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The old private servants in the ancient village have now become poetry and distance! ——Qixia Mountain House
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Tang poetry is a treasure of Chinese literature and art. It is huge in number and has many poets. The Tang Dynasty scholars' prevailing roaming style, the land of Shenzhou is almost everywhere, or seeking for immortals, visiting friends, or travelling in mountains and rivers. The footprints spread across the seven states of eastern Zhejiang, and gradually formed a landscape and humanities represented by poetry. the road.

From the perspective of expressing feelings, the eastern Zhejiang landscape poems hardly involve the name of the city, but focus on self-cultivation, and experience the pleasure of "beautiful scenery" in tourism. For example, in Fenghua, Ningbo, there is a place called Xikou Town, which hides an ancient village like a paradise. This is the ancient village of Qixiakeng on the Tang Poetry Road.

Qixiakeng was formerly known as Taohuakeng, where thousands of mountains compete with each other and thousands of people have been competing for thousands of years. It has attracted countless literati and poets for thousands of years. In Tang Dynasty poet Lu Guimeng's "Nine Titles Poems in Siming Mountains", there is "Yunnan has a stream, Dan "The gravel is full of mud", the "Yunnan" in the sentence is today's Qixiakeng.

The Changshou Bridge built by the Qing Dynasty next to the village entrance Chang'an Temple is clearly identifiable. You can also see the late Qing-style shrine in Maolin. If it were not introduced, who would know that the opposite was actually the Runzhuang where Jiang En's general Wang Enxun lived. The "monopoly" on the lintel, and the "magpie welcome" behind the court are still silently describing the vicissitudes of the past. A brook flows through the village, and people live along the brook to build houses, continuing the long style of the ancient Taoist people. The descendants of Wang Xizhi live here, and Jiang's father and son were born here, but an ancient mansion does not end this chapter carved by the history of nearly 300 years.

The marks of the car sacks have not been wiped out, and there is still cooking smoke on the eaves. Perhaps it is to guide the direction of the home to the children with dreams. The old tree in front of the door will sprout in spring, and the dead wood behind the house can also bloom flowers. The long-abandoned elementary school will also be reshaped by a group of people who want to keep it. Three years of preparation and one year of construction, the bed and breakfast named Qixia Mountain Residence is in this mountainous area, and it continues to write about the glory of the ancient village.

Stepping up the stairs and entering the hospital, bamboo hedges formed a row, long or short, dotted each space, which also destined this inn to be like a modest gentleman, low-key but without losing its connotation. Between the bamboo shadows, the pavilions and pavilions are covered with greenery, and the bluestone path guides the farewell to the hustle and bustle. Cement and logs outline a unique feeling.

On the viewing platform on the top floor, Wanggu Road is covered by red leaves in the dense forest, and the beautiful mountains are reflected in the pond.

Sit in the tea room and enjoy a cup of fragrant tea. You don't have to look through the autumn water, you don't need to look at the ocean to sigh, and you can let the whole soul rest quietly between the mountains and the wild, so that you can truly appreciate this rare half-day leisure. The exquisite study is not the only place where people can be educated. Nor can the books full of the house be used to understand ancient and modern times. Talking to the surrounding nature to promote knees can also benefit a lot.

Apart from the standard rooms here are all suites with 1 bedroom and 1 living room, each room has a unique experience. The collected old camphor and pine wood are supplemented by aromatherapy, which is refreshing and pleasant. Once you enter the door, you will be relaxed and smiled.

The transparent suites will take in all the sunlight, and the spacious space will completely capture the pure nature. After bathing in a wet and dry toilet, Dyson hair dryers don't need to worry about whether you will damage your hair. The comfortable large bed with soft mattress can let you roll, jump freely, and get back the true look of childhood. The fireplace will bring warmth in the cold winter. Compared with the indifference of the air conditioner, the beating flame will be more intimate.

There are also tatami at first sight, people can't help but want to lie down and receive the baptism of the sun. Turn on the bose Bluetooth speaker, open a gentle novel, and drink a cup of fragrant coffee. In this day, no one wants it, and no one loves it.

In the days of Qixia Mountain Residence, you may forget the existence of time. The only recognizable is a ray of morning light, a touch of sunset, and the stars and the bright moon. When practicing yoga, you don't need to put on headphones or play music, because the birds in the mountains accompany you. When grilling dinner, there is no need to set up tables and chairs, dress up carefully, and sit around the bonfire floor, which adds a sense of freedom and naturalness.

In the restaurant, all the local dishes of the farmhouse are enjoyed. In addition to the home-grown fresh vegetables, there are also fresh seafood. When a plate of fat-headed fish pot on the bank of Siming Lake, sauce snail shells, secret rice dumplings, Malan head mixed with fragrant dried rice, stir-fried rice cake with amaranth, and spring bamboo shoots with oil and so on are brought to the front, who can hold back the ten fingers and drooling tongue tip. Then drink a glass of cherry wine made by the owner, which is sweet aftertaste.

In the spring, you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in the valley, in the summer you can catch fish in the river, and in the autumn, you can enjoy the red maple by climbing the ancient trail. In his spare time, go to the ancient village and look at the isolated Changan covered bridge, go to Xikou Middle Street to take a look at Jiang Gong's house, walk down the steps of the ancient trail along the stream, and look for Budai Monk on Xuedou Mountain. Remains of the incarnation of Maitreya ... or go nowhere, sit in the yard and chat with the owner about the family ... The world is busy and life is like fighting, but here, find the essence of life, instead of lamenting the poetry and the distance, Better to come here and enjoy the pure time around you ...

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