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Chan Chan Ming, flowers fly, but I am alone! —Banma Homestay Huayu Zui Xiangshu
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People always like to put the beautiful wish in their hearts in the distant future, often they don't care about the present that is around them. Then with endless complaining, sighing the past that I missed again and again. So please let go of these so-called grievances and completely uninstall them in your mind. Carrying their bags to see the distance, their understanding of life ...

The wind comes from the mountain stream, the rain comes from the sky, and the flowers are more like floating in the painting. It makes you feel as if you are at ease in this place. This is the most normal rhythm of Ningbo Dayan in this season. And the flower rain drunk village of Banmajia B & B is also wrapped in it. The petals falling like raindrops gently fall between the green mountains and the water. An ancient road paved with bluestone, a row of quaint and natural stacked walls, a stream flowing from the house, watching a bird flying, streams, shaded by trees, and scented mountain houses Scroll.

This house composed of three villas "flowers", "rain" and "drunk" and public areas. The wooden structure is matched with the simplicity of the farmhouse, especially the various interesting wooden furnishing crafts, which will make you dazzled. . The pebble of the courtyard echoes the quietness of the mountains behind, and the waterwheel in the courtyard echoes the stream in front of the door. Listening to the frogs crowing among the trees and flowers. Looking at the old cows plowing the fields outside in the courtyard, the memories of childhood suddenly flashed out, and I couldn't help wondering whether today's intelligent era can also create such a returning pattern.

And in the courtyard, an area where barbecue and bonfire are integrated, just like telling the squinting waterwheel, and the gazebo wearing the flowing veil, don't leave our group of people coming from afar and full of every place Curious little friends. Under the starry night sky, the enthusiasm brought out by them brings us more warmth.

The 18 private rooms of different sizes are unique in design. The owner visited ancient houses in various places in the local area and spent a lot of thought. They invited local artisans who are good at ancient buildings, and then piled them up bit by bit. stand up. There is no trace of heavy makeup, without a fancy, only the scented logs, the thick mountains and rocks, and the nature through the windowsill. Under the shade of the bamboo basket, the warm yellow light makes the retro furniture more euphemistic. The unique screen divides the living and couch into two different spaces. In addition to being simple, there is more elegance and serenity, and an extra detachment beyond the world.

In the afternoon, the study room can make people feel leisurely stealing for half a day. A pot of good tea and a good book are so simple in my heart. If you can't rest, the creek in front of the door is a natural amusement park. You can enjoy fishing, fishing, water fighting, and snail lion, and enjoy the fun that the mountains bring to you.

When you travel through the old house alley in the 3D mural "net red village", will the exquisite and realistic murals make you return to the simple time of childhood again. When you see the sun-dried valley in the open space, whether the patches of naked golden will make you miss your hometown again. When you walk on the five-hole bridge built in the 17th year of Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, known as the blessing of the stars, will the unique shape make you want to meet the net monk who once brought the gospel to the villagers. When the children followed the little brother and sister to the Grain Promenade in Dayan, while understanding the knowledge of grains, they realized that the poems of "all grains are hard" are not just staying on the textbook.

Until the sunset, Wan Dao Xia light reddened the mountains, and the ancient villages had already raised smoke. You must know that the little brother who is drunk in the rain will cook a variety of cuisines, roast whole lambs in winter, and spicy crayfish in summer. What's more, the agricultural products that are drunk and drunk are purchased and picked directly from the farmers' fields, ensuring that the customers who stay in can taste the most original ingredients.

On the lawn in the courtyard, a variety of activities are usually held, such as lawn parties, happy farms, everyone hands together, making pumpkin pie, rice duck eggs, and mochi. At this time, it was a night surrounded by a bonfire, and barbecued in the valley of the mountains. In addition to the tempting deliciousness, perhaps it was more to release the long hidden nature completely.

No wonder Feng Xiduo, a popular member of SNH48, came here with his girlfriend Lu Ting. The recording team of Anhui TV's "Honey Food III" has already fancy this desirable location. For them, it has everything they need for a better life on their show.

Yes! As the country's first rural comprehensive tourism demonstration area. It does have dense forests, beautiful countryside, rich ecological resources, and historical and cultural relics. But Huayuzui is a unique and beautiful landscape between the mountains and the water. Its beauty comes from the mountains and its beauty lies in its connotation. As Hua Yu drunk said: "In my spare time, meditate in tea and taste the life of Yamano.

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