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Youli Longtan National Forest Park
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On March 31, 2014, I came to Xiangshan yesterday and checked into Huaxiang International Hotel in the evening.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, I walked out of my room and got out of the room. I came alone to Lilongtan Forest Park opposite the hotel. Huaxiang International Hotel and Lilongtan National Forest Park

The same gate,

Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy Lilongtan Forest Park for free

Starting from January this year, the park will be open to the public for free. When entering the park, the first thing that catches my eyes is a sand tree,

Next to Lilong Shimian Club

In front is the Sky Frog Lake,

There is a legend about the origin of Sky Frog Lake. It is said that the sky frog was in Yaochi during the flood. One day, the mother-in-law bathed in Yaochi, and the sky frog did not evade in time. She violated the sky, and the mother-in-law showed kindness, opened her eyes slightly, and said to the sky-frog: "Ru has no roots and should not die, go to East Tuxi Quzhou The piedmont of Lilong Mountain has been meditating. This is a paradise on earth. After thousands of years, you have your own help to come back. "...

Hua Xiang is everywhere in the park.

This is Huaxiang Mountain Villa inscribed by Zhao Puchu

Dig into the woods, climb up the mountain,

On both sides of the road are tall green cedars, cedar trees, large-leaved holly, Schima, yew, and ebony trees.

The morning air is particularly good. In the park, I deeply experienced what is natural oxygen bar. I climbed the gazebo on the top of the mountain, facing northeast, and the front is convenient to Xiangshan Port.

Lilongtan Forest Park is a small place, so it doesn't take 2 hours to return to the hotel. Just in time for breakfast

This is Lilongtan Forest Park seen from the window of the guest room


Lilongtan Forest Park is located on the shore of Xiangshan Port, known as the "Eastern Island of the East and the Fairy Kingdom on the Sea", the central part of Xizhou Town, S311 Provincial Highway, and the middle of Ninghai to Xiangshan County.

Self-driving route:

Shanghai to Scenic Area:

(1) Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway → Hangzhou Bay Bridge → Ningbo Roundabout Expressway Jiangshan Interchange → Yongtaiwen Expressway to Ninghai Exit (toward Xiangshan) → Xizhou Town (about 4.5 hours)

(2) Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway (via Fengjing, Jiaxing, Shaoxing and other service areas) → Yongtaiwen Expressway (Tongsan Expressway Ningbo Section) → Exit from Ninghai Expressway → Xiangshan Link Ninghai Toll Station → Xiangshan Zhouzhen ( (About 3.5 hours)

Hangzhou to Scenic Area:

Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway → Yongtaiwen Expressway (Tongsan Expressway Ningbo Section)-Yongtaiwen Expressway to Ninghai Exit → Xiangshan First Class Highway to Xizhou Town (3 hours)

Ningbo Airport to Scenic Area:

Enter Ningbo Lishe Airport to Wenzhou-Taiwan Expressway towards Wenzhou → Yongtai-Wen Expressway to Ninghai Exit → Xiangshan First Class Highway to Xizhou Town (about 40 minutes)

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