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Three Days Farm House
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On the last weekend of August, the summer season is coming to an end, and it is also the vacation period. I came to Tianhe Village with my friends for a three-day farm stay and spent two nights in a farmhouse called "Bishuipan". In three days, I played three attractions: Qiantong Ancient Town , Qixin Valley and Shili Hongzhuang Cultural Park . First, let's talk about Tianhe Village, the first village in eastern Zhejiang.

The whole village is in the form of farmhouses, with health and livability as a breakthrough point, and has made great efforts to develop the homestay industry. There are currently 49 homestays in the village, with 36 in operation and nearly 800 beds.

Tianhe Village , with beautiful scenery and mountains and rivers, is located at the southern end of Shuangfeng Forest Park. The park has more than 10,000 acres of natural long green broad-leaved forest. As high as 91.5%, the air is rich in high concentrations of negative oxygen ions and the trees emit resin sterilizing essences with bactericidal effects, which are natural "oxygen bars" and "forest baths."

East Zhejiang Village, Tianhe. In recent years, the construction of the village appearance of Tianhe Village has been closely centered on the "fu culture"


With dragonfly

With flowers

Have fruit

There are small bridges and flowing water

Samsung play chess

Tianhe Village at dusk

Tianhe Village is based on the natural scenery of the eastern Zhejiang Grand Canyon, based on the essence of Taoism and Taiyue culture, and features green mountains and green waters, strange peaks and rocks, stream waterfalls, virgin forests and blessed culture The experience zone has set a good example for the farmhouses in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

Qiangua Street in Qiantong Ancient Town's "Huizi" structure. When it comes to the ancient town of Jiangnan, it must be connected with the bridge. It seems that this is the only way to match. Qian Tong is also a small bridge running water people, but has a different view. The ex-child gives us more, its vicissitudes of beauty, the most perfect tranquility.

The streets are paved with pebble, and the foundations are mostly made of pebble. The streets are extremely narrow and the buildings are extremely dense.

The village is arranged according to the "Hui" word Jiugong Bagua style. The ancestor of the surname Tong introduced the Baixi water to the village according to the gossip principle, and the water in the stream was circulating from house to house.

Ivy's white walls and black tiles, stone perforated windows, carved beams and painted gates, show the former prosperity in the desolation. When you walk into the houses of the ancient town, you can see the wood carvings on the eaves and the stone carvings on the windows.

The old street is lined with shops with long facades. Adjacent to the old street is a group of ancient buildings that have been fully preserved to this day. The doors and windows of Liangye are full of carvings. The exquisite Yueyu horse head wall and ridge plastic wall flower have a unique local style.

Although it does not have the reputation of Zhouzhuang and the scale of Wuzhen, it is unique in that it does not contaminate the commercial smell and retains the tranquility and simplicity of the ancient town. It is also the location where the late oil painter Chen Yifei's unfinished film, The Barber, was filmed.

As early as 2006, the relevant departments kept red koi and carp in the streams. None of the villagers caught them. Instead, they spontaneously raised some fishes. The streams where the fish swim in groups have also become a unique landscape of the ancient town. .

The heart of Qixin Valley Scenic Spot, the closest secret valley in East China to the sea, is located on the shore of Sanmen Bay on the eastern coast of Zhejiang Province. It is densely forested, with beautiful stones, and waterfalls cascading. Intertwined here.

Stepping on a stone path, as if looking through a fresh volcanic history textbook, after ten million years, the dark face of basalt has not changed, only the passing years and years have changed.

The holder's hand walks the sea of ​​flowers, and walks past the shoulders of his lover

Cliffs, waterfalls, collapsed rocks, all show the world's magical powers to the world

The world's red makeup looks at China, and the Chinese red makeup looks at Ninghai.

Let ’s start with an ancient legend: It is said that Emperor Nankai, Zhao Gou of Kang, was chased by Jin Bing to Xixiang, Ningbo. A farm girl covered Kang with a basket on the field, and Jin Bing was deceived. After King Kang was rescued, he explained the true identity to the girl and promised: "When my regime is stable, send someone to carry the girl to the palace to repay the life-saving grace." And agreed to rely on the bellyband as long as the bellyband is hung at the door Just fine. The next year, King Kang came to look for benefactors. As a result, there was a girl's house in the village, and an abdomen hung at each door. The emperor and the messenger could not judge which girl was the real benefactor, nor could the emperor's promise be fulfilled. The emperor had to make a decree of the Tao. "East Zhejiang women dominate the king." Women can enjoy the treatment of a princess when they marry. Fengguanxiaxia, dowry can carved dragons and phoenixes, giving Zhejiang East marriage customs the legal status of enjoying princess wedding treatment.

From then on, the women in eastern Zhejiang get married and enjoy the half-paying ceremony. The bride can be crowned with phoenix, and the dowry can be carved with dragons and phoenixes, painted with gold, and become more luxurious.

In the design of the internal and external walls and roof of Shili Hongzhuang Cultural Park , a large number of "tile walls" and "stone walls" have been used. The practice of (abandoned bricks, tiles, and stones), as well as bamboo mats and wood , complement each other with modern glass and steel , giving the cultural park a natural ancient charm .

The Cultural Park takes “Shili Red Makeup Style Exhibition” as the theme and Shili red makeup marriage custom as the main line. It has set up six themed exhibition halls and three temporary exhibition halls, which display more than 1,300 collections.

"Ten Miles Welcome to Marriage" Hall

"鎏 金 鎏 彩 · 奁 奁" hall

"Dongfanghuazhu · Hung Hom" Hall

"Yixiangyingying · Female Red" Hall

The lively scene of Shili Red Makeup has become history. The situation of women who has been passed down for thousands of years has completely changed, but all the lifestyles and living spaces that have made ancient women cry, hate, love, and glorify have been eastern Zhejiang culture. important parts of.

The three-day itinerary was over quickly, enjoy the scenery all the way, and go home

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