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Moon Lake (Yintai Di Official House Museum)
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I didn't plan to go out, but Ke Zhe's irritability, think about it or go out. After lunch, I drove to Moon Lake not far away. This is the third time, the first time, it rains, and the second time, it freezes into a dog. Much better this time. And I haven't finished the first two times.

At this point, I also want to write a travelogue. I found that this way of thinking is really suitable for people like me! !!

(Because it is a road idiot, I have no sense of direction. Some places have been walked twice. It is difficult to remember what this place is called. So, in short, it is chaos Go.) Start ~~~~~

There are many entrances to Yuehu, so I randomly found a point and cut in.

As you just saw, the lake is not small

Standing on the shore, the wind is blowing, super cool ~~

There are still quite a few people riding on the boat today, and it seems to be a good day.

Aim at a place and slowly lean over ~~

This pavilion, although nobody is now. But as soon as 4 pm, there will be many aunts and uncles dancing here ...

The winding path is quiet ...

When you are tired, you can rest your feet, and there are so many places to sit. Don't be too dirty, you must have this awareness when you come out.

This is just decoration for me. I do n’t understand anyway.

This is not outside Moon Lake, but I walked around the outer circle. The museum is still inside Moon Lake.

Yintaidi Museum, one that I feel is very good, and there is no charge ~~~

Do n’t cast too much, throw a hairy meaning O (∩_∩) O ha ha ha ~

A table in the private room, I thought it was a good shot! !!

Some stairs can't go up, so it's easy to find one that is not blocked! !!

Lens, Progressive >>>>>>>>>>>

[Shower room] The costume dramas are obviously big wooden barrels, so small basins here, unscientific!

[Embroidery room]

[Children's room], red is everywhere

Go downstairs ~~~~~

Do n’t tell me this is a kitchen utensil, I thought it was a different style of night pot (⊙﹏⊙) b at first glance

I would like to ask where the restaurant is ......... By the way, I forgot to say one thing. Before entering the house, it was dark everywhere. As long as I stomp my feet, these lights will slowly light up I have to make a little noise everywhere, it wo n’t light up when it ’s light, and I ’m afraid that the administrator will train you. There is also a second floor with no sound and black, which is really scary. (⊙o⊙) ...

The phone itself is fuzzy, so smart ~~~

Went out ~~~~

Before going out, the last one.

"Cross the bridge" "" "" "" ""

Tenacious tree shrew (^ ω ^) ↗

This one can't enter, and it seems to charge, just pat outside ~~

It ’s also impossible to enter, so sad TT

I remember it's called Fangcaozhou. It doesn't feel as good as the outside, it ’s older, and the water is dirty than the outside. It ’s because older people are playing cards. Of course, there are more people than outside. !! !!

Take a street sign "" "" "" ""

Land related to entrepreneurial characters. . . The middle of the river

There is also a point to enter the opposite side of the house, but as soon as I get closer, this Wang stares at me motionlessly, looking at each other for half a minute, I give up (⊙o⊙) ... I ’m afraid the dogs ca n’t ... so Didn't go in

It looks good on the outside, but it's not big on the inside. The good news is that it's still free! !!

The first one on the right is very familiar and I really like it, but I ca n’t remember it when I look at it, so far ...

At this time, flowers bloomed less than I thought.

Don't count on this, it still can't enter! !! Moreover, this is one of the many homes that I cannot enter, the one I want to enter most! !!

The interesting trail, if the grass on the side is not flattened, it should be more interesting!

Under the influence of Japanese culture, I gradually feel that crow is not such an unlucky animal. Especially Tengu shaped in anime! !! (Though maybe they are not a breed) look like. . .

Large area in green, little bit different.

This distance is not too close, just right ~~

Under the bridge, some unknown grass ...

Many people are fishing for fry! I don't know if it was wild or put it down by hand, but it's really a lot, visible to the naked eye.

these are? ? ? I have seen it in many rivers, but I do n’t know what it is for.

Someone in this river went swimming! !! !! Although it is not very dirty, it is not clean, after all, there are so many cruise ships on it. And I don't think the temperature is high, the wind is still a bit cold.

Doesn't look like an alien's head! !! !!

"Next goal" "" "" "" "" "" "

let's go! !! !! !!

Has reached the main entrance ~~~

I walked by the door before, and the lady inside was very enthusiastic to let you in, lest I was pitted with money, I couldn't hide. I still walked by the door this time. As a uniformed security guard, it was relatively inadvertent. I asked you to look in, and then I went in. Gu ~~ (╯﹏╰) Then, I found that there are no pits. Prices are average. Just remember that lotus is 2 yuan .............. Because my family also believes in Buddhism, I do n’t dare to take pictures of Buddha statues in the inner hall! !! !! !! That's it ~~~~

You can go in after registration, and there is no charge.

I do n’t understand anything, and I ’m still interested in animals. Recently, the super cute cat \ (^ o ^) / Although this is not cute at all TT

Or return to the inner circle of Yuehu

There are many pavilions, most of which are similar. Sitting here to see the lake is also great.

Didn't see any college! !! !! !! In short, it's been a stroll around here.

Postscript: Yuehu Lake is still a bit tired after the whole journey, the scenery is not bad, there are many small attractions to visit, and there is no charge. People are not blocked, just a few likes! !! !! Especially Yintai No., I still like it.

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