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# 自驾游 体验 师 # [Songlan Mountain Seaview Hotel] Binhai + ancient city, swimming in the mountains and playing in the water, go quiet by the sea ~~
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When the city in mid-summer is looking out through the window, it is a leisurely and comfortable blue sky with white clouds and endless cicadas, but the customer experience after going out is noisy exposure, fast pace, sweating ... back to the good weather outside the window A moment's surprise is no surprise: it's time to go out and walk!

Follow Ctrip's official WeChat tour and participated in the Ctrip Self-driving Tour Experience Trainer activity. We are fortunate to be the experience trainer of this experience event! Super Experience Package: Ningbo Songlanshan Seaview Hotel + Songlanshan seaside resort + scenic Xiangshan movie

So happy to go to the beach for vacation ~~~ [From Shanghai]

[Recommended itinerary]

Plan A, Day1: Shipu Ancient Town + Seafood Street Food-Hotel + Waterfront Crazy Day2: Xiangshan Film & Television City-Return

Plan B, Day 1: Xiangshan Film & Television City + Seafood + Hotel + Waterfront Crazy Day2: Seaside Meditation Tour-Return

[Trip details]

Day1: Depart from Shanghai at 10:00, arrive at Shipu at 14:00, go to Straits Square for a simple lunch, and visit the ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port;

17:00: Enjoy delicious seafood dinner in Shipu, head to the hotel at 18:30, and walk to the beach to relax after check-in

Day2: Breakfast, go to Xiangshan Film and Television City, play time is about 3 hours (bicycle play + visit to each attraction), return

Sketch map of some scenic spots in Xiangshan:

Eat in Shipu, living in Songlanshan, tour play Recommended: Shipu fishing port city, Chinese fishing village, Songlanshan seaside resort, Xiangshan movie

【traffic control】

1. Self-driving tour: Sister Zhiling is easy to navigate, so I won't repeat the route here; I need 3-4 hours from Shanghai

2. High-speed rail + bus: You can take the high-speed rail to Fenghua, Ningbo, and even Hangzhou Station and then transfer to Shipu (East Station) or Dancheng Passenger Center. The passenger center has a direct bus to the hotel, which is very convenient ~

3. Direct bus: You can take a direct bus from Shanghai to Xiangshan and Shipu, then transfer to the hotel and various scenic spots

【Hotel Overview】


1. Drive to Songlan Mountain Scenic Area. After the entrance to the area, drive to the hotel in two minutes. There is a large hotel sign on the side of the road-Seaview Hotel

2. Take the Xiangshan 11 bus to the terminal "Songlan Mountain" and get off to see the hotel ~

After entering the scenic area, there are road signs and instructions:

★ Hotel appearance

At first sight, it was really great, there was a large lawn in front, and the greening was great! As a hotel on the beach, I like 4 points!

It is still recommended to stay at a hotel in the scenic area for a beach vacation. You can play freely in the sea and play on the beach boldly. You do n’t have to worry about dragging your salty body to find a hotel after playing.

Stepping into the lobby, there is a strong atmosphere of marine culture, a miniature of beach play;

The hotel waiters are very professional, with a gentle and friendly attitude, and the check-in and check-out processes are very fast.

Lobby lounge area:

Corner of the lobby:

The cleaning aunt in the lobby is always "action". Because the beach resort hotel, guests always take the sand back to the store for cleaning. In order to ensure that the hotel is always refreshing and clean to the guests, the aunts are extra careful.

Baby exclusive activity area, children can play very high here

Afternoon tea restaurant on the first floor of the hotel: Have a casual chat with friends and family here for a pleasant afternoon

The food is here-the spacious and bright first-floor restaurant, full of dishes and thoughtful service, the brother is super enthusiastic! Zan Zan Zan ~~~

Finally arrived in the room, the legs were too soft, and I pushed the door to see such a small and fresh room.

The room is fully equipped, warm and comfortable, and the small items are thoughtful and thoughtful

The scenery outside the window is beautiful, lying on the bed and looking at the blue sky, contented, instantly lazy, lying on the bed do not want to move ~~

The morning run route and travel guide placed by the hotel are very intimate and thoughtful:


★ Songlan Mountain Holiday Resort

In front of the hotel's street sign, there is a boarding and alighting seat at the 11th bus stop. At the same time, there is a shuttle bus from the scenic area to the parking lot outside the scenic area ~~
In the past, it was a parking lot. There was ample parking space, which was convenient.

From here to the left is a lively beach with jet skis! There are many people and a lot of delicious shop stalls. Children's entertainment paradise. Blue cat children's carnival amusement park is here ~~ There is tap water on the beach, which is very convenient ~~

The sand on the beach to the right is more delicate, the sun is good, the beach is comfortable, the sea breeze is blowing, and the mood is comfortable! Stepping on the waves by the sea and digging in the sand is a lot of fun ~

Natural beach bath, after enjoying the enthusiasm of the sea, of course, you have to eat again and again ~~~

Children's entertainment paradise to send blue cat children carnival amusement park

★ Xiangshan Film and Television City

Related tips:

1. Scenic sightseeing

Sightseeing car (10 yuan / person): advantages: mature sightseeing lines, no effort and effort; disadvantages: many people on weekends and holidays, long waiting time! Of course, the tour is not self-help

Bicycle (60 yuan / 3h / time for small cars, up to 3 people; 200 yuan / 3h / time for large cars, up to 6 people)

Advantages: Free itinerary for self-guided sightseeing, human-powered driving is a lot of fun ~~

Disadvantages: Finding a way is a mental task, and many roads indicated on the map are not open to traffic.

2. Scenic traffic

I wo n’t talk about driving by myself. What you need to pay attention to is public transportation. The line: Any station to Xinqiao Bus Station, then transfer to a private car, about 15-20 yuan / car, multiple people can share a car; Arriving at the car, the fishing port people are very enthusiastic!

Note : There is a direct bus to the south gate of Film Studio, BUT, and the ticket office is at the north gate! Comrades, please do n’t go to the South Gate for the sake of public transportation. It ’s a long way from the South Gate to the North Gate.

3. Scenic ticket exchange

The special Ctrip ticket exchange channel is very convenient-the ticket exchange office can store small luggage and a seating area, which is very convenient!

Quickly enter the film and television city and go through it once, Jin Yong culture, ancient charm of spring and autumn, Qin and Han style, immersed in the martial arts world, experience the ancient style, it is simply unforgettable ~~

Bicycle, car rental business is very popular, weekends and holidays without any decisive rental car! Do not hesitate to take a car ~

There is a water splashing festival in the scenic area before September 5th! Cool carnival ~

Looking at the tower from afar, the stories of chivalrous spirits emerge one by one in the head

It's too hot and looks slightly deserted

Throwing Hydrangea:

There are many performances here, and time is difficult to grasp. Don't miss the children's shoes that like to take pictures. The whole city is a paradise for taking pictures ~~

★ Other recommendations

The ancient city of Shipu Fishing Port strolls around, the old streets and alleys are mysterious and charming; "Half is seawater, half is the ancient city", "City is in the port, mountains are in the city" seafood kingdom

The fishing boats that are brushed together are like a fleet. For the children's shoes that I first arrived at the fishing port, facing the fishing boats on the sea, I ca n’t help but be in awe. Very spectacular ~

Recommended spots: Straits Square & Shipu Ancient Town

Shipu Ancient Town:

Visit the Ming and Qing architecture, fishing culture, and coastal defense culture here ... see the art of bronze people, and the folk customs of the ancient city

★ Beautiful scenery along the way

When the car ran on the mountain path, the passing green electricity poles seemed to drift away as usual. Simple cottages, gravel debris on the roadside, no one's tranquility and openness; stranded fishing boats, rolling hills, slightly sloshing water, emptying your feelings, is probably the purple sauce.

Passing the Hangzhou Bay Bridge: The colorful guardrail is a beautiful scenery with a pleasant mood

Well, after reading this travel note, if you also want to be like us, become a Ctrip experience

Then quickly scan the QR code below, pay attention to the official WeChat signal of Ctrip, and follow the weekly activities of Ctrip. Hope you are as lucky as me!

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