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[Top out a day! !! ] The open-air KTV and bonfire party in the 1980s were very hilarious, but encountered a group of scum
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Colleagues of the department often meet, and they like to eat grilled fish and drink beer around the stove in the summer. One day Caicai suddenly said that she was going back to Cixi to live a life arranged by her parents. Being hilarious, I suddenly started to feel sad, even though everyone had gone through countless farewells. I propose: how about we go to Xiangshan Shipu for three days and two nights tomorrow Friday! I haven't been out for a long time. Sometimes, planning a year is not as good as feelings, a group of 15 people, a trip that just goes away.

Several people like a spring tour, noisily sweeping around the supermarket. The operating orange has always been a gentle elder sister, who was pulled by us. I bought insurance for each of us intimately before leaving.

Tantou Mountain is a 40-minute boat ride from Shipu Town, Xiangshan. It is completely original.

We are a group of like-minded lunatics. Seeing a popular open-air KTV in the 80s, I was stunned. Ordered a few warm-ups, cool breeze, stunned, I know that I am about to enter the state ~~

There are bonfires by the sea, and there are many people. Each small group dances around its own fire. At first, we were normal. When we heard that Jiangnan style turned into a snake disease for a second, 15 people rushed to the stranger's territory. They were totally shocked by us, and a few quiet faces instantly became charming. There are all kinds of dances, and the partners have pushed the atmosphere to a climax ~ There is "Nothing" in the distance. This is our favorite song. There are a group of young and rock fans on the scene. So the group devil flirts even more ~

Beaches, campfires, rock, red men and women, alcohol, and more can breed trouble scenes. . Sure enough, the movie clip came, Cai Cai accidentally stepped on the person next to him, the other party was more real. Scolded and squeaked and pushed the dishes. Seeing the girls being bullied, Akun and Xi Xi jumped out immediately, and two groups of people began to pull, then smashed into a ball. Finale Xi Xiu and Akun draw a lottery. We did n’t bring alcohol gauze, and there was no hospital on the island. All 15 people were stupid like children, and we did n’t know what to do. Orange still said, didn't you buy insurance? There is an emergency rescue inside. Try calling. Later, the customer service let us first disinfect in the infirmary on the island, and then go to the town hospital for further treatment tomorrow. After hearing this, everyone was relieved.

We sleep in a tent in the evening and recommend friends who haven't camped to try it ~ It feels great

After watching the sunrise, take the earliest boat back to town. The doctor said that fortunately, disinfection was timely, otherwise scarring would be troublesome.

Fifteen people finally ended the trip well, and watching everyone's soundness made me suddenly feel good about insurance, and I slightly understood why my mother spent so much money on insurance every year. Orange is a travel expert among us. Every time I go out, I buy insurance. It costs 10 yuan but it helps a lot. At that time, when buying China Merchants Cigna, there were 1,000 bonus points for each gift. After returning to Hangzhou, Orange used it to buy a symbol of peace for everyone. Life needs insight, and opportunities are for those who are prepared ~ TKS! I love the team! Hope this post will be seen by more people and it will stand out! !! !!

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