really difficult to imagine that there is such a simple and chic place in the edge of Jiulong Lake and deep in the mountains.

Maolin repairs around bamboo, insects barking in the ears, streams rushing, and flowers outside the windows are rowing away. We chose this homestay located in Qingshan Lvshuijian. It has a very artistic conception and the name "Shanshuiyunjian".

Selecting a room by the mountain stream, after carefully crafted by the designer, six art-themed rooms are hidden under the simple appearance. Remember Li An's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon? Li Mubai and Yu Jiaolong's "Bamboo Sea Fighting Sword", the white figure floating in the green bamboo forest, swaying in the wind and rain, the tough and strong green bamboo, the sword is vertical and horizontal.

Secluded green bamboo, vast as the sea. Many scholars and writers admire the spirit and style of bamboo. Lu You wrote the poem "The bamboos in Xiguang are both suitable, and the bamboos in Xiqiao are even stranger."

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Our impression of the Republic of China comes from the Shili Ocean in Old Shanghai. To this day, many objects at that time have been suspected of being abandoned, lost or sold to the thrift market. Indeed, it is more sad than forgetting to forget.

We are forgetful and affectionate, so there are so many collectors. Whether it is old objects or old photos, the collection is a memory and a wish.

▲ Republic of China style

In front of us, a wide plateau stretches out, and a sparkling river flows through the valley. Looking into the distance, a group of lambs are rushing towards the grass.

In the honey-like sunlight, the galloping horseshoes lifted the dust, as exquisite as a plume of pollen smoke. In the center of the valley, there is a round tent, also called a "yurt", which is as vibrant as a mushroom that suddenly emerges after the rain.

▲ Gale Grass

We don't explore the profound meanings in the "Fantasy Drifting of Youth", and it is enough to make people obsessed with the sublimation of the spiritual world from Ang Lee's use of fantasy visual effects.

The deep and magical blue ocean is as mysterious as the aurora, and the brilliant stars reflect the broad religious teachings that always guide the beings, and never lose faith in life and awe of life.

Yun Beihaisi

In the late Ming dynasty, a thousand-worker step bed was popular in the rich areas around Jiangnan. Because of its time-consuming and complicated workmanship, this bed is also a symbol of family wealth and prominent status.

Babu Hi Bed

When I walked into this theme room, I felt a "travel". The decoration of "flowers blooming and richness" and "blessings and greens" carved on the bed implied beautiful meanings and also pinned their wishes.

Yayoi Kusama: Queen Dot, the Japanese art day, she continues to prove herself with half a century of artistic creation. In her opinion, dots are signals from the universe and nature, and the earth is just one million dots. One.

Repeating waves, not only fashion or decoration, this iconic element with a strong style, emphasizes the eternal and continuous spirit all the time.

There are flowers and grasses, birds and forests in the mountains and clouds. On weekdays, I am free and casual, with friends coming from afar and entertaining me. When I meet like-minded people, I chat for a long time.

The kitchen is free for the guests who stay there, stir-fry a few simple farm dishes, and enjoy the wine. When booking, you can entrust the landlord to contact the local farmers or listen to the landlord's arrangements.

▲ Freshly picked chives from the field are fried and dried from Ninghai

▲ A nutritious clay chicken pot at a glance

▲ Reservoir fish head stewed for three hours

The morning dawn, the evening glory sunset, the starry sky, the flowers full of trails, perhaps, this is the life you want to find!

The countryside should be slow, walking and feeling with a casual mood, walking on the stone road soaked by the rain, watching the little green emerging from the slits, and the mood is dyed colorful. Qinshan Village is not big. It can be completed in as little as an hour, but it is not small. It is worth your two days to walk slowly.

The village is built according to the mountains, and the buildings are high and low. The biggest highlight of the village is that there are currently more than 20 cobblestone houses intact, including the main house, kitchen, stove, etc., and even chicken coops, fences, and creeks are also built with cobblestones.

The impression given by the village can be described in a few words: "quiet", "plain" and "pure". Life in the village has a sense of fireworks and a sense of vulgarity.

In recent years, the local government has invested heavily in the environment of Xikeng, built hiking trails, and set up a tourist service center in the village.

The only book in the village, don't have a mood of reading in the beautiful landscape.

Bicycles can be rented in the book bar. The village is very clean and tidy. It is a very pleasant thing to ride in the village and accompany the evening breeze.

The village has two reservoirs in the north and south. The reservoir in the north is called Moon Lake Reservoir and the sanshengdian reservoir in the south.

Sanshengdian Reservoir

The water in the two reservoirs is very clear. I met many people who drove over to fish.

Liangtian, Qingxi, Mulberry, Qingshan, ancient houses, honest and kind farmers, here you can listen to the stream flowing through the ears, you can feel the gentleness of the stone-filled walls, or take a deep breath, Embracing nature.

Walking along the north side, you can see the charming Moon Bay Reservoir. If you walk over, you can take the trail and you can see several blue houses, which is very suitable for taking pictures.

Moon lake reservoir

Come to Qinshan Village, stay for two nights, give your mind a vacation, quietly feel the reincarnation of the four seasons, breathe the most natural air, and live up to the time you yearn for.

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