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Newly-wedding town tour, 3 days in Ningbo
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This eleventh trip was planned a month in advance, and I also saw a travelogue about Ningbo on Ctrip, so I decided to come here and avoid these crowded attractions in Suzhou and Hangzhou, just want to enjoy it quietly The Jiangnan water village is cozy, but there are also episodes in the itinerary. After some twists and turns, the original plan was to set off from Beijing to Shanghai on September 9-30, and then transfer to Ningbo. Encountered a sudden working situation of daughter-in-law, and later changed to the high-speed rail on October 1st, and the bumpy 8 hours from Beijing to Ningbo. Fortunately, the original itinerary remains the same, which is uncomfortable on the car. It's okay if it's inflated. The bumpy road finally reached Ningbo. It was over nine o'clock in the evening and a taxi went straight to the hotel. The air in the southern city is still good, Emma, ​​taking a few more breaths, almost drunk. Let's take a look at the Republic of China Hotel that we saw and booked on Ctrip.

The hotel can not be said to be excellent, because there is a musty smell when entering the door, but there is no more upstairs. Simply put, the price is not expensive and meets the needs of civilians. The special room reserved is only 150 yuan.

The furnishings are decorations of grandpa's generation, sewing machines, old windmills, and old phones.

After simply eating something, I walked along the riverfront in front of the hotel and felt the unique style of the riverbank. No wonder the poetic story of the south. You said that this little couple walked romantically on the riverbank. That love story is enough to write a novel. After turning around, I went back to the hotel to rest and prepare for the next day's trip.

The first stop of Ningbo, Qiantong Ancient Town. My daughter-in-law kept thinking about going to the real ancient town for the first day.

Itinerary: Hotel to Ningbo Railway Station (the bus station is also here), buy a bus ticket from Ningbo to Ninghai, 30 tickets, about 1 hour and 30 minutes to Ninghai, take 106 from Ninghai Bus Station to Ninghai West Station, West Station is to The minibuses in the towns below the county seat, from Ninghai to Qiantong, leave every 15 minutes. Overloads are not allowed. You can leave when you are full. On average, you can hold more than 20 people in a car. There is no queue. It ’s basically crowded. It took me about half an hour to get to the ex-boy, and I went directly to the ticket office to buy a ticket. The fare was 75.

Photos of the ticket office, the ticket office is about 800 meters away from the entrance of the ancient town, you have to walk back after buying the ticket. The ancient town is actually a part of the town circle, there are entrances and exits, it is quite broken apart from the scenic area, it is an ordinary town.

One handsome photo, haha

There is water passing in front of every house in the town, and there is a saying that well water does not violate river water. These water systems in front of the door are called gossip water systems. The wisdom of the ancients is really ...

The window flower at that time

It's dwelling inside, peeping, haha

Tong's Ancestral House

The post office said outside that a custom postcard can be customized and sent to the person who wants to send it. There are not many people after entering, and the postcard is also very commercial. Just look at it.

I walked until there was a yard under renovation, which happened to be noon, and there was no one. We two played for a while, and a daughter-in-law back

Come to a very broken room, take a group photo, remember the hard work

This is the ancient town that the daughter-in-law has always wanted, the blue tiles and green moss, very old and old ...

In ancient times, the wedding bed had three floors in the whole wood, which was absolutely luxurious. What a modern Simmons defeated them.

Feige, the ancient wall, you do n’t need to look at it deliberately, just walk around, you will always find different scenery



Daliangshan Beer

The characteristics of the ex-children, as well as the three treasures of the ex-children everywhere, are dried tofu and soy sauce. The taste is not good, but the couple's wheat cake in front of the movie theater is still very good. Another old couple bought Maz, which was delicious, but didn't take a few bites, and it smelled a little bit after returning to the hotel.

If the ex-children were not watching horses and flowers, they were walking slowly. At the time, it was almost a three-hour walk and they were almost finished. There were also guesthouses and the like, but it felt normal. If you have time, you can eat in town and go We didn't stop, we took a car back to Ninghai, and then hurried back to Ningbo. The schedule was the same as when we went.

It was only 3 o'clock in the afternoon in Ningbo, and it took a circle to Yuehu Park.

Yuehu Park is the largest park in the center of Ningbo, quiet and beautiful.

Walk out of Yuehu Park and go to Drum Tower. Highly recommended restaurant.

Don't be scared away by this humble signboard, don't have holes in it, and the things are really delicious.

It was only 5 o'clock when we went, not many people, let ’s take a look at the delicious

Gold Medal: highly recommended, pork belly, crispy and tender inside, not greasy

The stone pot group is fresh, it is also recommended, the original taste is very fresh

This is also a specialty of Fenghua, a kind of taro, sweet and salty, delicious

Stir-fried bamboo shoots are recommended just like the gold medal meat.

We also ordered glutinous rice wine and fried rice on the second floor. It is said that this restaurant was formerly called the second floor restaurant.

After dinner, stroll around the Drum Tower casually. There are some very charming shops, souvenirs and nothing else, but it is also good to feel the local customs. Although it is a commercial street, it is also antique, like Xi'an.

The Drum Tower is less than two kilometers away from the hotel, so we decided to go back on foot, just to feel the night in Ningbo

That's it for the first day.

The next day's itinerary is mainly to enjoy the mountains and water. I went to Xuedou Mountain. There are two scenery there. One is the former residence of the Jiang family. The other is Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area. The whole journey takes two days. We only choose For the Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, the ticket is 150 per person (including the scenic bus direct access to the tourist area). It is recommended that the scenic bus go straight from the top of the Sanyintan to the Maitreya to the dojo, and the playing time is 3-4 hours.

Transportation: The bus ride from Ningbo Bus Station to Xikou (about an hour and a half) U-shaped pillow is too important. Then transfer to bus 106 and return to this car (friendship reminds that the bus from Xikou to Ningbo is the last class at 5:30, it is recommended to make a return bus 106 from 3 to 3:30)

Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area is a variety of green mountains and green waters. You don't need to look at it deliberately. You are in a good mood in this kind of scenery. Let's breathe more air in the mountains.

Overlooking Xuedou Mountain

Moso bamboo and centennial pine

In general, special-shaped staff members were also seen at various corners. The warm guidance was still very good. The characteristics were taro, but they did not eat. When visiting, it is best to bring some food to Sanyintan. It is only available in Hidden Lake. The others are some artificial scenery. Follow the road signs until the Maitreya dojo. The temple is not suitable for taking pictures. There are no photos. It is said that there is Su Zhai at noon. We have 3 o'clock so we have nothing. Here, there is a bus at the gate of the scenic area.

I returned to Ningbo at night and came to Tianyi Square. The fountains in the square are good. The taste of business here is relatively strong. I originally wanted to go to Yan Ya Gou to eat Ningbo snacks. As a result, I queued for a long time and gave up. I went to the Caribbean The theme of self-help, then there is nothing bright, similar to what we usually eat, one more thing, I admire the couple at the table next to us, they have eaten for a while when we arrived, they will wait for us to leave It's still going on.

From Tianyi Square all the way along the river to the hotel, passing the Bund, catching up with the music fountain, feeling small.

The third day itinerary: Cining Ancient City.

Transportation: From the North Square of Ningbo Railway Station, take bus No. 26 directly to the ancient city of Cining.

Main attractions: Confucius Temple, Guxian Temple, academy hall, Qing Dao Temple. Cicheng is the whole county with antiques and not many people. It's great. I like it here.

Some of the photos in the Confucius Temple are more for your own experience.

Dragon whisker, soaked in soy flour, not greasy

County Eunuch Road Site

Money eyes, inside are various corrupt officials

County Rockery

Roadside shooting

Have a sense of Chinese style, on the importance of having a husband who can take pictures

Scholastic Hall, the place where candidates take exams.

The quaint town is not crowded with people.

Cihu, the water is too yellow, otherwise this scenery is not to be missed

There is a Taoist temple on the mountain. Some idols look quite scary. Just look at it. I didn't take many photos.

At the end of the trip, Route 26 returned to the urban area of ​​Ningbo. I went to Drum Tower again and wanted to eat the duck-duck dog. The result was not the same store. I changed to a beef noodle and ate noodles. After three days, I was tired, so I got up early. Back to the hotel and rested.

The daughter-in-law returned to Beijing early in the morning on the last day due to work. I flew back in the afternoon as planned, and the short journey ended like this.

In general, Ningbo is still a very small place. It has the feeling of old Shanghai. It is not a tourist attraction, so there are not many people. My wife and I do n’t like any crowded place, so I chose this place and my wife. These days are relatively easy to play, and I have planned in advance, but the schedule I did not get is very tight, just enjoy this moment, whether it is the autumn wind or the sun, this trip is unforgettable for us.

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