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Ningbo Old Bund and Ctrip Raiders Community CTF City Sharing Meeting Ningbo Station
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Ningbo Bund was opened in 1844, 20 years earlier than Shanghai Bund. It is one of the few remaining 100-year-old Bunds in China. Since the Tang and Song dynasties, it has been one of the most prosperous ports in China. It was the earliest open port area in the "Five Ports of Commerce" and the birthplace of the famous Ningbo Gang. Celebrities leaving the Old Bund include Yu Qiaqing, who was elected as the chairman of the Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce and the vice president of foreign affairs. Zhu Rongsan, Vice President of the National Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Shanghai Charity Relief Association, and Minister of Finance of the Shanghai Military Government. Dong Haoyun, World Ship Master. The first general manager of China Commercial Bank, China's first new bank.

Ningbo Old Bund

With Tianyi Square,

Heyi Avenue, Gulou Pedestrian Street,

It is the most popular place in Ningbo city center. Especially when night falls, the Old Bund is crowded with people. The Old Bund is located in the Jiangbei District of Ningbo City, where the three rivers of Minjiang, Fenghua and Yuyao Rivers meet.

It lies to the east of Minjiang River,

There are the Bund Bridge and Minjiang Bridge connecting Jiangdong District, Sanjiangkou in the south, and Xinjiang Bridge connecting Haishu District, facing Tianyi Square and Heyi Avenue across the river. West is Renmin Road, north is Baisha Road. The construction area is 80,000 square meters.

The Old Bund of Ningbo is the only existing Bund in Zhejiang Province that reflects the modern port culture of China. It is an important witness of modern Ningbo and the fifth city business card (Ningbo Gang, Ningbo Port, Ningbo King, Ningbo Decoration) ). The Old Bund blends the beauty of Eastern and Western architectural culture, and uses the emerging BlockS commercial district concept to focus on creating a unique area that integrates shopping, food, entertainment, tourism, and living, and shapes the fashion landmarks of Ningbo.

Now it has become Ningbo's top social platform, a high-end and diversified commercial district. Along the waterfront, foreign consulates, Catholic churches,

Banks, shipping docks and other buildings line up, almost recording the entire history of Ningbo's port opening. These buildings are at least 100 years old. The cultural relics currently preserved are: British Consulate, Patrol House, Aquatic Command of the Japanese Invaders, Zhejiang Customs, Catholic Church, Jiangbei Holy Church, Ningbo Post Office, and Commercial Bank, etc. There are also some private houses, such as the old-fashioned shops "Hongchangyuan No. ", The private houses of the merchants" Yan's Villa "and" Zhu's House ", all of which have a strong European style. In stark contrast to traditional Chinese houses.

This was built at the former Ningbo Port Bus Terminal: Ningbo Art Museum and Ningbo City Exhibition Hall

The main guests of this Ctrip CTF city sharing meeting in Ningbo Station are: Yingzi, a famous food host of Shanghai Traffic Broadcasting, a young female literary artist who loves coffee and the island: Yanboer, a Ningbo girl, and Meng Xi, a photographer who admires Taiwan ’s slow travel . They come from different fields, but they have one thing in common: they have loved and deeply visited Taiwan. Especially Meng Xi who went in and out of Taiwan four times. For friends who want to go to Taiwan, they will definitely give some good suggestions!

In this golden autumn in September and the sky is full of air, let ’s borrow the east wind of CTF Raiders Community CTF City Sharing. On the afternoon of September 19th, friends from all over the world will meet at Ningbo Old Bund.


Activity time] 13: 30-17: 00, September 19, 2015

[Venue] Yinduorui Station (between Starbucks and Bank of China), 111-119 Waima Road, Old Bund, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City

[Registration link]

Main transportation: Metro Line 1 "Tianyi Square" Station Exit A, 250 meters north, just cross the Xinjiang Bridge

Metro Line 2 "Bund" Station, 150 meters east,

Bus: Lines 1, 4, 8, 19, 20, 331, 370, and 541, get off at the "Bund" station and go 350 meters to the southeast.

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