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[Canada] Experience the understated luxury of Westin Ningbo
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During a business trip to Ningbo, my colleague recommended me to stay at a hotel in West Ningbo-Westin. To be honest, I am a member of the IHG Group, a loyal fan of his family, and rarely stay at SPG Sheraton Group hotels. However, my colleague said that the hotel is very new. It only opened in 2012. How tall is the high-end 5-star hotel of SPG Group. I invite you to experience it. He was tickled and decided to experience the legendary low-key luxury. But look at the price on the official website is also hot, close to 1,000 yuan, more than the travel budget! After several rounds, my colleague finally helped move in at a company's agreed price.

Since it is a tall hotel, the location is naturally the best location in Ningbo. No. 75 Rixin Street, Haishu District, Ningbo! In fact, it is Tianyi Square, directly opposite the Tesco supermarket! The hotel is not far from the train station. Taxi came over yesterday and it was only 15 yuan. It is about a 25-minute drive from Ningbo International Airport.

When I arrived at the hotel, the first thing I encountered was the concierge service. The taxi had just stabilized, and the luggage came over to help open the door and help me get my suitcase. However, the luggage was unaccompanied, and he took the initiative to help me bring it to the front desk. This impression is a bit lost, of course, I don't care too much, because the luggage is too enthusiastic, I will also be a bit restrained, always hesitating, should I spend for the waiter? Ha ha.

As the revolving door entered the lobby, the gorgeous background wall at the front desk was quite eye-catching. The height of the entire lobby is not particularly tall and large, but it is just right. Glancing around the lobby in a hurry, they went through the formalities. The lady at the front desk who went through the formalities looked pretty and was very NICE friendly, but did not feel particularly warm and smiled sincerely! Perhaps the low-key luxury that my colleagues talk about is not the service, but the hardware.

At the entrance of the lobby, the most eye-catching entrance was a visit to the "Bed of Heaven" in a guest room, set up like a bedroom model room. Several guests asked around where the bed was. Presumably it was sold on site. Because I was late at the hotel, I did n’t have time to explore more information. But after returning to the room, I found that the hotel had an introduction about their Heavenly Bed. Looked at the price, it's good, I must imagine the price to be affordable. More than 11,000 yuan, including mattresses and entire bedding. Somewhat upset in my heart, I renovated two years ago and bought a mattress long ago. I also spent 12,000 yuan to buy a mattress. The problem is that the other has nothing to give away, no bedding.

(The big bed in the picture, I look away from each other)

(Closer look at the Heavenly Bed)

When I walked to the guest room elevator, I found a beautiful flower shop next to each other. The arrangement and packaging of each bouquet are particularly tangible. This is not common in hotels. The flower shop is closing, and I can't allow me to appreciate it carefully. When I come here, I have to work hard.

Elevators need to be swiped to get up. Many high-star hotels are like this, so they are low-key and luxurious. Are they installed and guaranteed? In other words, the speed of the elevator is very fast, and it is very stable. When I stepped out of the elevator, I found that the floor I was staying on was considered an executive floor. So stepping in is not a guest room area, but a rest area. It's actually a big circle of sofas. However, because it is facing Tianyi Square, it will meet friends and guests in this leisure area. It is also good to chat. Look at the night view by the way.

(Looking down at the rest area)

The privacy of the rooms is good and the space planning is reasonable. When you step into the room, what you see is not the big bed you are familiar with, but a luxurious, low-key, mottled and bright whole marble backdrop. However, I personally feel that it is always weird. I don't think I like the small partition of the basin.

Does this small basin let the guests return and wash their hands in the golden basin? Ha ha. Take a closer look, if there is no water, it is purely decorative.

Come with me to visit the rooms. There are paintings everywhere in the guest room.

There is a row of wardrobes on the right side of the foyer. The mirror in the corner of the wall is just right, isn't it very personal? If you like this style, you can consider home decoration. A row of large mirrors can have the visual effect of expanding the space. But the bedroom is not suitable for putting a mirror, according to Feng Shui. If there is such a space as this hotel, you might as well do the same.

I stayed in a hotel and had the highest requirements for sleep. Of course I can't wait to see how this bedding is. At first glance, it was the one shown in the lobby downstairs. This time I have time to look and feel the bed carefully. A closer look, it really deserves its name, feels like it, the quilt feels silky and silky. I don't know what the fabric is, but it is really high quality. The mattress was pressed by hand, so thick and soft. So just lie down and see how it is, great, it feels like being in a cloud pile.

Because of curiosity, I opened the mattress and looked at it carefully, with the logo of the Sheraton Group printed on it. It is estimated that the mattress was specifically customized by the manufacturer, not a certain brand that is usually used in hotels. It's so soft that the top layer has a sponge layer of about 6-7 cm.

There are 5 pillows, 2 large ones, 2 small ones, and a pillow, which can meet the preferences of different guests. The smaller one I slept with, this one is softer.

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