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Mid-Autumn Festival Documentary 2019-Cixi Tour (4)
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Keywords: Self-driving on foot

Sit in the gazebo of the dam for a while, and look at the six-foot squad. They found that the hills slowly walked outside this direction, then called the intercom, and the hills said that they came down to the reservoir to play here play.

When we were resting in the gazebo, we told the swallow that your dad would not be able to stop thinking about it, and the swallow shouted angrily to his mother: Dad doesn't want your wife ...
Laughing at a pavilion In order for Swallows to meet with Dad earlier, we changed the original trajectory again and gave up the route across the Shangri-La Farmhouse (save next time) along the county road towards the hills.

Now the six-foot road network function is very good. As long as there is a red line, it means that someone has passed and can change the route at any time. Unlike the past, which can only follow the originally selected trajectory. endless.
Today, everyone who downloads six feet has been downloaded, and others who haven't learned it.
Only Lulu had dinner last night and Pan Lili taught her all night to help her download the good track and how to use it. When she arrived at the scene, she said that she had forgotten to bring the phone with the downloaded six-foot track. It was really speechless.

After walking for about 1 km, I entered the mountain trail again from this archway

Here is the starting point for another fitness trail.
The trails extend in all directions and can be accessed in and out.

Xiaoli is not here, and the cat is getting windy. It seems to be saying, I do n’t stay, I do n’t wait for people, I just look at the scenery, I feel life ...
Yesterday's shorts, thorns and thatched body were incomplete; today's trousers, the road is surprisingly good.
However, for outdoor activities, the road is unknown, and for safety reasons, trousers and long sleeves are good.

Wild mushrooms are everywhere under your feet.
Wild mushrooms are gorgeous and beautiful, but they must not be eaten. Most of them are poisonous.

Seeing an old man in the jungle, holding a pick and carrying a bag, he stepped forward and looked at it. It is a fresh bamboo shoot. This season, you can also have bamboo shoots and gain knowledge.
This bamboo shoot chicken soup is first-class.

The trails here are all made of pine. This kind of pine is resistant to moisture and not easy to rot, and has good non-slip performance. It is an excellent trail material. Secondly, materials can be collected on site to save costs.

On the last hillside, Niuniu and Teacher Fan climbed out of breath.
After all, they usually exercise less, and occasionally they must be tired.
If the knife is not worn, it will rust, which is the reason.

At noon, the large troops and the small ring team of the hills once again converged in Xiangziling.
Noon picnic.

The small wind blows and talks with laughter; when you leave for a few minutes, you gather again, and you can't close your mouth with joy.

After lunch, most people returned to the hotel to rest.

Tears asked Huahua not to speak, and fluttered across the swing.
Dr. Wang and President Zhang Ting said goodbye with tears.

Finally, 8 warriors were left to continue the afternoon hike.

Drilled out of a fence and into a forest path.

The afternoon sun was extremely hot, and Bai Huang's sun was sweating, and I learned that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is the hottest Mid-Autumn Festival in more than 20 years.
Look at the trajectory. If you plan to complete the second half of the lap, it will take 6 hours in 2 hours. We have a small red line on the side that can be directly inserted into Dashan Village.
This is a trajectory that only one person walked. Many paths were flooded with weeds. The big cat is glad that he came in trousers today, otherwise he will be pulled by thatch again.
See Dashan Village.

The 8 warriors who went the whole distance.

House number on mottled gray mountain village dirt wall

No one was seen in the village. An old lady saw us and said whether to make bayberry sauce, her own daughter-in-law pickled ...

7 km hiking all day.
The green trajectory is what we go; the red next to it is the road network, and the red trajectory is the trajectory of the donkey.

Back at the hotel, take a break and continue swimming in the pool.
The swimming pool of New Century Grand Hotel Cixi is very good. It is located on the fourth floor of the hotel.

Brother Pan is still a scale, and Huanhuan learned it in a summer vacation and can cross the entire swimming pool.
Swallows also swim better and better. Swallow also teaches brother Pan to be serious and patient.

We ate at the hotel restaurant that night.
Manager Yu of the hotel catering helped us arrange the largest V1 box, which can seat us 20 people. There is no minimum consumption here, you can order your favorite dishes without restriction. The dishes here are exquisite and delicious, and everyone likes them. I am a Platinum member of Kaiyuan. I can enjoy 20% discount on dining at the hotel.
The service of this hotel is very good. From entering the hotel, the front desk of the lobby cleans the gym and swimming pool.
After dinner, Lao Zhou's rice wine fell into the box, and the waiter immediately notified us to get it.

To be continued

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