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Have food, drink, play, have fun, and live, that is, a three-day holiday trip to Ningbo and Suzhou without attractions
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Preparation before departure

The more you travel, the more you sometimes don't want to go to the scenic spots to check in.
In the hot summer, as a hotel and bed control and food catering, I do not want to stay at home, but do not want to be exposed to the sun. Taking advantage of the short holiday, I took Hangzhou as the origin and drove to Tongli, Ningbo and Suzhou, for a three-day, two-night hotel and bed and breakfast vacation.
Going out and taking beautiful photos is a must. But the weather is too hot, and it is easy to sweat and remove makeup accidentally. Fortunately, I have a dark blue beauty skincare gift box, including an SPF18 pre-makeup lotion, an SPF45 flawless skin foundation cream and SPF30 mineral honey powder. This time, you can take a look in the sun, and you don't worry that sweat will destroy the makeup.

Have a vacation by Dongqian Lake

The summer sky is always blue and full of joy. From Hangzhou to Ningbo, the journey was smooth. I have lived in Ningbo since I was a child, because my family has relatives in Ningbo. When I grew up, I went to Ningbo to look around. But I only know that Ningbo is near the sea. I didn't expect Ningbo to have mountains. Xinsu Fuquan Resort Hotel is located at the foot of Fuquan Mountain in Dongqian Lake Resort. From the highway all the way, turn into Dongqian Lake Resort and drive along the mountain road all the way in. You can obviously feel that the temperature has dropped several degrees.

According to the navigation of the mobile phone, the car was parked beside an antique Chinese-style building. The gray wall, cyan tiles, and caramel-colored wooden doors, and the green “heart” on the black door panel.

Stepping into the gate of the heart, there is a small courtyard inside. A word "preface" is written above the building directly opposite the gate. The raised eaves and the blue brick wall look very harmonious, making one want to look inside. Going in is a rest space, with large floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides, a big red drum placed in the middle, blue and white cloth on the roof, hanging down, small bonsai, green plants embellishment, seeing all this, mood Also relaxed a lot, the breath of the holiday rushed towards us.

Going further, it is the lobby of the hotel, and it is also the place where people stay in Fuquan. They have a lot of space here. There is a large row of bookshelves, comfortable tatami mats, and a row of hangers with clothes that are suitable for wearing in this rather Chinese-style resort hotel. They are linen and loose and comfortable. According to the staff at the front desk, these clothes can For sale, only this kind of clothing and the mood of wearing such clothing are worthy of such a relaxed and leisurely life.

The hotel provides guests with an afternoon tea. The Chinese afternoon tea and refreshments are very Ningbo, and also have a taste of the past. Make two cups of tea with mung bean cake, red bean cake, soy bean cake, peach cake, and fresh lychee. What I like the most in the afternoon tea is Ningbo specialty oil zanzi. The yellow one is sweet and the green one is unique to Ningbo. To be honest, You Zanzi out of Ningbo really ca n’t buy it. I also have n’t eaten it for a while. I tasted it. It ’s still the taste when I was young. The child is eaten up.

Fuquan's courtyard is also very beautiful, and its style is relatively Japanese. There are small bridges, flowing water, rockery, dry rocks, and gorgeous flowers. At the beginning of summer, the lotus had not yet started to bloom, but the lotus flower had quietly looked out. There is also a water mist nozzle in the small pond. Under the water mist spray, the scenery in the water is hazy, which makes people feel a lot cooler.

Crossed the bridge and came to my room. This time, I ordered a courtyard bed room. A bell hangs under the light box marked with the room number and pushes open the wooden door. Inside is a little world that belongs to me tonight.

Seriously, the room in the heart is not very large, but the design is very reasonable. Next to the door, next to the window is a long table dedicated to tea, the furniture is all wood color, and the design is simple and elegant. The toilet and bedroom are separated by a wooden screen. The overall design style combines the advantages of Chinese and Japanese styles, which makes people feel the ingenuity of the designer. In fact, this is the third time that I have stayed at a hotel in the Shinjuku brand. The toilets are separated from the wet and dry. Like other Shinjuku hotels, the supplies provided are also Shiseido products, which makes people feel at ease.

While the kids and dad were watching TV in the room, I walked out of the room, walked around in Xinsu, looked at it, and took a lot of photos.

Listening to the hotel staff, it used to be a tea field, these rooms were converted from the old dormitory of the previous tea factory. No wonder you can see the faded slogan "Receive the education of the poor and the middle peasants" on the exterior wall of the guest room. There is also a large event space in the second half of the hotel. It is equipped with a stadium and other facilities. It walks around and walks outside the hotel without paying attention. It turned out to be Daci Temple next to it. I did n’t believe in Buddha at all, and I did n’t have the habit of checking in every time I went to the scenic spot. In addition, there was a big black dog at the door, so I even thought about visiting.

It's evening, and it's time to have dinner. Ordered the hotel's meal in advance at the front desk, the price is 100 yuan per person. The front desk staff said that the two of us can arrange dishes at the standard of 200 yuan, but the big stomach king like me still asked the restaurant to arrange the dishes at the standard of 300 yuan. After a while, the dishes started to serve: a plate of appetizing radish sticks, a plate of roast duck, dried prawn soup with prawn soup, and sauerkraut and pork ribs in a clay pot. These dishes made me eat and eat when I was living in Ningbo as a kid The taste of the dishes, and finally a very delicious fish, we asked the restaurant staff, what kind of fish, he said that they called it PENG fish, but I do not know how to write this PENG, all in all this It is a very delicious fish, which has always been praised by the children's father.

After eating, the child said that he wanted to see books in the lobby. There are many varieties of books here, which is enough for him to spend a long time.

Relatives living in Ningbo City asked if I had a heavy rain? It is said that Ningbo has already flooded Jinshan. It may be because we have better luck, or it may be because it is far away from Ningbo city area. It was not until we stepped into the room at night that we were going to sleep.
Maybe it was because of a rain last night. When I got up in the morning, the sky was especially blue, which made my mood particularly bright.

After a brief wash, go to the restaurant for breakfast. The wooden food box for one person contains corn, sweet potatoes, various steaming points, vegetables and fruits. You can also go to the buffet area for soup and rice cakes, white porridge, eggs, bacon and other food. Although not as rich as the breakfast offered by some large hotels, the taste is also great.

Because it is a weekend, the hotel has a large number of guests, and the ears are all Shanghai dialects. It seems that Shanghai people who are usually busy working very much like to enjoy a simple and relaxing life in such a pure land.
After having breakfast, the children and dad went to Da Ci Zen Temple, and I chose to continue the day trip in the hotel.

Continue to dine in the hotel restaurant at noon. I remember after dinner last night, the children said in the room that they really wanted to eat beef. He really said yes to him. At noon, there was braised beef and finger-sized cucumbers, because he never bought them at home. It was really fresh to him, so he also won his favor.

After dinner, we set off to Tongli, Suzhou and took another look at Dongqian Lake in the car.

It's better to visit the ancient town and live in the town.

Today's sky is exceptionally blue. The blue ones are no longer talkative. White clouds in the sky are like cotton candy. It took about three hours to drive from Ningbo to Suzhou.

In fact, I have been to the ancient town many times. The more times, the less I am not interested in the famous sights in the ancient town. Although the ancient towns of Jiangnan have their own characteristics, they are only those Chinese-style buildings, stone bridges and river channels. It is better to experience the authentic ancient town life during your stay. So this time I purposely arranged to live in the ancient town for a day. You need to buy tickets to live in the ancient town. Of course, you can also wait after 5:30 in the evening, then you don't need to buy tickets to enter. On a very hot day, we don't want to hang out for so long. We bought tickets online in advance, which is much cheaper than buying them on the spot.
Since it is impossible to park inside Tongli Ancient Town, we parked our car in the parking lot outside the ancient town and walked into the ancient town on foot. My homestay Hanse Mountain House is located on Yuhang Street, the ancient town is not large, across a small bridge, along the Soviet-style alley, just walk around.

The Hanse Mountain House should have been rebuilt from the past dwellings. In order to adapt to the current life, a lot of remodeling has also been done. Through the lobby, there is a wooden staircase. The entire building uses a lot of glass elements, so it looks very transparent. It is also a good place to take photos.

Our room is on the second floor. This time a duplex suite was purposely designated. The first floor is the living room. The sofa is foldable. There is a relatively large bathroom with a bathtub. It's not like a hotel. It offers small packages of equipment for the guests, but a large bottle of family-made toiletries, which makes people feel as if they are not staying at the hotel, but they really live at home.

Go up the wooden staircase to the bedroom. There is also a small bathroom in the bedroom, where four to five people live well. So the value for money of this store is really high.

Opening the bedroom door and a balcony, sitting in the balcony's gondola, listening to the sound of birds fluttering and fluttering wings, makes people feel like they are not a hurry passer.

There are many cafes and small shops on Yuxing Street where the Hanse Mountain House is located. It's nothing to do. Find a place to sit and watch people passing by to spend some time. It is also a good choice. It is only three or four minutes away from the most famous scenic spot in Tongli Ancient Town, Tuitui Garden.

After we settled in the room, we went out to look for food. I think the weather is too hot to eat the staple food, so come with a high-quality handmade ice cream and drink a bottle of old yogurt. The child always wanted to play because he was too young. He didn't agree with him before. He saw a haunted house again this time. The owner said that he could accompany him in, and finally made him get what he wanted.

After walking a little, the two men, big and small, were hungry again, so they chose a restaurant called Chunguannian Hotel opposite the Grand Theater in Tongli Ancient Town. The shop's facade is small and the decoration is relatively simple, but it is said to be the same It's a long-established restaurant selling handmade ravioli and Soviet-style noodles. Ordered a bowl of handmade ravioli, and a bowl of pickled pork noodles. After all, it is in the scenic area, the taste is good, the materials are quite adequate, and the price is very affordable.

On the Internet, the first place in Tongli Ancient Town is a restaurant named Wei Chu, but the locals strongly recommend to us the second place in the ancient town called a wine jar restaurant. As a foodie, how can you miss any well-known restaurant? We decided to go to Wei Chu Restaurant for the first dinner dinner and try the wine jars at noon the next day.
The sunset is the most beautiful time in Tongli Ancient Town. Taking advantage of the time to find Wei Chu Restaurant, we walked around in the ancient town.

Weiwei Kitchen is located in Tongli Dexin Thatched Cottage. The door to Dexin Thatched Cottage is a small courtyard with a very good environment. The restaurant is also very artistic. From an environmental perspective, Weifang Restaurant can indeed be used in Tongli Ancient Town. got first place.

This time we ordered local specialties, steamed Taihu white fish, flavored pork ribs, soy sauce river prawns, silver fish fried earthen eggs and so on. Except for the Taihu Whitefish which is slightly salty, other dishes are delicious. The owner was also very enthusiastic and came to our table to inquire about the restaurant's dishes. According to him, the locals need to marinate the white fish before eating it. Now, although we feel a little salty, it has been improved compared to the taste of the locals.

The Hanse Mountain Room does not serve breakfast, which also gives us the opportunity to taste the local breakfast at a breakfast shop where locals will go.
According to Chinese tourists, all are here. How can we not go to the most prestigious attractions? So we went to Tui Si Yuan, and the tourists in Tui Si Yuan shoulder to shoulder, not to say that the attractions are not good enough. Because there are so many people, I really don't see anything except people. Taking advantage of the gap left only two photos of Tuisiyuan.

Then let's walk through the streets and take a closer look at the life in the water town.

It was really hot. We rested in this shop called Hourlight Cafe. The children learned how to make pottery. The two of us ordered a pot of honey and grapefruit tea and sat down in the shade of the river. It's been two hours.

Lunch was eaten in a jar of wine jars. This shop has a small shop with old interiors, but as soon as you enter the door, there are a lot of wine jars on the walls.
Of course, when you come to Suzhou, you must eat Taibai Sanbai, white fish, white shrimp and silver fish. The whitebait eggs with silverfish were eaten in the taste kitchen yesterday, this time there is no order. The white fish I had yesterday tasted slightly salty, so I ordered another one today. By comparison, white shrimp is the best and has a delicious flavor. I also ordered clam meat tofu, lotus leaf crispy chicken and other dishes. A family of three ate a total of about 180 yuan, not even half of yesterday's price. It should be said that the store's sex price is really high. I walked out of the store after dinner and looked at the sign outside the store. It turned out that this store has also been on Suzhou TV.

The three-day and two-night itinerary ends here. This time, there are no attractions, but the journey of eating and drinking has been unanimously approved by our family of three.
Sometimes there is no purpose or meaning in travelling. I just want to find a fresh feeling from the place where I am bored to the place where others are dull.

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