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Mid-Autumn Festival Documentary 2019-Cixi Tour (2)
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Keywords: Self-driving on foot

Added drinking water to the farmhouse by the lake and moved on. I didn't see any donkey friends on the west line of Shanglin Lake, and I don't know which donkey friends who just ate from where.
The subsequent paths have been mixed.

Two of them walked in front of it and found that the lake water rose, and the original path had been completely submerged by the lake water and had to return again.
Another time, because the signals of Li L’ s six feet are flowing, and the directions shown by my six feet are different, I always feel wrong when walking. My six feet ’s trajectory is not only wrong, but the spare two The track of the route is also displayed incorrectly (Special reminder: if there are two tracks, it is recommended to download it together for reference); just as Brother Pan ’s mobile phone has a signal (at this time, there is no signal on mobile and Unicom) , Told him to download the track immediately (he did not download in advance, this is a lesson), after downloading, the track of Brother Pan also showed that the line was wrong, and then returned.
The blue line of the blue arrow in the figure below is the wrong trajectory. There are not many good roads, and it is only 1 km back and forth.
Practice has proved once again that whenever there is a condition to download the trajectory, you must download it. When you encounter doubts and inaccuracy, the three tanners beat Zhuge Liang.
On the next day, everyone downloaded the ring road in Dashan Village. In the event of a temporary emergency, everyone worked together according to the trajectory to complete the ring walk very smoothly.

Walk through the dense forest, over thorns, and move forward bravely.
There are several paths. According to the trajectory, it is in front of you, but it is not found. You need to observe it carefully before you see the path that is not a road.


Seeing that there are cruise ships in Shanglin Lake, navigation was banned when I came in November last year. Is it now banned?
But I can't hear the sound, maybe it is a battery boat. If we know there is a boat, we don't need to put a shuttle bus. We can take the boat to the dam first and then walk back to the starting point.

When resting on a small hill, when I saw a young man walking slowly, asking where he came from, he didn't know what he was going to say, so he walked out.
The young man came from Henan to work in Cixi. Today, he took a rest and walked into the mountains.
According to the direction he said, we should come from Maopeng Village, which we just took the wrong way.
By the afternoon, the young man did not bring any dry food with him. After a long delay, he accepted our dry food funding.
Along the way, we were stabbed by thorns and weeds, especially the big cat and President Jiang who did not wear trousers.
In the video, there are shots of big cats with scars on their legs.
Later, President Jiang put Ms. Wang's sleeve on his leg much better.
No mountain, wild scenery road hiking, unknown conditions, or trousers insurance.
Watch video

Seeing the dam, victory is in sight

At 2 pm, the victory reached the end of the west line of Shanglin Lake, and the Henan guy asked us to take a picture

The first one on the left is the Henan guy who met by chance. Later he was asked to follow us, otherwise he would not walk alone in the mountains without a trace and it would be difficult to reach the end.
It ’s a pity that he did n’t leave his WeChat and could n’t send it to him

Henan is my second hometown. I was a soldier there half a century ago. I was very emotional and took pictures with the guy.

Take the shuttle bus and go to the starting point to pick up the car and drive for 10 kilometers to the place where you are today-Cixi New Century Grand Hotel.

The big troops arrived at the hotel at noon and had a full rest all afternoon.
Our six warriors arrived at the hotel at three.

After a little rest, we went swimming in the pool.
Almost all the hotels we chose for several trips this year have indoor pools.
Swimming is the best way to relax after climbing. The muscles are fully relaxed under water pressure.

Swim well and slept for a while, completely relieved.
Reached the original intention of this plan: relax and not be too masochistic.

Big cat and Chang'e girl in the hotel.
See how bright Chang'e girl smiled in the arm of the big cat.
Xiao Li was on the side, and the big cat looked a little awkward.
The girl who played Chang'e was the assistant manager of the hotel lobby. When we returned to Shanghai, she also called to ask our opinions on the hotel. Her first sentence said that I was Chang'e, the girl who took pictures with you.

Moon cakes are made on-site in the lobby of the hotel, and guests are welcome to make them together. They can also taste them for free.
See how seriously the swallows do

Watch the hills eat the mooncakes made by my daughter, how delicious

Facing the evening glow, go to the Meixuan Hotel for dinner.

Meixuan Hotel is a club-style hotel with a good environment, just 200 meters from the hotel.
The dishes are good, the only thing that is regrettable is the minimum consumption limit, which is a bit unpleasant.
It ’s okay to have as many dishes as you like. Enough dishes or dishes you do n’t like are enough.

To be continued


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