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Take a spring walk, nature is in the wild
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Photo: Impressions of Cade

In March of the spring, even the air was full of spring. Yesterday, I was still drying thick clothes on the balcony. After sleeping for a night, the ground seemed to be awakened by warm sunlight. For a winter, I felt like a beast roaring in my body, and always wanted to run outside to scatter the wild. When I received the "Hike" invitation from the north, I was watering the aloes on the balcony, and Ade took a cup of coffee and ran to the sun. He stood behind me and asked, "What is light hiking?" We are no stranger to hiking, and have experienced it when traveling in many countries. I remember walking on Arthur Pass in New Zealand. I was walking the wrong way in order to take a pecking cockatoo. As a result, I walked a lot of wrongdoing with two large camera bags, and I still have a little shadow in my heart. "Probably very relaxed and relaxed!" I looked back at him and snatched coffee from him.

So on such a warm weekend, we came to Ningbo Ninghai with a very light and light idea and started our other "light walking". The bus drove out of Shanghai and got on the high-speed continuously away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The car drove for more than 3 hours and began to enter a mountain. The companion friends reminded everyone that the hot spring hotel tonight is coming. Ninghai's National Mountaineering Fitness Trail is China's first mountaineering fitness trail that meets national standards, referred to as "Ninghai Trail".

[Small fresh in the ancient village]

Walking on the spring breeze, we started the light hiking activity. This light walking is the Ninghai Trail, from Xujiashan to Rhododendron Mountain, a total length of 12 kilometers, all along the way are struggling to blossom and sprout flowers and plants. Not lonely. My companion Xiaoling gave us a full set of The North Face sports suit before departure. Ade grabbed Liang Sao's yellow backpack. The trampoline backboard uses elastic mesh and is equipped with a wave-shaped foam board to enhance breathability. The three-headed zipper design is convenient for taking things from the bag at any time. I thought it was easy to walk, and I was carrying a drone. Xujiashan is a stone village suitable for portraits. Most of the village is a stone house piled up with "copper stone". This basalt emits cyan light in the sun. With historical mottled traces as the background, portraits in the sun appear more fresh. There is also a "Ye Clan Ancestral Hall" in the village, which is said to have been built by descendants of the Prime Minister of the Song Dynasty.

[Wind coming from the mountain tea garden]

After leaving the ancient village, I started to continue to go up the mountain. The calves that have experienced the steep slope have been tightened a lot. In fact, the spring clothes are the best to match. The temperature difference between morning and night is large. The short-sleeved hiking sleeve and Legging called Future Hiking series are really fashionable. It is said to use Flash Dry technology to ensure dryness after sweating during fast walking. We came to a large tea garden on the top of the mountain, and we were rushed into the tea garden immediately. The leader said that the tea garden would feel more spring if he came later. But in fact, I feel that it feels a bit like the feel of a Sri Lanka tea plantation. Under the blue sky, the green tea plantation is pure and natural.

[Love in the Valley of the Stone Bridge]

There is not much rain in the early spring season, but there are still several creeks along the way. Fortunately, the fast hiking shoes we wear use GORE-TEX full waterproof technology, even if the water is flooded, there is no problem and it is still dry. Passing by a stream, you can see a stone bridge. The stream is clear and the grass is lining. I called Ade to go up the bridge to take a picture of him, and the beautiful mushrooms of the companion also ran up together, probably the surrounding scenery is too much like a Korean drama scene. It wasn't until the team leader called us to hurry to leave the beautiful stone bridge reluctantly.

[Watch the sunset from the top of Azalea Mountain]

Everyone settled for lunch in a farmhouse yard, after all, they were young and immediately came to spirit. A group of people stopped to continue to their final destination. Different tea gardens are constantly passing along the way. Our drone finally came in handy, taking a beautiful panorama of the tea plantation and mountains in the distance from a high altitude. Although it is light on foot, when climbing the top of the Rhododendron Mountain, for me who was carrying the plane, my heart was also broken. Fortunately, the men's Ultra Hike in the north helps hiking shoes. The double-layered midsole ensures comfort and Perfect and uniform support, Vibram outsole has continuous grip in various outdoor environments. When we finally climbed to the top of the mountain, the setting sun spreads the charming Jesus light through the clouds and shines on the high-rise buildings in the urban area of ​​Ninghai. There is a mirage in the mountains and the sea.

Every time you travel, you can meet fun friends, take a spring walk, walk along the way, and feel good in nature. It seems that we are in the wild by nature, and it is really lucky to meet you.

===== The way to open the tall and light on foot ===== Our drone flew to the sky and took a panoramic view of the tea garden. Those small spots are just planted tea trees. The sun shines through the clouds on the trees in the mountains, and the distant urban high-rise buildings are like mirages.
It is crisp green along the way, which makes people feel comfortable. I saw so many wildflowers along the way, but couldn't name them. After walking through several small villages on the road, the local original ecology is still very well preserved. The villagers will greet us warmly when we take a picture. In addition to our hiking partners, we also saw many riders along the road. It feels that urban people are now more and more passionate about outdoor sports. The friends who travel with each other are very fun to play. The advantage of going light is that you can stop and take photos at any time.
The little friends playing together are handsome men and women, and the clothes of the women are also quite bright. But our theme is that nature is in the wild, so the original goddess turned into a female nerve for a second. Of course, when it's quiet, it's definitely a goddess. This picture taken in the peach garden is very much like a female star, what's its name.
We stopped to take a lot of small fresh pictures while passing by that grass.
Handsome Ade has the potential to be a wild model (field model, hahaha)

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