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2014 Yuyao Siming Mountain Yangtian Lake Villa 2-Day Tour
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Keywords: Self-driving

Destination: Siming Mountain, Yuyao, Ningbo

Travel mode: Self-driving tour (four cars)

Number of travelers: 17 big 3 small

Budget: 500 yuan / person (no cost for children)

Actual: 400 yuan / person

Attractions: None

Food: Bring Your Own & Farmhouse

Accommodation: Villa 1 at Yangtian Lake Villa

Date: Weekend

Route: Shanghai-G60-G15W-Zhangzhen-Simingshan-Yangtian Lake-Simingshan-Lianglong Town-Shanghai-Hangzhou-G15W-G60-Shanghai


On December 27, 2014, we ushered in the last reunion of the year (with family members), and I was also the organizer of the event.

The party began to organize and coordinate arrangements in November. At first, no specific location was determined. The final event location-the determination of Yangtian Lake Villa, also accidentally saw other netizens mentioning the Villa in a certain forum. After further searching through various networks, I immediately determined that this event is here. The surprise is that the villa also has a single house. After meeting all my basic requirements, I immediately made a trip, and after the organization's joint review and review, Confirmed, immediately booked at Ctrip. Yangtian Lake Villa, Villa No. 1, five rooms (three twin beds, one queen bed, and one suite).

Due to the large number of people, in order to ensure the smooth and orderly development of the event, 500 yuan per person was charged in advance. The fees collected are managed and expensed uniformly.

There were 20 people in this event. In order to reflect the unity and friendship of classmates, they unanimously decided to bring their own pot ingredients-hot pot cuisine for lunch on Saturday; and to make "rice dishes" for dinner. Sunday lunch was small seafood. Due to various reasons, after going down the mountain to the city, the relationship between time and small seafood has been closed, and only farmhouse music can be selected.

Due to the homemade two meals, a large amount of ingredients were also purchased in advance, and fresh vegetables (vegetables, shrimp, clams, eggs, etc.) were purchased at the vegetable market in Shangyu Zhangzhen.

Figure 1: Long purchase list (some people still worry about not eating enough)

Figure 2: Some ingredients

Figure 3: Snacks prepared by an elderly man who claims to be his elder brother

Before leaving, the children's shoes in the organization are already extremely excited, and the WeChat group is abnormally restless. In this rising atmosphere, I also wish you all an unforgettable trip.

On the day of departure, according to the established meeting point, everyone loaded the equipment and ingredients, distributed the relevant equipment (interphone), and set off with great passion.

Figure 4: Full trunk

Figure 5: Self-driving essentials

Figure 6: G60 New Bridge

Figure 7: On the road

On the way, the intercom often heard joyful singing and laughter from the friends. The first stop of this trip was Zhangzhen, Shangyu. According to the established plan, fresh vegetables were purchased in the town.

Figure 8: List

After getting off the highway in Zhangzhen, there are all the village roads and the Panshan Highway. For the freshness of the ingredients, I also made a bad person. I went to the farm halfway and picked three green vegetables, sacrificing character for the organization.

Figure 9: Panshan Highway

Figure 10: Panshan Highway

Figure 11: Panshan Highway

Figure 12: Panshan Highway

Figure 13: Panshan Highway

Figure 14: Panshan Highway

Figure 15: Panshan Highway. The road meets an unmanned farmland. Stop and rest. Get off and pick three green vegetables. Cook at night to eat rice.

In the winter, Siming Mountain is slightly depressed, and there is no lush summer. After a long journey through the village road and the Panshan Highway, there was also a fork in the middle of Baidu Map. There was no signal or timely reminder. I missed the fork and went around the mountain road of nearly 20KM. It was delayed for an hour and slightly disturbed The mood of the little friends was hungry in the eighteenth bend of the mountain road, big and small gradually became tired. Looking at Mr. Gao's upcoming destination, he picked up the walkie-talkie and urged everyone to cheer up.

Finally, at 12 pm, all the staff arrived safely and smoothly at the destination, Yangtian Lake Villa.

Picture 16: The Villa's Gate

As soon as they entered the villa, the mood of the little friends suddenly became excited and cheered up again. There was release after a long journey, and there was satisfaction for the destination. After checking in quickly, I immediately went to the villa area to unload the truck, move materials, prepare ingredients, eat, and so on. All the little friends are also doing all kinds of busyness. There is no fatigue and mental exhaustion after a long journey.

Figure 17: Little friends share a temporary and warm home

Figure 18: Room floor indication

Figure 19: The kitchen

Figure 20: Living room 1 (automatic Mahjong table becomes the protagonist, tragedy)

Figure 21: Stairs

Figure 22: Entrance to Villa No. 1

Figure 23: Street Light

Figure 24: Panorama of Villa No. 1

Picture 25: Villa Viewing Platform

Figure 26: Mountain Trail-The trail is full of autumn

Figure 27: This lake is Yangtian Lake, a small artificial reservoir that should also be the source of drinking water for the villa.

Figure 28: Yangtian Lake 1

Figure 29: Yangtian Lake 2

Figure 30: Yangtian Lake 3

Figure 31: Yangtian Lake 4

Green mountains and clear water, white-walled black-tiled houses, and fallen leaves resemble a vivid landscape painting.

After finishing the beautiful view of the corner of the villa, it was followed by Chongqing hot pot food that satisfied our five internal organs.

Figure 32: Hotpot Cuisine 1

Figure 33: Hotpot Cuisine 2

Figure 34: Hotpot Cuisine 3

Figure 35: Hot pot cuisine 4, the friends are very diligent, so many ingredients will be ready in a while.

Figure 36: Wan Chai Pier-Of course, suitable and convenient lunches are also prepared for children.

Figure 37: A group of hungry wolves (including me of course).

Figure 38: Look at the wreckage of this table (and homemade lo-mei).

After the meal, I did n’t want to move their feet at the chess table. Little friends, we are here to exchange emotions, okay? I'm not here to gamble, look at each of them. Future activities are forbidden and must be banned.

Figure 39: A group of gamblers

After investigating in various forums in the early stage, I know that although there are many farmhouses near Yangtian Lake, but because of the top of Siming Mountain, the supplies are relatively scarce, so we have settled this dinner ourselves to enhance the atmosphere. Eating out is warmer, more united, and more harmonious. We brought two electric pressure cookers and 5KG rice to cook Shanghai's famous dish-vegetable rice. At the same time, it also provides another option for children, green vegetables and egg seafood noodles. All chefs show their cooking skills.

Picture 40: Dinner-Paella + Green Egg Clam White Prawn Noodles

And this trip is also on the birthday of a little friend. The organization made precise arrangements, did a good job of confidentiality, and prepared to give Shou Xing an unforgettable night. After dinner, immediately went to the second-floor terrace to start the decoration work, lit candles, summoned all the friends, sang a birthday song under the shining of stars, and the moving birthday star silently shed tears of happiness.

Figure 41: Birthday cake

Figure 42: Shou Xing moved and wished

Figure 43: Various celebration wines

The time of reunion is always short and everyone cherishes it. At the wine table and the poker table, everyone enjoyed joyfully, urged long conversations, and gradually entered their dreamland with laughter and reluctance.

Early in the morning the next morning, everyone got up. I woke up early in the morning to clean up the mess of last night and started breakfast. I had rice bowl, porridge, noodles, and various fruits.

Due to the limited budget of the organization, I would like to thank all members for their contributions to the organization.

Figure 44: Strawberry

Figure 45: Apple

Figure 46: Cantaloupe

Figure 47: Oranges

On Saturday's dinner, the little friends were still overwhelmed. I thought that Sunday lunch would be settled in the villa, but due to the need to check out at 12 o'clock, when all kinds of preparations and arrangements were too late, I could only check out and leave.

According to the plan, I went to a restaurant in Cixi to eat seafood, but because it was too late to go to sleep on Saturday, the departure time was a little later on Sunday. After contacting the restaurant, there was no chef at 13 noon, so I could only temporarily change the plan. After arriving at Liangnong Town, I found a farmhouse on the edge of Siming Lake. The farmhouse environment is very good, but there are not many ingredients, and the price is relatively expensive. Therefore, most of the lunch is vegetarian. For this reason, many small partners have complaints, but I see the joy that everyone laughs when checking out the money. what. Fortunately, as soon as the idea came to an end, the rest of the hot pot ingredients were given to the farmhouse for them to help process. Finally, everyone was eating meat and they were full.

Figure 48: Farmhouse

Figure 49: See how happy everyone is at checkout and refunding money.

At this point, the team left a group photo on the shore of Siming Lake. Here, it is inconvenient to post, huh, huh.

Figure 50: Siming Lake

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