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Green self-driving tour: Zhejiang and Shanghai with Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric
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Counting that he has lived in Shanghai for more than 10 years, he has always been infected by the rapid development of the city and the unique Shanghai style. And the nearby Zhejiang has always been the first choice destination for its surroundings. The Jiangnan water village and book atmosphere are probably the impression that Zhejiang has left in my mind.

This time I was especially fortunate to follow a Shanghai-Zhejiang trip started by the "Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric" team. With the slogan "Dongfeng Nissan, e road forward", we will go from Shanghai all the way to Zhejiang, go to Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, and finally return to Shanghai. It takes 1,300 kilometers to complete the entire mileage. On the one hand, it is self-driving, and on the other hand, it is to test the performance of Xuanyi · Pure Electric on long-distance travel.

Now let's introduce the protagonist of our trip: Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric, which is the first pure electric vehicle of a Chinese joint venture brand, which means that it is a pure green energy vehicle different from the previous hybrid electric vehicle. NISSAN has a 70-year history of electric vehicle manufacturing, and has never had a major battery accident in its 4 billion cumulative miles. It can be said that it has a long history and is trustworthy.

The interior of the car is stylish and full of technology

You ca n’t feel the data alone. Let ’s go with me to see what interesting places we have checked in and how well Xuanyi Pure Electric has performed during our journey.

D1: Shanghai-Hangzhou

Early in the morning, everyone concentrated in the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center EVZONE Test Drive Test Drive Center. This is a place to experience electric vehicles. The stage construction of the event was underway with the test drive launch of "Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric". Afterwards, the test drive tour was officially launched. We headed for the first stop: Hangzhou!

Jiaxing Electric Vehicle Charging Station:

Although it was the first time to drive an electric car by myself, I found it particularly convenient for the Shanghai-Zhejiang self-driving trip: it is convenient to charge, and almost all the rest stations we arrived have electric car charging piles.

When charging, I also found a very user-friendly design: the charging port of Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric is on the front, which is more convenient than the traditional side charging.

I found that at the location of the two charging ports, Xuanyi Pure Electric also designed a protective device and a waterproof device, which can well protect the two charging connectors from environmental interference.

In addition, Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi · Pure Electric has two charging modes: fast charging and slow charging. With fast charging, it can fully charge up to 80% in 45 minutes, whether it is self-driving or long-distance.

Hotel: Hangzhou Mansion · Qixia Lake House

We must not miss Hangzhou when we come to Zhejiang, and we must not miss West Lake when we come to Hangzhou. In order to be closer to West Lake, we chose to stay in Hangzhou Manxi · Xixia Lake House in the core area of ​​West Lake this time.

The well-known attractions such as Yue Temple, Quyuan Fenghe, Botanical Garden, Gem Mountain, Gushan, and Santan Yinyue are not far from the hotel. You can see West Lake by walking about 300 meters from the hotel, which is really pleasant.

Coming to the lobby is a casual Jiangnan style. I can always find a quiet corner to read a book, or enjoy a cup of tea, and feel the slow pace of life in Hangzhou.

I like the design of the room, which is based on simplicity and comfort. The light yellow home with light green bedding and pillows is very fresh.

Restaurant recommendation: Shanwaishan Restaurant

Among the restaurant cuisine in Hangzhou, I would like to recommend "Shanwaishan Restaurant", an old-fashioned restaurant with traditional dishes in Hangzhou, with the biggest characteristics of nature.

The "Eight Treasure Fish Head King" is super delicious! Don't miss it!

I also like the location of the restaurant. I have a good view from the mountains and the landscape garden. Enjoying the food and watching the scenery, I really enjoyed it.

Well, I also want to remind everyone here: Shanwaishan Restaurant needs to make an appointment in advance. After 8pm, the chef may be off work.

D2: Hangzhou-Wenzhou

In the early morning, after driving Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi · Pure Electric to experience the scenery of the early winter at the West Lake, we checked in the Dongfeng Nissan Southern Hangzhou store in Hangzhou to cover the first chapter of the journey.

Hengdian Film and Television City-Ming and Qing Palace

"Yanxi Raiders" and "Zhen Huan Biography" ... For me who has a special feeling for court drama, Hengdian Film and Television City is definitely a place to check! This is my second visit, because I have often watched Qing opera in recent years, so I feel like I have returned to a place I am familiar with.

The Ming and Qing Palace was built on the basis of the Forbidden City of Beijing as a prototype, and it was built on a 1: 1 scale. For me who has been to the Forbidden City five times, when I walked in the Ming and Qing Palaces, I even thought I was walking in the Forbidden City.

Some of the main halls are indeed very magnificent.

When you come to the Ming and Qing Palaces, don't miss it: the four major architectural series: the city palace, the royal garden, the palace of the palace, the hutong house. There are a lot of costume props and clothes here, you can borrow them and take a still picture to make yourself addicted to costumes. You can also find the star sidewalk in the TV series.

Continue to set out south, we are going to Wenzhou, the sky has gradually darkened when it set off, and it was raining not far away, it can be said that the test of the vehicle is greater. From Hengdian Film and Television City, where we started, to Wenzhou city center, it takes about 2.5 hours to follow the navigation. We didn't charge at all along the way. During the period, we still turned on air conditioning and Bluetooth music, and found that the car's battery life was still great! It can be said to be successful!

Hotel: Ruixing W Hotel Wenzhou

We will stay tonight: Ruixing W Hotel, Wenzhou, located in Lucheng Road, next to the scenic Jiushan Lake.

I like the landscaping and design of the hotel. This is a new concept boutique hotel integrating gardens and art.

The rooms are comfortable and tidy, the bathroom is designed to be separated from the wet and the wet, and there are two sinks, which can be said to be very human.

D3: Wenzhou-Ningbo

Early in the morning, bathed in the warm sunshine, we went to Wenzhou "Dongfeng Nissan Donghong Specialty Store" to check in, and set up another chapter for the journey here.

Yandang Mountain

In the second stop, we came to the famous Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou. Why should we come to Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou? Because this is one of the three mountains in the Three Mountains and Five Mountains we often say! The other two mountains are Huangshan and Lushan.

Overlapping mountains, the northern Yandang Mountains with high peaks have the reputation of "the first mountain in the southeast". All the way around the mountains, Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi · Pure Electric performed well.

Driving into the mountains, breathing fresh air, feeling that the whole person is full of energy, it seems that it is still necessary to often walk to natural places. This time I chose to visit Yandang Mountain for another purpose, that is, I want to try our Xuanyi · Pure Electric's performance on the mountain road. In the face of unevenness and the road around the mountain, the performance of the car is always stable, even with air conditioning Climbing and loss of power did not fluctuate.


Want to enjoy this leisure with nature, such as choosing a restaurant in the mountains. This time we came to Zuixianlou, which is the oldest hotel in Yandang Mountain.

The hotel is built in Yishan. The whole building feels like a mountain chalet, very beautiful! The interior is also antique and tasteful.

Standing on the terrace, you can see great scenery.

What is more beautiful than the scenery is the cuisine here, from the plate to the food, all exquisite, like a splash of ink landscape painting.

Looking for a charging pile?

As we drive all the way, everyone may care: Is it convenient to charge Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi pure electric? How to find the charging device quickly? And other issues.

General office buildings and dwellings with parking garages basically have charging piles. In addition, like high-speed service areas, as long as you find the national power grid, charging is not a problem.

In addition, as long as you download the mobile phone "Nissan Zhilian app", you can experience: one-click navigation to the charging pile, view the vehicle position in real time on the phone, remotely monitor the headlights, four doors, trunk status, remaining power, remaining mileage, charging status, and With functions such as start charging and end charging reminder.

Hotel: Ningbo Nantang Yueju Hotel

I came to the reading bureau in Ningbo to decorate a warm and elegant courtyard with antique buildings with black tiles and pink walls.

Our room is a new Chinese style room. I like this design and practicality.

Wake up in the morning to open the window, it is very surprising, the beautiful river view is impressed, full of Jiangnan atmosphere.

The hotel itself is located in the city center, which can be said to be quiet and quiet, and the elegant environment relaxes the soul of Jiuju city.

At night, stop along the Fenghua River and feel the beautiful night of Ningbo.

D4: Ningbo-Shanghai

On the last day, we will return from Ningbo to Shanghai. The three-hour journey will be the last big test for Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric. So here we have to mention the issue of battery life that everyone is most concerned about.

According to the official data provided by Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi Pure Electric, it can drive 338 kilometers at full power. After performing accurate calculations on each section of the road, we found that the given value is indeed reliable. And according to our driving situation: in the case of three passengers, three suitcases, turning on the Bluetooth speaker, turning on the air conditioner, and charging the mobile phone, the difference from the official data is small, indicating that this is a conservative Estimated value.

However, it must be said that when the air conditioner is turned on, the driving speed of the car will be affected to some extent.

Ningbo Meilong Town Restaurant

Ningbo Meilong Town Restaurant has been a household name in Ningbo for more than 70 years.

The restaurant was built along the river with a very wide view. We arrived at night and the night view was beautiful.

The dishes here are mainly local and Jiangsu-Zhejiang dishes. A few pictures for everyone to experience.

Dongqian Lake

At the last stop of the journey, we came to the nearest scenic spot in Ningbo: Dongqian Lake, which can be reached by driving 15 kilometers east from the city.

Qian Dong Lake is a picturesque natural lagoon with green hills facing the plains and facing the plains. It is the largest natural freshwater lake in Zhejiang Province.

In addition to the natural scenery, Wang Anshi, Li Yigeng, Lv Xianzhi and other local officials have added and subtracted facilities here, making it a comprehensive water area. So there are a lot of sights to see, and you might as well spend an afternoon to feel it well.

We drove Xuanyi · Pure Electricity slowly by the Qiandong Lake, feeling the sparkling water and the mountains in the distance.

We returned to Shanghai at night, everyone was actually quite exhausted, but the whole self-driving trip was very pleasant and smooth! Dongfeng Nissan Xuanyi · Pure Electric has proved its strength with this certificated journey! The whole journey is about 1,243 kilometers. The charging cost of each car is about 230 yuan, and the unit price is 0.18 yuan per kilometer. I have to express my feelings: it is too energy-efficient and saves money. Before I took a trip from Shanghai to Hangzhou, it was almost one-way. Want to recharge more than 200 yuan in fuel costs.

Then, in terms of the price, I would like to say that after enjoying the state's subsidy policy for energy vehicles, the cost of each Xuanyi · Pure Electricity is about 160,000. It can be said that the cost performance is very high. Then put some interior photos, let's feel for yourself.

During the entire journey, we also checked in several franchised stores in Hangzhou, Wenzhou, Ningbo, and Shanghai. At the franchised store Xuanyi · Pure Electric, you can enjoy free charging and car washing services. With the introduction of the staff, I also felt Dongfeng Nissan's care for customers and good after-sales.

The entire self-driving event was successfully concluded at Shanghai Dongfeng Nanfang Weishun Specialty Store.

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