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Participated in 2015 Ningbo International Tourism Exhibition
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I saw in the newspaper a few days ago that the 2015 Ningbo International Tourism Exhibition will be held at Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center from September 3-5. And the exhibitor Chen Rong was strong, and there were various preferential activities, and he won a golden prize ... etc. The newspaper also introduced several types of ticket purchase guides: official fares of 50 yuan each, at the same time issued a large number of free tickets at major designated travel agencies, there are 1 yuan tickets: there are two main ways, follow the official WeChat I bought the fist product of the same journey for -1 yuan, and I chose the more convenient one.

On the 3rd, I wanted to accompany my wife to watch the 70th anniversary parade at home, so I ordered it on the app for 4th.

The residence is a long way from the International Convention and Exhibition Center. Two buses were changed on the way and it took more than an hour to arrive. The tourism exhibition is located in Halls 7 and 8 of the Convention and Exhibition Center, with a total of 800 booths.

After changing to a physical ticket at the ticket office with the "Same Trip" text message, they passed the security check and entered the venue. The enthusiasm of Ningbo citizens to visit the tourism exhibition was extremely high, and all the booths were crowded. The flow of people at the venue was very high. There are also more than 300 exhibitors, covering upstream and downstream industries such as tourism agencies, travel agencies, hotels, scenic spots and airlines in various provinces and cities. Various travel agencies have launched many cheap travel products and discounts. For example, a one-day domestic short-term tour of 1 yuan, some booths also have a lottery and spike activities.

China Eastern Airlines offers a lot of discounts, such as from Ningbo: 1,000 yuan for a round-trip ticket to Jinggang in Japan and 600 yuan for Taipei.

While walking, I suddenly saw "Ctrip." Although there were no other booths arranged to show off and there were fewer people, there was always an indescribable intimacy. After seeing the introduction of the group tour in Zhejiang Hengdian on the 2nd and 1st night, the group fee was only 388 yuan, and it included tickets to the four major scenic spots and ten Dream Valleys, as well as 1 breakfast and 2 dinners. The discount rate is relatively large, so I did not hesitate to sign the agreement on the spot, but there was a problem when paying. I couldn't swipe the card to pay at the scene, and I happened to have no cash. At this time, I thought of using the APP, the user logged in to "My Ctrip", and immediately finalized the order number: 1458185435, Zhejiang Hengdian 2 days and 1 night with a group tour (2 diamonds), including four attractions + Dream Valley tickets. After that, Ctrip staff were very kind and gave a lot of small gifts.

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