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Where is the fun to visit Ningbo? Tianyi Pavilion or Nantang Old Street? These attractions are worth visiting!
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Go to Nantang Old Street to taste the ancient charm and come to Tianyi Pavilion to see the library. Ningbo is so beautiful!

When it comes to Ningbo, just like its name, it has the tranquility of the Jiangnan water village and the bustling and lively city of Haikou. The special location here has also created the unique history and culture of this city. Countless people are here Come and go, breed civilization.

Compared with some cities around it, it is not so famous in terms of tourism and it is not so characteristic, so it seems not so attractive to go there, but if you go here, you will find the whole city The feeling is very good, the local people are also very good, the overall environment is very good, it is a very quiet and leisure city, it is well worth a visit.

Directions to Ningbo

Ningbo's transportation is still very convenient. It is a representative international airport that can be reached directly from major domestic cities or from some foreign countries. In addition, it can also be reached by train. If the distance is not particularly long, it can also be reached by coach. If you stay, you can choose to live near the bustling commercial street, you can enjoy the whole city, you can also eat a lot of food, you can also choose to live near the attractions, you can better appreciate the attractions, and go there It will be more convenient.

When is the best time to go

It's okay to go to Ningbo in four seasons, because in different seasons, there are different scenery, for example, you can pick plum in spring, beach vacation in summer, or summer vacation, you can experience the fishing festival in autumn, and you can enjoy hot springs in winter and enjoy Misty landscape. So you can choose according to the specific scenery you want to see. If you are moving around the city, buses and taxis are very convenient. Basically, all attractions can be reached by bus.

Must-visit spots

There are many attractions here, you can choose according to your own time and preferences. If you like natural scenery, there are also national-level tourist areas and forest parks. If you like historical sites, there are also many ancient towns and sites. If you like to play Yes, you can also go to the relevant theme park. If you have enough time, you can experience it all. If you do n’t have enough time, you can go where you are interested.

1. Nantang Old Street

This is a commercial street, but it is also a historical district, because it retains the original architectural style of Jiangnan in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and there are some style buildings in the Republic of China. So entering this street will feel very special, antique. And the atmosphere of the entire street is very good, especially on some holidays, lanterns and red cloths are hung, which is very lively. There are also some craftsmen on the street who are selling things, and they are selling very special features. Small items, and some long-established snack bars. So it is also a very worthwhile place to take pictures, taste food, or just take a look.

2. Ningbo Museum

As a national level, the shape design here is very distinctive. It is designed according to the shape of various natural objects, and many of the bricks on the outside wall are from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The exhibitions inside are also very rich, not only about many local historical and cultural venues, but also many other very special venues. And at different times of the year, there are some special exhibitions in the exhibition hall. Before you go, you can learn about them in advance. Here are not only the exhibitions you can enjoy, but also some places that are very suitable for taking pictures. Scenic spot that will never regret it.

3. Drum Tower

The Drum Tower is a sign of its existence here, and it is now an ancient city site, which has a history of more than 1,100 years. It looks very distinctive throughout the modern city, and adds a touch of charm to the entire city. You can see the style of the whole city when you go to the Drum Tower. When you walk into the Drum Tower, there is a pedestrian street with many very special things. It is worth visiting, with local special snacks, and some small objects for viewing. , Can also be found here. If you have time, you can take a stroll here slowly while admiring the Drum Tower while shopping, maybe you will find some surprises.

4. Tianyi Pavilion

Many people hear the name and think it is a pavilion. In fact, it is a library and one of the earliest libraries in the world. If you walk into it, if you don't say that it is a library, you might think it is a garden in the south of the Yangtze River, because the scenery is very beautiful, and there are many exhibition halls that display many precious books collected by people here. The garden is very charming, and with the book, there is another book aroma.

Ningbo's special location makes it a very important place from ancient times to the present, so it also left a lot of cultural relics here, so when we come here now, we can not only enjoy a bustling city, but also You can feel the different local culture.

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