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InterContinental Ningbo, indulge in food and beauty
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I have been to the city of Ningbo several times. The first time I arrived in the late autumn evening, the sunset was beautiful that day; the second time I went there in the spring morning, and the weekend was wonderful; the third time was summer In the afternoon, the breeze of Dong Qian Lake. Every time I have a lot of gains, no matter if I visit friends or work on a business trip, I always feel that I can have a different feeling with this Jiangnan water town and seaport city.

In the afternoon at Dongqian Lake, the breeze was habitual, and the weather in the early spring was a little bit cold. The line was taken by the reeds by the lake, and occasionally the birds that were looking for food by the lake were fluttered and flew to the distance.

On the weekend, there are not many people by the lake. In addition to the hustle and bustle from the water park in the distance, there are only branches swaying in the wind.

Occasionally three or two pedestrians walked by, and the rest was only peaceful.

Under the treetops, there is a docked small harbour. The nearby villagers docked two wooden boats, shaking in the spring breeze, and a wave of flowers bloomed.

The sun in the distance slowly set, and the golden afterglow was shining on the lake, sparkling.

Later, after two villagers, only a simple greeting to know that he prepared to go home by hand, and the woman behind her may be her relatives!

They seemed to be talking, and I couldn't understand a word, but when the ship was gone, the sea of ​​women on the shore was still watching until it disappeared into the distance.

The lone boat left, perhaps waiting for its owner, was shaking left and right, similar to what it was calling.

The back of the uncle went away, which made me a little pity. As we live in this world, do we always have separation? When the ship disappeared before my eyes, I silently left the water. At this moment, the evening glow red sky.

First sight: InterContinental Ningbo

Perhaps it also has the scenery of the Jiangnan water village and the Wuyue culture. I have a different kind of emotion towards Ningbo. After coming here a few times, I started to like this city because of a certain person, certain thing, or a certain scenic spot, a certain hotel.

The first time I visited Ningbo Intercontinental Hotel, I felt familiar and kind. Maybe because of the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the room, you can see the scenery of Luohe River at a glance; Everywhere I go, I always feel familiar and pleasantly surprised.

Cozy rooms, warm as home

After check-in, we arrived in the room smoothly, with a warm and comfortable environment, large floor-to-ceiling windows, delicious and lovely desserts. The air-conditioning in the room was just right. Pack your luggage, take off your jacket, lie on the soft large bed, and take a short rest.

Neat bathroom, comfortable bathtub, after a busy day, you can take a beautiful bath and enjoy the quietness of being alone. Fully automatic toilets and seated showers provide guests with meticulous service.

Specialty restaurant, exquisite cuisine

I prefer the Chinese restaurant at Ningbo Intercontinental Hotel. It has a strong Chinese style and feels particularly elegant. At first sight, I thought I had entered the ceramics museum, and all kinds of beautiful ceramics were arranged in an orderly manner. The scarlet walls and stools make Ren look particularly solemn.

The hand-made embroidered cloak, rich in traditional Chinese colors, has not yet touched it, but has already felt its grace and elegance.

The scarlet stool, the azure wall-cylinder, the small fish swimming around, walking in the restaurant, I seemed to be in a certain exhibition hall.

The Chinese restaurant on the third floor serves delicious and high value dishes. The restaurant's private rooms are named with different brand names, ranging from light blue to the ocean, to Chinese-style vermilion rooms. After a long walk, I came to the private room of "Xinghuatian", and the waiter had already prepared delicious dishes, and started serving after seated.

The chef not only considers the nutritional mix of the dishes, but also makes great efforts on the shape of the dishes. Each dish is beautifully decorated and embellished, which can also satisfy the visual experience in the taste bud enjoyment. For example, the following alpine matsutake soup is served with xiaolongbao. The beautiful purple sand pot is filled with delicious matsutake soup, and the production of xiaolongbao is also more particular.

Black truffle morel stuffed with flowers

Jiangnan Taohua Ying Yu Zi

Hand playing ice boom

Dalei spring bamboo shoots pork

Red Lime Hardcore Yam

Rice with fish

Sweet Dream Wonderland

Gym and swimming pool

In the afternoon, the temperature-controlled swimming pool level is like a mirror, reflecting the blue elegance of the hotel. Swimming slowly by oneself is also a great enjoyment. The gym is right next to the swimming pool and can be seen through the glass. Whether on vacation or business, you can't live up to such a good environment and facilities.

Delicious buffet dinner with steak and lobster

I have a buffet dinner in the evening. Seafood and grilled steak are my favorites. There is some romantic atmosphere in the dim environment. I gather here with my three or five friends and slowly taste wine and steak.

After dining, you can go to the lobby bar or the executive lounge. In this environment, it is also good to talk about work and life.

The restaurant on the first floor offers delicious breakfast and buffet dinner, and a variety of delicious dishes are waiting for you. The architectural pattern in the middle of the restaurant is an intriguing large steamer. If it hadn't been for the guidance of the staff, I wouldn't have discovered it, but if you look closely, it feels great.

Breakfast is also quite varied, with various breads and fruits, as well as pasta and desserts.

I stopped at this position on the third floor for a long time, and saw many people coming and going, but also the lobby manager who always kept smiling and the busy cleaning aunt.

That delicious health soup still made me feel endless.

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