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Cadillac club ninth hole sky crossing self-driving tour
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The Cadillac club regularly engages in group activities, which can enhance mutual feelings. We usually engage in activities such as barbecue, cycling, clubbing, outdoor, etc. I feel happier every time. Friends play together, mainly the atmosphere, but what to play is not important.

Last weekend, the old black hair started a new round of group activities, and everyone in the group discussed for a long time, because each one was good, but the result was not settled. In the end, there was really no way. Everyone pushed the old black clapper. Laohei was refreshed, and immediately clapped to take a group self-driving tour through the ninth hole to cross the scenic spot.

In fact, when we made this decision, most of us didn't know what the ninth hole Tianda Crossing Scenic Spot looked like.

The next day we received a self-driving tour from Laohei. Read it carefully and found that it is still quite ~~~~~ We are all looking forward to the weekend.

On the weekend, the weather is more powerful, the temperature is just right, coupled with some breeze, the air visibility is high, various conditions show that this trip will be smooth.

Sure enough, due to the good road conditions and good mood, we arrived at the destination earlier than expected, and the ninth hole sky crossed the scenic spot.

It seems that this scenic area is very quaint, with traces of stone piles everywhere. But such traces give people a primitive and honest feeling. According to the convention, we first take out the mobile phone to take a picture. This habit does not know when it started to develop. Anyway, everyone started doing it this way.

The surrounding scenery is fascinating, the original ecological scenery, mountains and rivers, flowers and trees, and streams make pleasant sounds. There is not much water on the river beach, but it is very clear. Don't remember who said that this water can be drunk directly. But in the end no one really went to drink this water directly.

There were designated guides from the scenic area to receive us. First of all, they gathered us, told us a lot of safety precautions, and then issued outdoor equipment to everyone, and taught us the correct use method. When we were all dressed, the tour guide took our team and officially began the journey through the adventure.

The first experience is the zipline, which is built on the river beach with the zipline, and below is the rough rock and shallow river water. The zipline is not particularly long, but the scenery along the way is good. We crossed the rocky beach next to each other along the zipline. Behind the riverbank is a stone pier bridge. In fact, multiple stone pieres stand in the middle of the river. We step on these stone pier to cross the river. Because the water level is not high, there is no sense of thrills, but some girls still like to play in the water occasionally to feel the coolness of the water.

Then we came to the suspension bridge. Said to be a suspension bridge, it is actually three iron cables erected on the river. Two as armrests and one as a foot pad. If there is no protective rope hanging from the back, it is estimated that many of us would not dare to cross the bridge. The feeling of walking on the bridge was trembling, and the ropes were relatively thin. Coupled with the muddy river beach under our feet, we felt a kind of furry feeling.

Fortunately, the distance of the suspension bridge was short, and we quickly passed, and then came to the bridge. This is a little smaller than the difficulty factor of a suspension bridge. But after we climbed up, we learned that the key to the bridge is physical strength. To climb smoothly, the strength of the arm is important. We insisted and found that our arms were sore.

After that we arrived at the wooden bridge. The bridge is very narrow and wobbly, a bit like a suspension bridge.

After that, they depended on each other. Two people need to cooperate here. Compared with the previous project, the difficulty is that two people must trust each other and support each other to pass smoothly. In the middle we have many people falling into the water.

Then I came to a zipline, which was longer than the previous one and descended from the mountain. I felt more enjoyable, especially the scenery passing by next to it. Looking at the canyons at the foot, it was difficult to imagine such a dangerous environment The place is where we just conquered.

Later, we all tiredly gathered in the visitor center, lazy on the chairs one by one, as if we had no strength to get up. The tense day is over. Although tired, I feel more relaxed and have a cheerful feeling.

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