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Explore the other end of the gorge
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The time is still the same, the discourse is still the same discourse, and the words are still the same words, but at the other end of the strait. Fields and folk houses, if it were not for the Southern Fujian dialect in the voice, would still be in Shanghai, but now it is Taiwan. The travellers around him were drowsy, looking at the view from the car window, a bit indescribable sourness, maybe too sad.

The high-speed rail shuttles between the city and the mountains. Taiwan's first impression to me is that there are many mountains and dense vegetation, and there is basically little development. The tunnels that pass through sometimes flicker, and the southbound trains. Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taichung. According to the weather forecast, there was a torrential rain, and the fluke still went, just eager not to be too disappointing. The reason why it is scheduled to go in the afternoon and evening time is that the number of tour groups is relatively small, and the second is to see the sun and moon lake, which is restored to its original color after tourists leave.

Going south, the clouds are getting thicker and thicker, and my worry is fulfilled. But after going up the mountain, God was very helpful. He carried his luggage to the bed and breakfast of the family of traditional Chinese medicine and he settled for dinner at the Old Shao Street. It did not rain, and he took a picture of the night scene of Yuetan. I saw the weather forecast the next day and realized that it was very rainy that day, especially Nantou. But when the sun and the moon came out, the rain stopped again, and I opened the balcony door of the homestay to take a deep breath, and then I could enjoy the wonderful essence of the sun and moon. Because the time is too tight, I did not take a good look at the Sun Moon Lake, the lake, the cable car, and the legendary tea tea egg, can be considered as a pavement for the next trip; and because the bus around the lake runs every hour, in order to go We rushed to the high-speed rail to leave Sun Moon Lake early, this dream, the paradise in the textbook.

The Red Hair City of Freshwater is a Dutch characteristic building. In the evening, there were already very few tour groups in Red Hair City. Only individual tourists were attracted to the Dutch wooden shoes and cannons, imagining the scene when they recovered. The little kitten that suddenly flashed before dragging us into real life. The sunset in fresh water can also keep our footsteps, staying at the pier quietly waiting for the sunset, but also dumping just for this moment, why isn't life connected by moments. With the setting sun, fresh water shrouded in the extreme blue, the effect of SLR is to portray the afterglow of the glow of light and the alternate moments of the night as beautiful as a realm.

This place in Hualien is very weird. The train stations are all shops for renting motorcycles. We do n’t have an international driver ’s license, so we ca n’t rent a motorcycle. I want to borrow a bicycle. OK, call a taxi. After talking about the price of 200, I found out that the driver and my family had booked the return trip. The driver also instructed us: The sea in Hualien is a cliff. Don't be too close to the sea. A wave opening is easy to cause an accident. However, the sea of ​​Qixingtan in Hualien is really beautiful. Even on a cloudy day, the blue of the sea really hooks the soul. There are very few travel teams in Qixingtan. There is almost only a small number of individual tourists for more than an hour there. The entire beach is like a private one. Stepping on the waves, looking for all kinds of pebbles, shouting "Hey", at this moment my heart is also widened and big, all my troubles are left behind. Many people go to Hualien to Qingshui Cliff and Taroko National Park. But it is really hard to get free without charter, so I give up. Judging from the photos taken by Taroko, it also looks like Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area in Jihe, so it doesn't matter if you go there.

To the north from Hualien is Ruifang's Jiufen Peace Creek Line. I do n’t know why the Pingxi Line is so hot, and I also felt a sense of following the wind. After I went there, I knew people and clouds. At least I personally think that the stop of the Pingxi Line does not need to get off and feel the old train. In ten minutes, the sky lanterns in Pingxi is also the marketing of the movie. The traveller thinks that the word sky lanterns doesn't feel good, just look at others. The terminal Jingtong looks at the Japanese-style train station and the railway.

In contrast, Jiufen is good. Avoiding the crowded daytime, almost half of Jiufen arrives at dusk, and there are less than half of the tourists. It is good to look at the Keelung Port in the distance at the viewing pavilion or the station where Jiufen gets off. Everyday, everyone said that the crowded Lai Paro Round Shop also has a pleasant and delicious taste. Here is a hot and sweet taro ball. At this slightly cool evening, the whole body is warm, like the warm feeling of Taiwan. Walking down from the elementary school, it was just a meal, so I just walked into a shop. The month card, the old vegetable basket, the wooden table, and the pot of Taiwan's Tibetan orchid are all unique. Order some staple foods, side dishes, drinks, talk with the travellers, talk about the place, talk about life, enjoy the sea view, why not be happy. Continue down to the famous Amei Tea House. This tea house with Miyazaki's figure also attracts Japanese and Korean tourists to stop and take pictures.

(Lai Granny Taro)

(The drink of the drama life, I like the combination of these colors)

(Pork claw fine powder, delicious, supplemented with collagen)

In Miaoli, Taiwan, you can take a train and then transfer to the foot of the mountain where you can see the tung flower. The original homework was to get off at Jingmi, but the car in Taiwan rang the bell. When they found out that they had not stopped, they asked the driver master that it was too early. I missed the station, but saw the magnificent Grand Canyon, which is a bit like Henan's Tiantai Mountain or the semi-dried Dujiangyan, which is also a luck. There are so many things that are not allowed during the trip. There may not be too many mainland tourists coming to Youtong Huafang. The whole road is up the mountain. It is too tired to walk a few steps. There is no tourist on the road. Looking at Panshan On the highway, the traveler even played a retreat, but it took no more than three hours to return here. Okay, for the first time I learned to hitchhiking. When I saw the car, my thumb was raised and there was a stop. The first kind Taiwanese brother sent us to the Youtonghuafang on the top of the mountain. Walk for about three minutes along the fork on the right and you will find the Youtonghuafang. Youtonghuafang is a glass-themed restaurant. There is a century-old tung flower tree in the courtyard. Now it is the peak season of tung flower blooming. Millions of tung flower blooming in full bloom. A gust of wind is coming. Tonghua is beautiful when it rains. Sitting under a tree or enjoying a lunch in a glass room is even more beautiful. During the meal, you can go in and out of the courtyard at will, and take pictures upstairs and downstairs. The ground is covered with a layer of tung flowers, and the steps are covered with tung flowers. On the roof and on the dining table, there are no shadows of tung flowers everywhere. It is estimated that the Tonghua Festival is attracting attention for the instant beauty of the Tonghua Fairy, and it is also preparing for the blooming of the next year. At this time, the food did not seem to arouse the interest of the diners, and the tung flower of Manyuan became the only protagonist here. It is not easy to go up the mountain, and it is not easy to go down the mountain. There is a price to walk down the mountain. It's all mountain roads with cars, and there are birdsong or deerming in your ears (Yutong Huafang in Dalukeng in Miaoli Gongguan Township), and wild animals. The Tonghua in the mountains are open, and the valley is magnificent. Enjoy the beauty. The good times are not long. The dog barks in the mountains, followed by wild dogs, and even vaguely sees a beast with a bowed back. Later, I looked at it and realized that it was a man with many beards and a fright. But no matter how daring I was, I couldn't take it anymore, my legs were softened, and I didn't hesitate to take a ride down the mountain. In the past, a traveler resolutely opposed free rides, but now he also encouraged me to ride, and it seemed tired and scared. A couple who was a music teacher got us on the bus and insisted to send us back to the city, but they really did n’t know about Taiwan and quit their kind invitation. That's the end of this adventure.

The Taiwan Railway is really difficult to grasp. I missed a trip back to Taipei one minute before the station. I bought a shuttle bus parked at the station and it took two and a half hours to get to Taipei. By the way, Taiwan ’s trains are divided into self-reliance, self-reliance, and shuttle buses, with speeds ranging from fast to slow. This time, due to various reasons, all three trains have arrived. This is another experience of the journey.

Before I came to Taiwan, I did a lot of homework and refreshed the weather regularly every day. It was found that only four days in May in Taiwan were sunny and the rest were rainy, which was very disappointing. Fortunately, when I went to Taiwan, I encountered two days of rain, once at Nantou Sun Moon Lake at night, and once at Miaoli, but they were hardly affected. Master Li who took the plane later said that May was the rainy season in Taiwan, followed by the typhoon season, which lasted until September. Oh my god, there are no good days in this half year. Actually not, there is still good weather. But Taiwan ’s most suitable travel season is from October to November, which sounds pretty good. So the weather was clear when I returned to Taipei, so I went to Xiangshan despite the fatigue.

Xiangshan said that it is not high and high enough, especially for us who have just climbed Miaoli. People have great potential. It ’s really hard to climb to a third of the way. But look at the red sun that is going down the mountain, or try to climb up. Then there is a decade of decadence. Photographing the sunset of Xiangshan in Taipei was a blessing from previous lives, and added strength; when I reached the mark on the 736 steps, I felt that my physical strength was obviously overdrawn, but I challenged my body again in order to capture the beauty of the momentum . Reaching the top of the mountain, the fourth twist came immediately. Four foreigners took the best shot of the big rock and snapped the whole scene of Taipei and 101 against the sunset. When they finished shooting, I also grabbed a group of seconds before the sunset. The shutter of the Hong Kong guy was pressed.

We left Taipei with the last day of Taiwan. To be honest, it is not easy to visit more than ten attractions in one day, so we can only choose to visit it. I wanted to visit the Presidential Palace early in the morning, but I did n’t see the opening hours. Saturday was not open to the outside world.

Opposite the Presidential Palace is a girl from the north, a number of talented girls, envy. Then I hurried to the National Taiwan University. The Coconut Avenue greeted the students every day. The teaching building did not have Xiamen University. The magnificence of Peking University was mostly two or three-story buildings, but it gave people a deep connotation. Through a layer of secretly long corridors, imagine how many Taiwanese people have cultivated a temperate temperament through education first. During those few days in Taiwan, I deeply felt the waxy tone of the people in Taiwan and the gentleness of their temperament.

We just took the precious time of the class to visit the National History Museum of Taiwan University, leaned against the green lamp, and remembered our cardamom years in front of the window surrounded by green shades.

This is followed by the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Sun Yat-sen is recognized by both sides of the strait, and is not large, next to the elementary school. I'm wondering that there are many street dance groups practicing dance under the roof. Is it a mashup? still is? It is unknown.

(Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall)

(Freedom Square)

Beitou, the hometown of hot springs, is located in Beitou, surrounded by commercial taste. It has one of the ten most beautiful libraries in the world, the Beitou National Power Library. The wooden structure looks afar from a ship. There are no tall bookshelves in the library. Instead, they are half-height bookshelves, which are convenient for readers of different heights. Hold a good book, find a quiet corner, comfortably enjoy the fragrance of calligraphy, what else can you ask for in life?

The pick-up driver chatted with our sleepy eyes while complementing our concept of Taiwan impression. Going back, I have the longing for Taiwan in my mind; the warm personality of Taiwanese is also deeply engraved in the memory. We will come back to Taiwan ~

(Two kinds of mailboxes, green is ordinary mail, red is express mail, or air mail)

(Taichung Eslite Bookstore)

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