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Mid-Autumn Festival Documentary 2019-Cixi Tour (3)
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2019.9.14 The next day of Mid-Autumn Festival will start at 9 am.
This time, we will focus on leisure. Let's start later and let everyone have a rest. In particular, several young people usually work very hard at work, but also take their children and study, like Erbao Niang, from time to time we receive a teacher's WeChat complaints: Mom Pang! Your home ...
This time before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Erbao broke the mop of the school again and had to use grandpa's New Year's money to compensate him.

At 8 am, Niuniu Fan came from Shanghai to join the army, and took a week's grandchildren. They were exhausted and wanted to come and relax together. They started from Pudong at 6 o'clock and arrived at the hotel in 2 hours.
At 7 o'clock, they were 99.5 kilometers away from us.

Departure at 9 o'clock, 20 minutes to reach today's climbing point-Cixi Dashan Village.
During the trip to Cixi, the place for hiking was very close to the hotel.
According to the reference trajectory, we went up the mountain from Dashan Village in the middle section. There is a small parking lot in the village. We found it through satellite maps during our homework. We really want to thank the era of big data for the convenience of our travel.
According to the trajectory we go up a small road in the middle of the village.
The Shangri-Dashan Village-Gangdun ring line we chose this time has a total length of 10 kilometers and a rising height of about 300 meters. The biggest advantage of choosing this line is that three sections of the 10-kilometer track can be returned to the small ring, respectively. It is 4, 6, 10 kilometers, and everyone chooses according to their physical strength.
We are a team of young and old with uneven physical strength. Every time we travel, we must choose the route that suits our physical strength and the ferry rescue route. Let different people enjoy the gift of nature in different route scenes.

A family portrait came up in an open space halfway up the mountain.

White clouds opened one after another in the valley, showing a hazy clean and mysterious, like a white snowdrop.

The swallow took the lead and walked ahead. This time she was a child.

Hiking on the mountain is like a big open book, and along the way, it is like reading, it will be very interesting.

Two masters, leaving the beauty along the way

Baiyun fluttered leisurely, a breeze blew across his face, if not, it made people feel refreshed.

Swallows on the green bamboo, youth drunk mountain forest

Reach the first check-in point on the trail-Xiangziling

There are many trails around Dashan Village, so you will have a chance to walk around in the future.

Take a break under Xiangziling Gazebo

Into a lush forest, the sky was cut into satin by tall tree branches, mottled spots of light scattered down, blinking secretly eyes as the leaves moved.

Walking on such a tree-lined path, there is no sun exposure, and the dirt road underneath is very comfortable.

The towering pine volley expands her green arms and shields us from the hot sun

The trunk is upright, soaring up to the sky,

Signage at the trail interchange

The sun bored through the gaps in the leaves, drawing countless bright spots on the ground ...
Xiaoli seemed to feel this, and specifically asked to wait until she walked in the mottled sunlight

Lao Zhou took Xiaolulu in his left hand and measured the world together

Autumn is getting stronger, do n’t mention how comfortable it is to step on the yellow leaves

There are red ribbons on donkey friends along the way. In the past, with no six-foot trajectory, all these ribbons were used to guide the direction.

Reaching the fork of the first small ring road, poor physical strength will part ways with the large troops.

After constant negotiation and internal entanglement, the hills led Xiaoli and Teacher Xi to walk the ring.
The outdoor trek must have a team that is familiar with the six-foot trajectory and a certain outdoor experience. Yesterday, Mr. Mou circled in the dense forest of Shanglin Lake. The hill is well deserved.

After breaking up with the small ring team, the large troops continue to move forward

Soon after reaching the highest peak of the ridge, the reservoir in the distance is enchanting against the blue sky and white clouds.

I saw the clear water and sky, blue peaks.
The water is green and green, and it is surrounded by mountains and peaks, forming a landscape that is dependent on mountains and rivers.


Bayberry trees can be seen everywhere. Three months ago, there was a lot of fruit here.

This bluestone slab trail was built for fruit farmers to pick up bayberry uphill

Under the leadership of the hills, the small ring team walked with interest.

The hills explain all the way, dedication.

There are emerald lakes everywhere

Sitting on the edge of the spring, the hillside chanted a poem, "I live in Tan Shuitou, and my wife lives in Taishui. I miss my wife every day and drink a pool of water." I miss Ling Ling who was only a few hours apart.

A large army came to the reservoir.

The reflection of the mountains and the floating water, no mountain, no water, no distraction

Ting Ting Ting more than twelve, cardamom branches in early February.

The ghost's second treasure knew that Xu Jiacheng had broken his foot and could not come on this Mid-Autumn Festival trip. He would not come without a friend. After three days at home, Grandpa could n’t bear it. He took him to martial arts for two days. class. The little guy got older and started to make his own ideas.
My daughter is still attentive and spends the Mid-Autumn Festival with my parents.

First prize in photography for this Mid-Autumn Festival trip.
The trend of Teacher Mu's era was captured by the superposition of two mobile phones.

To be continued

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