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Ctrip Weekend Experience: Flowers and flowers under Dapeng Mountain
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I was fortunate to be taken to the Dapengshan Grand Hotel for a weekend trip experience. I learned that in Cixi, a 2-hour drive from Shanghai, there is a mountainous mountain range with lush forests, mountain views, and the vast East China Sea. From here, it is said that you can sail to fairyland from here Penglai was named "Da Peng Mountain".

In 210 BC, Emperor Qin Shihuang came here to find the elixir of life, and Xu Fu crossed Japan from here.

Hidden in the Jiangnan courtyard under the Dapeng Mountain, you can't hide the spring in the garden

Cixi Dapengshan Hotel is located at the bottom of Dapeng Mountain, surrounded by mountains and lakes, and divided into South District and North District. The northern district is a modern high-rise building, while the southern district is a Ming and Qing courtyard standing in the spring in the south of the river.
After checking in from the North District, the road to the South District by battery car is like a space-time tunnel. Time slowly returns to the spring of Jiangnan thousands of years ago, with small bridges and flowing flowers, and the atmosphere of spring permeates the air.
Stepping into the courtyard where you live, a large Begonia is in full bloom, just like the light rain on Saturday, the picture is full of ancient charm, like the verse "light rain spots, moist begonia, faint red tallow faded; late Short-distance, cowardly and windy, swaying into a sleepy spring. "
Open the carved wooden door with the heavy-duty texture keys and the period-style brass locks. The unique and high-end open space unique to a single house is elegant and elegant. Even the light scattered by Chinese-style quaint lamps and lanterns appears slow and long, creating a long-lost tranquility. On one side of the hall is the middle hall, while on the other side is a beautiful woman who collapses, and the image of the ancient woman lying softly on the side can not help but appear luxurious and luxurious. Exquisite blue-and-white porcelain and porcelain are waiting for guests. Open the tea box with West Lake Longjing and Jin Junmei, and make a pot of tea to relieve fatigue. If the weather is fine, move the tea table to the backyard, and don't have a pot of tea or a book. The bathroom in the guest room is spacious and tidy, the Wei Li washing device is intimate and comfortable, and the deep red wooden box is carefully placed with toiletries. The toiletries are packed by L'Occitane, which is not as impressive as the begonia on the sink!

The begonia still drenched with the drizzle of spring was taken from the tree begonia in the front yard, and asked the housekeeper that it was so! The intention created by this intention is indeed surprising and delightful.

In the bedroom, a carved bed of the Ming and Qing dynasties occupies most of the space. The blue and white veil reveals a faint ancient charm, and the bedding is comfortable and soft for a good night's dream. Opening the backyard door, the flowers and trees rockery pool in front of you are all exclusive views. Because it is a rainy day, the clouds and mist on the green hills in the distance are like a fairyland, and the white walls are close to the tile. The beauty of the images can be less than one-tenth of the immersive. There is a separate bubble pool in the backyard of the guest room.

Take a tour of the classical Ming and Qing gardens and experience the many customs of spring in Jiangnan

In the garden, red willows and green flowers, corridors and bridges intersect, and the scenery is wide. Large expanses of lawns are green, with a large area but few people. During the walk, one can enjoy the spring and the years quietly. The white wall and black tiles are hidden in this grass and a tree. In the spring, the sunlight of temperature passes through the forest and jumps over the flowers and grass on the white wall. Along the garden all the way up, several small wooden houses strewn in between, and the blue sky beneath the height seemed to be within reach, and Dapeng's landscape was in front of the building. The wooden house villas surrounded by trees are built on the mountain, revealing the natural rural feelings everywhere, as if walking into the American village.

What to do around the hotel

1. Visit the Buddhism Temple on Xianfo Valley and look at the scenery of Penglai

Check-in at Dapeng Mountain Hotel includes the Dapeng Mountain Scenic Package, which includes the Fairy Valley Valley Scenic Area and Lakeland Park. The Xianfo Valley Scenic Area is about 10 minutes' drive from the hotel. The scenery along the way is good. The unrecognizable pink flower tree blooms along the way, and the spring breeze blows. The light petals are flying in the air, beautiful. I can't help but take a picture.

Along the way, I will see many cyclists. When I asked, it turned out that this was the first race lane in Zhejiang Province for mountain bike training and cycling, and all the way through shrubs, bamboo forests, metasequoias, etc. Unfortunately, there were no rental bicycles local!

The location of Xianfo Valley Scenic Area near the top of Penglai Mountain is said to be the place where the fairy and the Buddha coexist. The Buddhist temple that surrounds the mountains and waters stands quietly here, full of aura. When most temples in China are full of commercial atmosphere, noisy tour guide horns, and excessive incense are not so comfortable, the Buddhist Temple still maintains a quiet and simple temperament, as if it has not yet entered a modern baptism. When I arrived in the morning, it coincided with the monk's singing, the empty valley Brahma, the melody and shock! One cannot help but sigh, "Sometimes you have to be religious, some you have to be respectful." Xufu Cultural Park is another attraction in Xianfo Valley besides the Buddhist Temple. Dongdu site Qin Duyu was reconstructed here, Xufu Dongdu cliff carvings, alchemy cave, Xiaoxiu cave and other relics were renovated, and the Qifu Pavilion was newly built.

2. Take a tour around Lakeland and travel around the world in 80 days!

Huanhu Lake Paradise is located on the bank of Xiajiao Lake at Dapeng Mountain, opposite to Dapengshan Hotel. It can be reached by walking for 2 or 3 minutes. The park covers an area of ​​250 acres and is a natural and humanistic theme park that skillfully integrates natural landscapes, history and humanities with modern amusement. It takes famous buildings and monuments from all over the world as its main line, spans the East and the West, ancient and modern in time and space, and focuses on the customs, scenery, places and natural mysteries of various countries and regions in the world. Here you can feel the sweet and warmth of the Aegean Sea, the deep mystery of the Brazilian rainforest, the elegance and solemnity of the Arc de Triomphe, the gentle flow of the Angkor phantom, the grandeur of the ancient Egyptian pyramids ... there are also fantastic Treasure Island carousels in the amusement park , Alice ping bee, wonderful Brazilian rainforest rafting, thrilling Caribbean pirate ship and other recreational facilities. More importantly, these rides are almost free of charge with the joint ticket gift from Da Peng Shan Hotel! I won't say I played bumper cars in 4 or 5 rounds!

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